傲风 An Unyielding Wind V02-S14-C02 “Protect You With Everything I Have”

Last time, on an Unyielding Wind: Yufeng officially joins the harem.

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Chapter 2 – Protect You With Everything I Have

Yue Bingyan swore, but not with Aofeng’s real name, so the oath did not take. As a result, Lei Yufeng was actually Aofeng’s first knight.

Aofeng’s eyebrows were high in shock. After she recovered, she was both moved and impatient, “Yufeng, you … you fool! Do you know the result?”

Lei Yufeng was a carefree person and did not care about his title as Thunder and Wind King. He was not willing to keep his feelings a secret and did not care for his reputation. He spoke openly to Aofeng. The oath was moving, and represented a protective feeling that did not ask for anything back. The one who confessed was Lei Yufeng, so Aofeng would not be affected. If Aofeng was a man, this would be a surprise, thoroughly shocking.

But now, the usually calm Aofeng had the impulse to jump.

Brother, in your view, swearing to be a knight is fine, just a question of status. But you do not know I am a woman! I am a woman. This means you cannot marry in the future. How serious was this!

Private knights were pretty strange. If both were the same gender, it was fine. Rarely would those from different genders swear to become knights because that meant being faithful to one person, regardless of whether the one holding the oath allowed the other to have other feelings. This was more domineering than a guardian protector.

If the feelings were not pure enough, then this person would not be allowed by the rules of the universe to become a knight. Lei Yufeng had completed the ceremony to become her knight so Aofeng knew that Lei Yufeng had at least admiration towards her.

Aofeng was usually attentive, and recently, she had sensed that Lei Yufeng had been especially good to her. But she never thought this man would be so daring and straightforward, so much so that she did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Lei Yufeng casually shook his head, and smiled at her. “Aofeng, you understand me. If I decide something, do I care about the consequences? You do not have to be bothered by my words. I will not force you to be like me. I just want to tell you, no difficulty can stop me.”

I do not ask for a response, I am just not willing to hold it inside, and I hope to tell you.

Aofeng stilled, and a helpless smile appeared. Yes, this stubborn man, so what if she told him she was a woman. Would he retreat because of this?!

How was that possible?! He even announced in public that he loved a man. He was so decisive and straightforward. Was this not what she admired about him the most?

Venerable Swordsmen Lei Ting and Lei Shan almost fainted. The boy announced becoming Aofeng’s knight, and even made a confession. He he he..he loved Qin Aofeng! He loved this man, and swore to guard him his entire life!

My son (grandson)! How could you “bend” like this!

Lei Shan said anxiously “Son, listen to me…”

Before he could finish, Lei Yufeng interrupted him. “Father, did you and Grandfather not commonly say that one should pursue the person you like, and not be halfhearted? Yufeng finally found that person today. You should be happy for me!”

Looking at his determined son, Lei Shan almost wanted to die. I taught you to not be halfhearted, but… not to a man…

“Never mind, let the boy go.” Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting shook his head. While he felt it was absurd, Yufeng, with his stubbornness, could not be pulled back. So what else to do?

Among the shocked gazes filling the hall, one person suddenly clapped.

Clap clap clap! The clear and loud sound was abrupt in the quiet environment, and attracted everyone’s attention.

The cold Qin Aotian was full of admiration as he looked at Lei Yufeng. His eyes were full of mirth. “You spoke well!”

“Big Brother?” Aofeng looked in shock as Qin Aotian walked over. She curled her lips. “Big Brother, are you laughing at me?”

“Laughing? He does not care for your gender, so why can’t I praise him?” Qin Aotian smiled meaningfully at Aofeng, and patted Lei Yufeng’s shoulder. “Good man, brave. No matter what everyone else says, I support you.”

Lei Yufeng was flattered. “Big Brother Aotian, you support me?”

“Of course, your feelings towards Aofeng are so sincere. What reason do I have to oppose this?” Qin Aotian said with a small smile. He was very protective of his sister, and also planned for her. Lei Yufeng’s words today moved him. Such a good man. Qin Aotian would have no worries handing his baby sister to him.

“Little Feng is very strong to attract a man while in disguise,” Qin Aotian thought inside and sighed.

