Asian Fan Translation Trends 2018


I: The state of affairs

II: Exponential growth: Chinese projects soon to overtake Japanese?

III: Efficiencies of scale? : Dominance of multi-person translator groups

IV: The 200 most popular words in novel titles

V: How long do you have to wait for the ending? a.k.a time to completion

VI: Top Original Publishers

VII: Licensing

VIII: Random Statistics and Conclusion

4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume Two Chapter Twenty Two “Base”

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Last chapter recap: Lin defeats a giant clam, and decides to make a base.

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Random Statistics and Year Conclusion

  1. How many current projects does a translator have on average? 3
  2. What is the most common year a project was originally published?
    2016 with 567 projects.
  3. What is the number of “abandoned” projects? (not updated since
    2018/01/31 and status incomplete) 1285
  4. What is the most common day to start a translation project? Monday
  5. Who is the author with the most translated works? Kamachi Kazuma,
    author of  A Certain Magical Index and other light novel series.
  6. The most common word in novel titles? “World”, which occurs 226
    times, followed by “god” and “love”. See the word cloud for others.

Exponential growth of projects, many new licenses, and Chinese projects might just outnumber Japanese ones by this time next year.

Part VII Licensing | Table of Contents

Part VII Licensing

Licensing Party 2017 2018 Rank Change
Qidian International 72 142 0
Yen Press 45 52 0
Gravity Tales 12 46 5
Wuxiaworld 27 34 -1
Volare Novels 19 29 1
J-Novel Club 11 27 3
June 19 19 -3
Tokyopop 19 18 -3
Viz 15 15 -2
Seven Seas 9 13 0

Qidian International and Yen Press are still the biggest licensees this
year. A near doubling of Qidian International’s licenses push it far above
every other licensee on the list in terms of growth. Gravity Tales
jumped up five spots, pushing Wuxiaworld out of the top three.

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