Warning: This FAQ is subject to change at any time.

Q: Can you update the table of contents?
A: Yes. I usually update once a week because I do not like WordPress’s editor. If I’m late, comment on the newest chapter and I might do it.

Q: Can you put previous/next links up?
A: No. Once again, I don’t like WordPress’ editor and find it extremely bothersome. Some novels have chapter listing pages found in the menu.
Edit: Some novels now have previous/next links.

Q: How do I navigate the footnotes?
A: Click on the link behind the word moves the page down to the footnotes section. Clicking again on the numeral for the footnote brings the page back to its spot in the text.

Q: Can you refrain from using pinyin/another language?
A: No. There are usually three reasons I do not translate a term into English:
1) There is a serious loss of meaning, such as personal relationships, manner of speech, or official status.
2) The term/concept is something that originates almost exclusively in another language.
3) The term(s) have the same English term and it has to be differentiated due to its significance in the story.

Q: Can you refrain from using footnotes/transliterations?
A: No.

Q: I found a typo/grammar mistake.
A: Comment and I usually will correct it. Thanks in advance!

Q: Can you update more frequently?
A: No. Savor and enjoy. It will last longer in your memories.

Q: Can I make pdf/ebooks of your translations?
A: I cannot stop you from making them.

Q: I have this great novel for you to translate.
A: If the summary and teasers have already been translated, someone will eventually pick it up. I probably won’t if it isn’t on my list already.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: Comment here before you send an email.

199 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Hi wyhcwe! I’ve just binge-read through all of WoC in the last month, and loved all of it. I wanted to see if I could give back at all…I don’t read a lick of any Chinese language, but my understanding of English grammar is pretty good, so if you need an editor to catch small mistakes I think I can help. I also have some experience in PhP/MySQL which is what most of WordPress is coded in, so I might be able to help with automating some things like your table of contents and previous/next links, if you’d like something like that. Let me know, and thanks so much for making available entertaining stories like this to those of us who don’t speak the language they’re written in!

    1. Hi ninjaneer,

      I’m on wordpress.com right now so linking is basically manual because this doesn’t allow any plugins. However, if you want to make a list of typos here, that would be great!

      1. Ah, I get it – wordpress.com uses shared themes, so you can’t edit them. If I’m around when/if you decide to move to your own webserver, I’ll be happy to help a little with edits the theme source code

        As for text edits, here’s a link to a google doc where I’ve made some suggested edits to today’s release of WoC. Send me an email if you have any questions. Thanks again!


    1. Hi, I host on wordpress.com which means that I don’t have any control of the ads. You will need to contact wordpress support.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for your translations! I am so amazed that you are able to keep up the regular schedule of 1 upload per day! I originally made a wordpress account so I could comment on your translations but I got inspired to write my own xianxia novel. Could you give me some pointers for how you made the menu drop down by hovering over it and how you made the table of contents?

  3. Hi, I am sorry because you probably get these comments all the time but i was wondering if you are still doing Zhui Xu. It is a great story and I enjoy it very much so far and I was wondering if you are continuing. Thank you for your great work. I am excited about Eight Treasures Trousseau

    1. I am still doing Zhui Xu. It is much slower going because of having to check historical references and because my main focus is World of Cultivation at this time.

  4. Why not make a patreon account. Not for getting paid for more releases but I am sure more of us would like to express our thanks. It can be a 1$ only tier with no bonus whatsoever.
    And again thanks for your time and dedication

  5. I was reading world of cultivation when suddenly it cut to to be a virtuous wife,I’m wondering if There will ever be downloads of the completed translations because that was really annoying and I’d love to be able to read everything separately without having to fish around in the chapter select.

  6. I saw a few negative comments on novelupdates about your website. I disagree with them, but after reading your novels, the website really is a bit disorganized. I think any of your fans here could help personally. Or at the very least, give donations to have the toc and previous/next links fixed. I mean it’s not that hard unless you have some issues.

    1. I agree completely. I can barely read any of the stories because they keep Interrupting each other

    2. I agree completely,I can barely read any of these stories because they keep interrupting each other.

  7. Hiii…thank you for all the amazing translation that you’ve done. I was wondering if I want to translate your english translation novel to Indonesia, is it ok? not for commercial use, just as a fan of the novels

    1. Yes, you can do so. Please credit the original author and me as the translator of the version you are working off.

  8. Hi, I am a new reader that stumbled upon your blog accidentally from one simple click in my forum done out of curiosity… I want to ask if you have a list of every work you did, since all I see are just 5 of them, while I was reading Just One Smile Is Very Alluring which is definitely not stated on your blog.
    If you could do that, it would be very helpful for the reader too, in order to keep track of wht they once read and might want to read again.
    Thanks for the good work ^_^

  9. First and foremost, I would like to take this time to thank you and your proofreaders for all your wonderful efforts to bring such lovely novels for us to experience together.