Hearing him say this, Lei Yufeng was so happy he almost jumped up and cheered. It was fine if other people objected, but he worried the most about Aofeng’s big brother. He had not thought he would receive the other’s support rather than being pushed out the door. How could he not be happy?

“Little Feng, since Yufeng has started, and become your first knight, your big brother cannot fall behind.” Qin Aotian smiled faintly, and then knelt on one knee in front of Aofeng. He said solemnly, “Qin Aofeng is willing to be Qin Aotian’s knight for a lifetime, to use everything to protect you. I swear this now, and if I break this oath, may the world not tolerate me.”

“Big Brother! You…” Aofeng was stunned. She saw the silver energy of the rules come down, and could not help but stomp her feet. She did not know what she was feeling. Lei Yufeng did not know she was a woman, but Big Brother knew, and still swore to her. She felt her eyes brim with tears.

She and Qin Aotian were siblings, and he cared for and protected her so much. He could not do anything to harm her and would not have any other thoughts about her. So this moved her even more.

His desire to protect his younger sister surpassed everything in the world. In his life, he would only have his sister. He was so fanatic it was incredible.

Mo Zhu looked at them from a distance, and gripped the front of his robes. He wanted to be like those two people, walking forward now. But he hoped that he would become more powerful, and stand by Aofeng’s side when he was stronger and not be a burden.

Other people did not know Aofeng was a woman, and did not know the meaning of these two knights as greatly as Aofeng. After sighing for a while that the King of Thunder and Wind liked a man, they did not say anything else.

“Your Excellency Lin Jiu, please.” Lei Yufeng made a gesture of invitation to Lin Jiu, and said with a small smile.

Even if Lin Jiu had ten times the courage he did, would he dare to fight the grandson of Venerable Swordsman Lei Ting? Even if he fought, would he dare to win against the King of Thunder and Wind in the imperial palace?

He laughed awkwardly, and then asked, “Your Excellency Lei Yufeng, you are still young. Are you participating in the Midautumn Tournament?”

“Of course, why? Does Your Excellency Lin Jiu hope to fight us during the event?”

“It is harder to show the real power of the Dragon Knights in single combat, right?” Lin Jiu asked instead, his smile growing.

Yes, the Dragon Knights were famed for their combat power when fighting in groups. Just one person could not display the power of the Dragon Knights. Also, Lin Jiu had some other plans in mind. Fighting here, he could only lose to Lei Yufeng for the sake of the imperial family’s honor. During the tournament, it did not matter.

Lin Jiu was thirty-five this year, and below the age limit. If he led the team himself, there was no problem with the strength of the team.

“Okay, then we will meet during the tournament,” Lei Yufeng nodded and said. He did not have any interest in winning this kind of performance fight. He would only accept the fight to protect Aofeng. So this was better.

After settling the challenge, Mo Qi announced the official start to the banquet. This troubled banquet finally continued smoothly.

Aofeng refused the invitations from several powerful factions, and played on the dance floor for Mo Ling. Suddenly, a wave of killing intent came from behind her. She turned to look and that place was empty. There was nothing.

“Brother Zhui Yun, what is it?” Mo Ling asked curiously.

“Nothing, maybe just a false feeling,” Aofeng shook her head and said. Yun Cheng and the others were somewhere else. She was also in the limelight. How could there be people wanting to kill her?

The two walked to another place, and did not see in the dim corner, a figure eerily appeared.

That person stared hatefully at Aofeng’s back, and gritted out, “Damn Zhui Yun, this old man finally found you! The tournament? Humph! Go be proud today. This old man wants to crush you in front of thousands of people!”

A middle aged man in gray robes turned a ring on his hand. His face suddenly became a completely different young man. He walked towards Yun Cheng.

Yun Cheng had never been as unlucky as today. He had been scolded by Elder Yun Lu, and was depressedly drinking wine. Suddenly, a hand quickly patted his shoulder, and he broke out in a cold sweat out of fear.

Expert! A great expert!

He was not drunk. As a magus scholar, someone managed to get behind him and he did not know it. He had not been on his guard, but still, this proved that this person was strong.

