Apocalypse Lord

Author: Light Clear Clouds (Yun Qing Dan)

One line synopsis: hoard, produce, recruit, build.

Length: 79 chapters + 1 Epilogue


Yun Ling was invited to attend the public beta test of “Apocalypse Calamity.” In the end, she successfully survived a hundred days, and obtained the “Lord Token”, “Life Skill Level Retention” and “S Rank Skill” as rewards.

The beta ended, and she waited with anticipation for the opening of the game. But then the world became the game… …

Yun — life skill player — Ling thought, what could she do? Continue to drag out her ignoble existence.

Intermediate Fishing, Intermediate Foraging, Advanced Sewing, Advanced Cooking. So many life skills in hand. She wanted to hoard grain, produce, recruit troops, build, and turn her land into an indestructible steel fort.

Translator Review: This is a lovely and relaxing “short” story about a woman in a gamified world. Of course some people die (this is a story with MMO mechanics and monsters) but overall it is quite an optimistic story. There is no time travel, there is no getting revenge, there is no betrayal from a significant other, in fact, the romance is close to none. The story is about people persevering in a novel world when facing unknown threats, and in the case of the main character, hoarding her way to success.


Cast List

(Courtesy of Smash10101)

Beware of spoilers

Rising Cloud

Yun Ling – main character, lord of Rising Cloud.

Guard A – Rising Cloud Camp’s first NPC, has 2 C-rank combat skills.

Woodworker A – NPC that starts with elementary woodworking, his job is to make sticks out of sticks.

Priest A – Rising Cloud Camp’s first healer.

Tailor A – NPC with intermediate sewing. At least Taylor is a real name.

Archer A – Do I really need to write descriptions for all the NPCs?

Mage A – See above.

Priest B – Rising Cloud’s first redundant NPC. Redundancy is a good thing here.

Guard B – A tank with elementary foraging, Guard B wears multiple hats.

Chef A – The NPC in charge of Rising Cloud’s restaurant, you might call them the chief chef.

Assassin A – Another combat NPC with elementary foraging.

Archer B – Archer B has a B-rank combat skill. Is that a coincidence or what?

Archer C – Archer C just sort of shows up one day (specifically day 11) defending Rising Cloud.

Mage B – Just like Archer C, Mage B just sort of shows up defending Rising Cloud.

Woodworker B – With advanced woodworking, Woodworker B knows how to make pointy sticks.

Tailor B – Taylor continues to be a real name. Tailor B has intermediate sewing and elementary grass art.

Archer D – Archer D has elementary grass art to fall back on if their career as an archer doesn’t work out.

Assassin B – Despite their (elementary) skill in bamboo art, Assassin B decided killing is their true calling.

Zhang Heng – A former chemist who joins the Foraging Federation, Zhang Heng finds a full time job, with benefits, after asking Yun Ling for a loan so he can do some chemistry.

Chef B – Chef B has elementary cooking.

Chef C – With intermediate cooking, Chef C is eyeing Chef A’s chief chef position.

Chef (Boyar)D – With intermediate cooking and elementary baking, Chef Boyardee is the greatest threat to Chef A’s chief chef status.

Guard D – Guard D is part of the away team Yun Ling leads to Sunglow Village. He would really like you to stop asking what happened to Guard C without a lawyer present.

Mage E – Through some freak magical accident Mage C and Mage D were merged to form Mage E. They’d rather not talk about it.

Archer H – The third and final member of Yun Ling’s away team, Archer H is surprised to find themselves at home, safe and sound, after the mission. Unfortunately, they can still hear Archers E, F, and G’s final screams when they close their eyes at night.

Farmer A – Intermediate farming is an in demand skill.

Farmer B – Farmer B decided to go to college and graduated with a degree in advanced farming, landing them a job in Rising Cloud.

Farmer C – With their intermediate farming skill, Farmer C is out standing in their field.

Tailor C – Tailor C’s advanced sewing skills allow them to craft blankets and warm clothing.

Blacksmith A – With elementary mining, intermediate smelting, and intermediate forging, Blacksmith A is quite favored in the job market.