    Also, dear lord do I enjoy reading your translation of Zhui Xu. The pacing and attitude in that novel is phenomenal. Every chapter makes me fall deeper in love with the leads. I beg you not to abandon that project!

    And thank you again for all your hard work! <3

  10. Hello! How are you?

    Thank you for your hard work! I would like to know if you authorize / allow the translation of A Slight Smile is Devastating to another language (b. portuguese).

    Best Regards,

  11. Hello, Thank you for your hard work!!!! つ✧ω✧)つ
    I discovered To be a virtuous wife here and you have no idea how much I love it!! I read it at least once a week!!! (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

    I wanted to ask for you authorisation to translate in French based on your work. Please feel free to refuse, given how well done you did, I would unterstand.
    My email is: ausrachronicles@gmail.com .

    Thank you again

  12. You have made a very firm decision to not translate many words, and while I have read your explanations, they do not make sense to me from a readibility standpoint, because this kind of text is, in fact, unreadable, and the stories impossible to enjoy when there are so many untranslated words. I have read many officially translated books, and none have close to the amount of untranslated words as yours do.

    Even though your translation skills are among the best out there, I feel that you do not fully understand the goal of translating, especially fiction in that it is the communication of ideas, more so than words, that is important. This is where a dialogue over meaning and subject matter becomes critical. I believe many of the words you refuse to translate could in fact be translated and/or explained within the text so that the meaning is not lost. Some meaning may be lost, but that is the sacrifice you make to allow the reader to fully immerse themselves in the story. You are translating fiction, not academic texts, and the story should be given priority over individual words. Does this make sense?

    You are, of course, translating on your own time, and are not required to change anything you do, however, I believe you would find your readership would increase if you listen to the many people who cannot slog through the untranslated dialogue.

  13. Hi. I’m a fan of your blog and have read every novel that you have translated here and loved each and everyone of them. I would say you did an extremely good job. If there any way that I can donate ( like a paypal account or something) to show my thanks? Not much maybe can buy you a cup or two of coffee🙈

  14. Hi ! I sincerely love your translations, beside the story itself is excellent but I feel that the way you deliver every words of it is beautiful. I have this idea to make an Indonesia translation for the story from your blog material. What do you think?

  15. Thank you for all the amazing translation i really love ETT. I was wondering, can i to translate your english translation novel to Bahasa Indonesia, is it ok? I’v got a few request on it from my readers. I promise to put in a link to your site and credit the Author. Its not for commercial use, just an aspiring small time translator.

  16. I’ve read Eight Treassure Trosseau and To be a virtuous wife. I love the use of pinyin in your translations. It gives these stories a sense of novelty and it is also fun learning a few words here and there. Of course, the meaning conveyed is the most important reason. Great job! 🙂

    An Unyielding wind is next on my list.

    1. Thanks for reading. Unyielding Wind doesn’t have a lot of chapters translated but I will try to update more.

  17. Hi Wyhcwe,
    I am Grenn, a translator at volare. I just want to contact you and see if you’re interested in participating in an event we’re planning for Chinese New year 2018.

  18. Hello Wyhcwe,

    World of Cultivation is ending soon and I was wondering what would be your main project after?
    I will be praying that it is An Unyielding Wind!

    You were my introduction to C-novels and will always have a special place in my heart.
    Thank you so much for updating so diligently!


    1. At this rate, it might be An Unyielding Wind. But I’m not sure if it will be a daily release thing since AUW isn’t complete yet and this year is a busy one for me.

      1. Yes! The 584 chapters along with the author writing more should be enough to last two years! This means I shall be content for two years! *does a happy dance*

  19. Hi Wyhcwe,
    I understand that you find putting up precious/next links troublesome. As such, I was wondering if I could volunteer to add them? 🙂
    On a side note, thanks for translating so many gems!

  20. Since you finished WoC was wondering if you know about the novel “Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial”. I regretfully binged through it without checking that it was put on hiatus by the translator :'( but he said if anyone was keen on translating that would be great. It’s a complete novel with 234 chapters.

  21. Hi!
    Thank you so much for your translations!! I don’t follow the site closely (because doing so will mean far too much procrastination that I can’t afford) but I come on occasionally to binge read. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the trans, they are about the most detailed ones I’ve ever come across with those footnotes and explanations. Especially all those pictures you put into To Be A Virtuous Wife.
    I’m always very excited when I see that you’ve started a new project, because your tastes in novels has always been great. So on that notes, I was wondering if its possible to get some novel recommendations from you? I can read Chinese (not too well, but I’ll make the effort for a good book), so I don’t mind untranslated stuff.
    Thanks again!!

