Apocalypse Lord

Author: Light Clear Clouds (Yun Qing Dan)

One line synopsis: hoard, produce, recruit, build.

Length: 79 chapters + 1 Epilogue


Yun Ling was invited to attend the public beta test of “Apocalypse Calamity.” In the end, she successfully survived a hundred days, and obtained the “Lord Token”, “Life Skill Level Retention” and “S Rank Skill” as rewards.

The beta ended, and she waited with anticipation for the opening of the game. But then the world became the game… …

Yun — life skill player — Ling thought, what could she do? Continue to drag out her ignoble existence.

Intermediate Fishing, Intermediate Foraging, Advanced Sewing, Advanced Cooking. So many life skills in hand. She wanted to hoard grain, produce, recruit troops, build, and turn her land into an indestructible steel fort.

Translator Review: This is a lovely and relaxing “short” story about a woman in a gamified world. Of course some people die (this is a story with MMO mechanics and monsters) but overall it is quite an optimistic story. There is no time travel, there is no getting revenge, there is no betrayal from a significant other, in fact, the romance is close to none. The story is about people persevering in a novel world when facing unknown threats, and in the case of the main character, hoarding her way to success.


Cast List

Beware of spoilers




Rising Cloud

Yun Ling – main character, lord of Rising Cloud.

Guard A – Rising Cloud Camp’s first NPC, has 2 C-rank combat skills.

Woodworker A    – NPC that starts with elementary woodworking, his job is to make sticks out of sticks.

Priest A – Rising Cloud Camp’s healer.

Tailor A – NPC with intermediate sewing. At least Taylor is a real name.


Restaurant Regiment

Zheng Ming Yue – You Qing Wen’s boyfriend, leader of the Restaurant Regiment.

You Qing Wen    – Zheng Ming Yue’s girlfriend, leader of the Restaurant Regiment.

Miao Miao – Priest A’s first customer.

Bai Chu Fan – Restaurant Regiment’s main tank.

Ah Xiang – Restaurant Regiment’s off tank.


Wei’s Workers

Wei Qing – Shows up and trades with Yun Ling in chapter 4. Eventually leads a team.

Fang De Lin – Close combat member of Wei’s Workers, runs off on his own in the Hypermarket and gets ganked by a spider.

Fang De – Close combat member of Wei’s Workers.


Yu/Yan Yokels

Brother Meng – Part of the group that murders Fang Xu at the supermarket. Killed when ambushing Lu Chuan.

Sister Yan – Leader of the group that murders Fang Xu at the supermarket. Killed when ambushing Lu Chuan.

Brother Yu – Leader of the group that murders Fang Xu at the supermarket. Killed when ambushing Lu Chuan.


Guang Gang

Zong Ye Ming – Member of Wei Qing’s day two team. Leaves to try and find his family.

Shi Guang Fei    – Leader of Zong Ye Ming’s new team, plans on rescuing people as they’re able.

Gao Li    – First member of Guang Gang to rescue their family, ends up staying with them, leading to his doom.


Hypermarket Horde

Yu Hui    – Manager of the Hypermarket, barricades it intending to hold out until the army comes.

Qi Chang An – Gives info about Hypermarket to the Yu/Yan Gang, promptly gets murdered.


Ji Ling League

Ji Ling Yun – Spoiled kid, saved by her brother. Decides she wants to learn to take care of herself.

Ji Ling Feng – Saved Yu Hui and led him and his group to Rising Cloud Camp.

Yan Hua – Close combat member of the Ji Ling League, one of the first to be attacked by the spider.



Zhao Xin Tong    – First POV character in chapter 1, survives the beta thanks to Yun Ling

Lu Chuan – Trades a shield and stick for Yun Ling’s bow and quiver in chapter 3, later rescued by Yun Ling in chapter 9.

Chen Hang – Rescued by Yun Ling, owns a nearby noodle shop

Chen Ling – Rescued by Yun Ling, owns a nearby noodle shop

Fang Xu – POV character for the first part of chapter 7. Gets murdered.

Ma Shi Yi – Goes into supermarket after Yu Yan Yokels leave

Di Ying    – Member of Wei Qing’s day two team. Escaped from the city center where there were more and different monsters.

Qi Lian    – Lucky guy had a skill card land on his balcony. Ventures out after the second wave comes.

Zhu Jia Jun – Former beta player, though he didn’t survive the whole thing. Staying in Setting Sun Camp.