Apocalypse Lord Chapter 80 “Epilogue”

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Last time, on Apocalypse Lord: After defeating the mutants the surviving players are given 30 seconds before the world is reset and their memories are wiped…

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Chapter 80 – Epilogue

The beta finished, and Yun Ling waited eagerly for the official opening of “Apocalypse Calamity.”

On Year 3000, April 1st, she ate breakfast early. Just after 11:30, she sat on the chair, and waited for the game to open.

But just after logging onto the game, the screen showed, “Because of bad management, the company has closed. Apocalypse Calamity will be shut down.”

Yun Ling:”……”

Such a good game was gone like this.

She had waited for so long.

Yun Ling helplessly left, and went onto another virtual game.

Three months later.

In the “Apocalypse Survival” game, the Demon Bog.

Yun Ling was crouched down, harvesting herbs.

The bog was everywhere. If she accidentally stepped in, she would sink down. If she was trapped, she had to spend a lot of energy to get out, and during the time trapped, it would be easy to be ambushed.

Again, again, again.

Yun Ling had a wood shovel, and finally dug away the soil.

She got the herb.

The system notified, [Forage success, you have received 3x fritillary bulb.]

[Fritillary bulb: herb, can stop coughs, can be used for medicine.]

“If I dig up a few more, I can make a fritillary bulb gel.” Yun Ling stood up as she planned.

In the distance, a female and five male players were coming close.

Yun Ling put the shovel and the herb into the backpack, preparing to leave.

But the other took a step and blocked her path.

“Whore!” The female player stared at Yun Ling and gritted out.

Yun Ling, “???”

She was very puzzled. She did not know when she had offended the other.

The female player said hatefully, “You have the daring to ruin other people’s relationship, but you could not dare to admit to it?”

Yun Ling was even more confused. “I do not know you, how did I ruin your relationship?”

“Do you know Mo Xiao Xie?” The female player asked.

Yun Ling said, “No memory.”

“Pretend, just keep pretending!” The female player, Bai Xiao Ran was furious. “You two were in the same team yesterday and were in a dungeon!”

Yun Ling was speechless. “I am always in temporary teams, I never remember the names of my teammates.”

“But he wants you, and broke up with me after returning!” Bai Xiao Ran became more angry. “It is all because of you!”

Yun Ling:”……”

This was the bad thing about an online game.

Even if she did not want to be part of the love and hate of other players, she would be pulled in.

Yun Ling looked at the four male players. “You guys, manage her.”

One of the youths sneered. “This started because of you, we have to kill you a few times to vent anger.”

Yun Ling:”……”

She was wrong.

Similar things got together.

Bai Xiao Ran was unreasonable, and so were her teammates.

Yun Ling did not want to argue. She took out a crossbow from her backpack, and attacked without a word.

“Damn! This woman is so strong.” The four male players hurriedly dodged.

Yun Ling took a few steps back, distancing herself. She then filled up the crossbow, and kept on shooting. She was very fast, and did not give her enemies time to breathe.

Three arrows hit the same person in the chest. The other only had time to curse before going back to the revival point.

“Shoot from a long distance!” the youth shouted.

“My, my aim is not good……” Bai Xiao Ran had an embarrassed expression.

Of the five, three were close combat, and the two were long distance.

Other than Bai Xiao Ran, the other long distance had just died and left.

Now, Bai Xiao Ran did not have good aim, so the long distance was for nothing. The three close combat players were limited by range, and could not attack effectively. They could only be attacked.

“Charge! Kill! I will cover!” The youth gritted his teeth and changed tactics.

The three charged.

Yun Ling stopped shooting, and quickly retreated.

The close combat players gave chase for a few steps, and accidentally stepped into the bog.

“Damn, this is a trap!”

“This woman is too cunning! She is purposefully using the land to lure us in.”

“Five people cannot kill a female player. Damn this!”

Yun Ling aimed, shot, and reloaded. Her movements were steady, and not panicked at all.

The three close combat players were trapped in the bog, and could not dodge. They could not help but shout furiously. “Strange, how come her attack power is so high?”

“Her movement speed is frighteningly fast!”

“Where did she get the equipment?”

Yun Ling thought inside, she had had very good luck recently, like she was the daughter of the game. She had drawn practical skills, the best blueprint, and countless rare materials. She used the materials to make good equipment, so of course her attack power was extraordinary.