Tailor D – Born to poverty, Tailor D grew up mending garments and doing laundry with her mother. After her parents died of starvation she migrated to Rising Cloud, where she was lucky enough to find what she thought was gainful employment in the system shop. Unfortunately for her, after receiving her signing bonus she never saw a single copper coin that didn’t go straight into her boss’s purse. At least she won’t starve since her new “employer” needs her well fed so she can work harder.

Tailor E – Luckily the system shop can only support five workers, as Yun Ling had run out of names.

Blacksmith B – Specializing in making spherical rolling elements for rotating components, Blacksmith “BB” B was hired as soon as he rolled into town.

Blacksmith C – Blacksmith C forged their diploma, but since their supposed degree is in forging they got away with it.

Farmer D – Old Mr. D had a livestock farm before the apocalypse. While he’s grateful to have a place in Rising Cloud, he does miss an oink oink here and a baa baa there, here a quack, there a moo, everywhere a cluck cluck from time to time.

Farmer E – Farmer E thought he was going to be a carpenter when he signed up for school, but it turns out it was a farming school, not a framing school he was going to.

Priest E – Priest E has A-rank Disperse and B-rank Healing

Chef E – Chef E’s dreams of running an elegant Michelin Starred eatery were eliminated with the emergence of the apocalypse.

Mage H – As a level 12 mage with S-rank Fire Storm, S-rank Spirit Burn and advanced sewing, Mage H demanded a whopping 30k sign on bonus.

Fisherman A – With intermediate woodworking and elementary fishing, Fisherman A can make boats and harpoons.

Fisherman B – With advanced sewing and intermediate fishing, Fisherman B can make three different levels of fishing nets.

Foraging Federation

Pang Yu – Pang Yu can’t afford rain gear and is running out of food when he sees Yun Ling’s job offer and joins the crew. He is soon able to afford a house.

Old Hu – Pang Yu’s neighbor and member of the Foraging Federation.

He Rong – Lone player from Rising Cloud who is rescued by Yun Ling during the boss rush, he decides to join the Federation.

Huang Ai Xin – A lazy worker who wants to steal the bamboo hat Yun Ling provided, he gets kicked out of Rising Cloud Village.

Wu He – A lazy employee who secrets away some of the stuff he forages, luckily he only gets fired.

Restaurant Regiment

Zheng Ming Yue – You Qing Wen’s boyfriend, leader of the Restaurant Regiment.

You Qing Wen – Zheng Ming Yue’s girlfriend, leader of the Restaurant Regiment.

Miao Miao – Priest A’s first customer.

Bai Chu Fan – Restaurant Regiment’s main tank.

Ah Xiang – Restaurant Regiment’s off tank.

Aunt Zhao – A life skills player, Aunt Zhao is the Restaurant Regiment’s tailor.

Wei’s Workers

Wei Qing – Shows up and trades with Yun Ling in chapter 4. Eventually leads a team.

Fang De Lin – Close combat member of Wei’s Workers, runs off on his own in the Hypermarket and gets ganked by a spider.

Fang De – Close combat member of Wei’s Workers.

Yu/Yan Yokels

Brother Meng – Part of the group that murders Fang Xu at the supermarket. Killed when ambushing Lu Chuan.

Sister Yan – Leader of the group that murders Fang Xu at the supermarket. Killed when ambushing Lu Chuan.

Brother Yu – Leader of the group that murders Fang Xu at the supermarket. Killed when ambushing Lu Chuan.

Guang Gang

Zong Ye Ming – Member of Wei Qing’s day two team. Leaves to try and find his family.

Shi Guang Fei – Leader of Zong Ye Ming’s new team, plans on rescuing people as they’re able.

Gao Li – First member of Guang Gang to rescue their family, ends up staying with them, leading to his doom.

Hypermarket Horde

Yu Hui – Manager of the Hypermarket, barricades it intending to hold out until the army comes.

Qi Chang An – Gives info about Hypermarket to the Yu/Yan Gang, promptly gets murdered.

Ji Ling League

Ji Ling Yun – Spoiled kid, saved by her brother. Decides she wants to learn to take care of herself.