  22. Hi!

    I would like to use your translation of A smile is very alluring/devastating . I love the story and want to adaptait in spanish (kind of fanfic/ adaptation).
    Would you be ok with that?, if I use your translation I will put your blog and your name as Wyhcwe or Dreams of Jianghu Translations, you tell me.

    I hope you can answer me.


  23. Hello, I just want to point out that the World of Cultivation Table of Contents does not have the 799+ chapters.

  24. Hey wyhcwe, just wanted to say thank you for all the great things you’ve done. These novels and you have become an important part of my life so thank you for that lovely addition.

  25. Hello there! I was wondering if you needed a extra pair of hands in translating the ‘4.6 Billion Years Symphony of Evolution’ light novel. i’m a rookie at translating, but after translating the chapter 23 in volume 2 i think i’ll be able to do it.

    1. Hi Mad Puppatra,

      Thank you for the offer. 4.6 is a bit of a passion project of mine and I’m not in any hurry to finish translating. There are always novels which have been abandoned on novelupdates if you want to translate something or practice.


  26. Hi, im wondering where you found the info about WoC have 8 books in total. Im thinking about editing novel updates website with all the correct info for this great novel.

    1. The volume titles came later when the novel was split up to be published in print form. Technically, the story isn’t divided into sections, it just has 915 chapters.

  27. Hi wyhcwe.. I wonder if I can send you an email. I would like to translate your english translation into Malay… I am not a professional or something like that. I am just a beginner. Thank you.

  28. Hello. I have been wanting to donate to you for some time now. Please let me know if you have a PayPal account. Thank you for your excellent work. Your translations have enriched my life.

  29. Hello wyhcwe. I was just wondering if you were still looking for someone to help edit/proofread old chapters of some of your earlier translations? I was rereading TBAVW and saw the comment you had made looking for someone who might be willing to take a look at previous releases. Please let me know if you are still interested. Thank you.

  30. I love all your works, was wondering why it isn’t on discord. Also, would like to help with edit/proofreading. Please do lemme know about the same.

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by being on discord? I would welcome help with editing/proofreading with some of the projects.

      1. Hi dear,

        I am eager to help you with proofreading and editing. How do we take it forward?

        Discord is a basically a chatroom, where people discuss novels and follow TLs etc. All your novels are a hit there! People simply love 8TT, TBAVW, Love 020 and ADND…

        It’s no big deal, we an just insert a widget here after creating a channel.

        I am really interested in helping out in any and every way. Please let me know how.

  31. Am sorry, wasn’t sure if my previous “discord” comment reached you, so didn’t check the site for your reply. Will be regular now.

  32. Hi! Thanks so much for all your work–I loved Eight Treasures Trousseau and Ascending, Do Not Disturb!
    I was wondering if you had a Patreon or Kofi or something–I’d love to donate in appreciation for all your hard work!

    1. I do have a patreon. You can search for dreams of jianghu on patreon or there are buttons below chapter posts.

  33. Hey ^^
    I saw that there currently is no translation of World of Cultivation on my language. I was wondering if I could get your permission to translate the novel? It would be a rough translation since a lot would be lost between translations, but I feel it is better than nothing.
    Also, thank you very much for translating this wonderful novel! I feel in love with it right at the beginning and it never faded!

      1. Hello… how are you doing? I was wondering if i can retranslate to be a virtuos wife into portuguese

      2. Sure i Will do it… o thought the message didnt reached you so i sent you an e-mail as well ;p
        Can i host the portuguese translation on global foxaholic?
        Thank you for your attention 😉

      3. Thank you very much if you want i can send you the link as soon as i start posting

  34. Hi, wyhcwe. I am a 4.6 fan, and recently a fan art event was held at Qidian web. Therefore, I created a series of character logos related to the 4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution. I just want to ask, can I share my work with you via email? =w= (just for fun)

    However, it should be noted that considering the current translation progress of 4.6, most of those character logos may involve spoilers on the physiological structure and abilities of some characters…not much, but enough to give you a tease of the follow-up plot of the novel…

  35. Hi there, I was wondering if you’d be willing to (at some point) pick up the story 皇城有宝珠 by 月下蝶影 since I absolutely adore your translations.

  36. I’m sorry if you have posted news somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it on this site and I don’t know of any other place to look. Are you okay? Are you on hiatus? I’ve really enjoyed all the stories you’ve translated and eagerly anticipate more. It’s been about 3 months since I’ve seen an update and I just want to make sure you are okay.

    Again, if you’ve posted about this somewhere else, I apologize that I haven’t been able to find it. Take care of yourselves and be safe. I look forward to when I can read more of your translations. 🙂

  37. Hello,

    I just want to ask, are you alright? It has been some time since you last posted anything, since the end of March. If something is going on, please take care of yourself, and I hope to hear word from you soon.

    Thanks for all of the great stories you have created wonderful translations for, and I look forward to enjoying more of your work.

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