Not long after, one person died.

After a while, another person died.

Yun Ling looked at Bai Xiao Ran and gave a friendly smile. “Do not worry, after taking care of them, it will be your turn.”

Bai Xiao Ran, “!!!”

She felt cold up her back, her legs almost giving out.

Seeing that with one more attack, the close combat player would be killed, Yun Ling reloaded the crossbow, when there was a roar behind her.

She unconsciously dodged, but was a beat slow.

“Hold on! I have called people to help!” Bai Xiao Ran had a happy expression and said to her companion.

Yun Ling looked around, and found there were two long distance players far away aiming with crossbows.

Ahead, the youth finally managed to struggle out of the bog. He was staring hatefully at her right now, wanting to cut her into pieces.

There were people on two sides. Not good.

Thoughts flashed through Yun Ling’s head. She prepared for a strategic retreat.

But two arrows shot. One blocked her retreat path, the other her shoulder. The reinforcements clearly were pretty good, much better than someone like Bai Xiao Ran.

Yun Ling’s eyes darkened, and cold light flashes.

If one died in Apocalypse Survival, they would lose a lot of experience, and the equipment would wear down and the items lost.

Today, if she died here, she would not rest!

Just as the thought formed, a scream came behind her.

She looked and found that one of the reinforcements was struck with several arrows, and had fallen to the ground.

She looked behind. Someone had run out, holding an arrow and attacking the enemy long distance players.

The enemy of my enemy was my friend.

Yun Ling did not hesitate in aiming at the close combat player.

The arrow hit, the youth died.

It was 2vs2. But of the two enemies, one was under attack, and the other was not good. Victory was determined.

Seeing the situation turn for the worse, Bai Xiao Ran turned, wanting to flee.

Yun Ling shot three times, and killed her.

At the same time, victory was determined on the other side.

“Thank you for saving me.” Yun Ling greeted this male player with the game ID of “Lu Chuan.” “Is there something you want? If I have it, I can give it to you as a gift.”

“No need for such trouble. I have enmity with them, I did not attack them to help you, but for me,” Lu Chuan said coolly.

“But I do not like to owe people,” Yun Ling said seriously. “Recovery bandage, iron arrows, rare herbs, secret medicine, as long as you tell me, I can get them.”

“No need.” Lu Chuan refused.

Yun Ling did not give up. “How about adding me as a friend? When you think of it, can you tell me?”

Lu Chuan had no way but to agree.

The friend request went through.

Yun Ling said happily, “In the future, I will ask each day, until you think of what you want.”

Lu Chuan looked down, the corners of his lips turning up.

He would never make a request. This way, Yun Ling had to think of other ways to repay a favor.

This time, it is your turn to run after me.

Editor’s Ramblings: And that’s a wrap! Thank you, readers, for coming on this journey with us. Though I don’t always respond, I do read every single one of your comments, as well as your messages on discord, and they do mean a lot to me. And a big thank you to wyhwe, without whom I wouldn’t have anything to edit (not that this required a whole lot of work on my end, seriously, I’ve read edited works that need more editing than your unedited stuff usually does). This was my first start to finish project and I’ve learned a lot, mostly about random things like crab taxonomy or medieval wine chilling techniques, but also about synonyms for the word team (check the updated cast list), and the power of friendship. Also, insert rampant speculation that Lu Chuan is the developer of Apocalypse Calamity since he was the only known beta survivor to not get their own territory and he seems to have retained his memories…

Translator Ramblings: We are done! This was not one of the novels I had planned to translate but this novel was fun and easy to translate. It’s probably the fastest novel I finished translating. With this novel, I’ve gotten over 5 million words on this website, which is sort of a ridiculous number to reach now that I think about it. My theory is that the game rewarded those at the end, but possibly only the betas/top contributors. He wanted to remember her, so he retained his memories. She didn’t really have strong desires, so she got her fantastic luck in the new game. Kudos to Smash for editng this novel, writing the recaps for chapters, and sometimes writing the ramblings along with the fantastic cast list. All these things reduce friction are extremely helpful for me. I don’t think he expected doing math as part of his editing job … but random things come up with the editing job …

Chapter 79 | Table of Contents |


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