Ji Ling Feng – Saved Yu Hui and led him and his group to Rising Cloud Camp.

Yan Hua – Close combat member of the Ji Ling League, one of the first to be attacked by the spider.

Slaver Syndicate

Shi Jian Shan – Got conned into joining a slaver team, and can’t afford to leave. Eventually runs away with Old Liang.

Old Liang Hui – Got conned into joining a slaver team, and can’t afford to leave. Eventually runs away with Shi Jian Shan

Qian Charter

Qian Chuan – Leader of a large group that stays outside of the safe zones.

Qian Zhi Hui – Leader of a large group that stays outside of the safe zones. Qian Chuan’s uncle.

Old Liang – A member of Qian Charter.

Fan Formation

Zhang Fan – The leader of Fan Formation, Zhang Fan and crew are Grandmother Qian’s most loyal customers.

Qiao Qiao – An all purpose 3rd year high school student, Qiao Qiao lives with her grandma and works mostly for the Fan Formation.

Grandma Qian – Qiao Qiao’s grandma, works as a cook and bamboo and straw weaver, mostly for the Fan Formation. She also gives group sewing/knitting lessons with her grand daughter because she doesn’t have time to make warm clothes for everyone who wants to order from her.

Zeng’s Zoo

Zeng Jun – Asshole from Setting Sun Village, younger brother of the leader of the strongest local team.

Zeng Xu – Leader of the strongest team in Setting Sun Village. Only survivor of the team that ambushed Yun Ling back in chapter 30, he makes the mistake of ambushing her a second time. He doesn’t survive to make the same mistake again.

Farmer’s Fraternity

Zheng Rong Yue – Leader of a team that captures rabbits to try and raise.

Ming’s Mob

Xue Cheng Ming – A former beta player, now leader of a team. Decides to PK Rising Cloud Town players to survive the winter. Sends groups to go scout, and they’re never heard from (by him) again.

Bai Bunch

Mo Qi – Member of Ming’s Mob sent to scope out Rising Cloud Town, decides to start their own team rather than PK.

Leng Bai – Member of Ming’s Mob sent to scope out Rising Cloud Town, decides to start their own team rather than PK.

Nan Yun – Mage with an ice spell in the Bai Bunch.

Qi Crew

Zhou Qi – Leader of a team, decides to start preparing rain gear part way through winter.

Grandfather Zheng – Life skills player on Zhou Qi’s team.

Aunt Lin – Life skills player on Zhou Qi’s team.

Uncle Wu – Life skills player on Zhou Qi’s team.

Conjunction Junction

Zhu Xin Guo – Male player bringing along Lu Xiu Li to try and seduce Lu Chuan into joining their team.

Lu Xiu Li – Woman who tries to seduce Lu Chuan into joining her team.

Melancholic Meritocracy

Yuan Mao – Gets first pick of the drops from a boss since he had the most contributions.

Guo Qing – Gets second pick with the second-most contributions.

Shi Yan Yan – Gets third pick and wishes there was something good left for them.

Others (by order of first appearance.)

Zhao Xin Tong – First POV character in chapter 1, survives the beta thanks to Yun Ling, later connects with her via the market.

Lu Chuan – Trades a shield and stick for Yun Ling’s bow and quiver in chapter 3, later rescued by Yun Ling in chapter 9, Mister Neighbor supports Yun Ling wherever she goes.

Chen Hang – Rescued by Yun Ling, owns a nearby noodle shop

Chen Ling – Rescued by Yun Ling, owns a nearby noodle shop

Fang Xu – POV character for the first part of chapter 7. Gets murdered.

Ma Shi Yi – Goes into supermarket after Yu Yan Yokels leave

Di Ying – Member of Wei Qing’s day two team. Escaped from the city center where there were more and different monsters.

Qi Lian – Lucky guy had a skill card land on his balcony. Ventures out after the second wave comes.

Zhu Jia Jun – Former beta player, though he didn’t survive the whole thing. Staying in Setting Sun Camp.

Fang Ya – Expository character who tries to eat berries.