When he turned back, he saw a young person with an average appearance but deep eyes.

“You are…”

“You do not have to ask who I am. I heard you have a grudge with Zhui Yun?” This person asked straightforwardly.

“I fear that everyone knows that now!” When Yun Cheng spoke of the matter, he was furious.

“That is good. Do you want to work with me?” This person laughed, his gaze cold. “I will use your identity to lead the team and enter the tournament, avoiding other people detecting my real age, and I will help you kill Aofeng. What do you think of this transaction?”

Yun Cheng’s eyes widened in shock. Looking at this person, he suddenly saw the hope of getting revenge.

“Deal!” He said lowly, his voice vicious.

Editor’s ramblings/rant: I’m so proud of how Yufeng got over his own internalized homophobia and publicly confessed to Aofeng, and in such a public way. It was also really clever of him to do so as part of a knighting ceremony, such that the rules of the universe would prevent anyone from stopping him. My only regret is the inevitable “oh thank god I’m/my son is not gay” that’s going to happen when Aofeng’s gender is eventually revealed. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I’ve not seen an example of Chinese literature where gay males were treated with anything other than disgust or outright hostility, both by other characters as well as the narration. Lesbian or bisexual women seem to get either fetishization or the same bad treatment, or somethimes both within the same book. Same with trans females who always seem to be treated as “sick” cross dressing males, and who often get “cured” by the feminine wiles of the female lead. Women wearing men’s clothing seem to always be treated as either being in disguise, such as Aofeng, or seeking to take on a man’s role in a culture with strict gender roles, with the wild card of their clothes getting destroyed so they have to wear their lover’s. So anyway, back on point, I fully expect to be disappointed when Yufeng’s homophobia comes back in full force, though I would love to be surprised. /rant

Translator Ramblings: yeah, I think Smash covered the main points.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.💖

    🤔I have to point out an error, though. “Qin Aofeng is willing to be Qin Aotian’s knight for a lifetime, to use everything to protect you. I swear this now, and if I break this oath, may the world not tolerate me.”

    That’s supposed to be the other way around since Aotian is the one swearing the oath.

  2. I agree and slightly disagree with Smash. I definitely agree that it gets annoying and is really sad that current novels being written still have so much subtle or not so subtle hate for anything not completely hetero. I really dislike when the author has to disguise or justify someone’s love. Like in this case, “Oh, it’s okay, because Aofeng is really a girl, so he’s not gay.” I hate that. All your comments about that, I’m 100% with you on.

    The part where I slightly disagree is where you say his “homophobia” is going to come back. I never considered him to be homophobic to begin with. If you’ve gone your whole life only being attracted to one gender (or being taught that love only happens between a man and a woman), but meet someone of a different gender than you’ve been attracted to so far and start to develop feelings you thought would only be brought out by the first gender… it’s unrealistic to think everyone would just be “Oh, well, I guess it doesn’t matter. I’m just going to go with it.” right off the bat. It is something you’d have to think and feel your way through until you came to a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want. That is not being homophobic. That’s having your horizons broadened, your world enlarged. And it happens (hopefully) many times throughout our lives for many different things. Something as simple as food tastes, to literature and music tastes, to relationships. The process is pretty much identical even if the scope varies.

    I hope he doesn’t think “Oh good, I’m not gay.” and instead it doesn’t make a difference to him that she’s a girl. But even if he does have that thought, it’s still not homophobic. “having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against gay people.” That doesn’t sound like him. He’s not out there hating people who are gay, he’s not hating himself. The speed in which he came to terms with it shows he’s very much not homophobic. (I hope no one decides that “coming to terms” with something this important is a negative or insulting thing. We aren’t Sims, we don’t all grow up having no preferences and the ability to be attracted to anyone and anything. When presented with anything out of our current “normal” it takes time to come to terms with it. That’s all I’m saying.)

    Sorry, I’ve gone on so long and I still have more in mind to say, but … I’ve gone on too long as it is lol I probably didn’t even need to. I just felt so happy with LYF’s character development that your word choice really struck me as wrong I guess.

    Thank you for all your work! I really appreciate all the energy and effort you all put in to these wonderful translations 🙂 <3

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