Old Black – Thought he found a good leveling spot, but then a boss spawned and leveled him.

Xu Xin – Woman able to survive in camp due to her good cooking skills, becomes a life skills player.

Old Zhang – Old man initially relying on his grandson for support, makes straw sandals and becomes a life skills player.

Yang Yong – Bamboo craftsman.

Zhang Hong Bo – Old Zhang’s grandson, decides to learn crafting from his grandpa.

Mother Zong – Zong Ye Ming’s mother.

Father Zong – Zong Ye Ming’s father.

Big Zong – Zong Ye Ming’s older brother. So far unnamed, but he has lines…

Yu Kun – Uni student whose team decided to fight a boss. Womp womp.

Xiao Ying – 16 year old girl who begs Yun Ling for a sweet potato, becomes a popular forager selling materials in Rising Cloud.

Ma Na – Member of a hunting team, responsible for luring prey.

Fu Yi Ge – Guy who doesn’t mind going out in the rain. Gets sick.

Wei Zhe – Hunter, originally from another territory that was overrun, wandered around until he found Rising Cloud Village.

Shi Qing – Archer who hunts the monsters that attack Rising Cloud at night.

Tian Zhe Han – Digs their own fish pond in Rising Cloud.

Dong Hao Tian – Old man Yun Ling finds passed out from heatstroke on her way to Sunglow Village.

Xia Xi – Makes a bread oven behind her house, decides to open a bakery.

Xia Han Dong – Xia Xi’s brother, he helps her gather materials for the bread oven.

Lu Fei – Makes wood racks for drying meat

Lu Feng – Makes grass rope for drying meat

Aunt Li – Woman in Rising Cloud who competes with the Tailor Shop.

Hu Yao Yu – Tries to dig a fish pond right next to the residence area, but the idea is nixed by Yun Ling, who doesn’t want the smell.

Zheng Jia Yi – Wants to drill a well.

Mo Yan – Member of a hunting team that has good winter gear, but still complains about the cold.

An Hong – One of Qiao Qiao’s knitting students

An An – An Hong’s daughter, reluctant knitting student

Wei Qing – Tailor who works herself to death when she gets a cold. Has the same name as Wei Qing from the beginning of the story.

He Qing – Player in Sunglow who gets ill foraging in the winter, luckily he makes it to Rising Cloud where he can recover.

Yang Xu – Player in Rising Cloud hoping to eventually find his family.

Yang Ze Tao – Yang Xu’s missing family member.

Deng Cai Jun – Player looking to hire a girlfriend for 20 copper coins per day. Sorry, I don’t think that’s how it works, buddy.

Shen Yue – Hiring a tailor for custom work.

Cai Yun Tian – Player forming a foraging team.

Jia Jin – Player hiring people to build a house and dig a “special basement”.

Wang Gu An – Player leading a battle in the west.

Jiang He – Player hiring someone to cook for him.

Kang Yue – Single player living in RIsing Cloud.

Ah Sheng – Kid in Rising Cloud that gets heatstroke.

Grandfather Zhao – Adult in Rising Cloud that helps Ah Sheng

Chai Fei Hu – Zheng Ming Yue’s cousin, finally makes his way to Rising Cloud

Zhou Xin En – Resident of Basswood town

Su Yan – Player in Almond Flower Town who asks Qiao Qiao about Rising Cloud through the market.

Guo Song Lin – Combat player from Locust Tree Town who sells materials on the market.

Ding Wan Xin – Female player in Basswood Town.

Lu Ying – Player who was saved by Ding Wan Xin a while ago and later moved to Rising Cloud. Later gives Ding Wan food and supplies in her hour of need.

Gao Shuo – Player in Rising Cloud who manages to hold out five days into spring before picking a team to join.

Shao Hua – Player saving up for blue equipment and gets surprised by the food shortage.

Feng Hui – Player farming out in the wilds.

Mo Xiao Xie – Player who falls for Yun Ling after teaming up with her for a day, and decides to break up with his girlfriend.

Bai Xiao Ran – Mo Xiao Ran’s girlfriend, goes after Yun Ling