修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Fifteen “Little Yao”

How will Zuo Mo deal with the disease?

Also, should I make a glossary like I did for my other translation?

Chapter Fifteen Little Yao

The night came and Wu Kong Mountain was a piece of quiet.

Because it was far from Dong Fu, the life inside the mountain was extremely dull. When night arrived, the outer sect disciples would usually gather together to chat and entertain themselves. And the inner sect disciples would spend the majority of time on cultivation. From a certain point of view, the pressure that inner sect disciples had wasn’t less than outer sect disciples. They needed to keep cultivating so they could qualify to attend Yao Hunt.

Once every ten years, if in a sword sect, there wasn’t anyone who attended Yao Hunt, the sect would quickly disappear. This was common knowledge.

This was a trait of sword sects. They frequently would rise very quickly, but at the same time, their fall would be even faster. The number of sword sects with long histories could be counted on the fingers. All of them were enormous entities.

These matters weren’t related to Zuo Mo. He had no connections to Yao Hunt.

In the night, he walked along on the mountain path. Under generations of care, the wild beasts on Wu Kong Mountains were extinct so he didn’t need to worry for his safety.

From when he opened his eyes until now, the scenes of life flashed through his mind. His eyes became more resolute, his steps faster.

The sect didn’t treat him especially well. However, he was used to the life here. It was somewhat hard, but it was safe.

The only knot in his heart was his origins. That dream that always appeared, this face that never had expression. It seemed to be telling him something. But until now, he didn’t have a hint.

Other than this knot, he was very satisfied with his present life. Yet he might be quickly facing the fate of being exiled from the sect.

Maybe one day, he would leave here. But not right now.

And there was also another reason that made him so decisive. It was an impulse moving restlessly in his heart. He didn’t understand why but after the two previous encounters, the craving for battle seemed to have been activated in his bones.

Zuo Mo didn’t know if this would count as “battle”, but in his heart, the kind of confrontation didn’t make him scared but he actually seemed to desire it.

With his eighth level of lianqi, the night was just like day, and he wasn’t affected.

Very quickly, he reached his fifty mu of ling fields.

The speed of withering was extremely fast. It was more serious than when he had left this afternoon. Another large patch of ling grains showed signs of withering.

Walking to the nearest stalk of ling grains, smelling the fishy odor, he suddenly though about the scene of Guo Lu shixiong choking up blood and fainting and hesitated. But this hesitation flashed before disappearing from his eyes. Replacing it was a burning light!

The aged gold energy flashed a dazzling gold in the dark. It was like a ball of fairies.

Zuo Mo took a deep breath. His right hand holding the aged gold energy, he placed it on the stem of the ling grain in front of him.


It was as though he was suddenly pulled into another world.

Countless black seeds like dandelion seeds floated in the void, forming a black sea. This black sea swayed gently. Each time it moved, it gave out a vast energy.

Each of them was small and weak, but the energy that this piece of black sea exuded, even Zuo Mo couldn’t find the urge to rebel.

He blankly faced this large black sea, not knowing what to do. The aged gold energy that was usually roiling and violent retreated behind him for the first time.

At the same time in Old Black’s ling fields, there stood three people.

Among the three, one had a square face and a long beard, his expression stern and authoritative. The other was an old man thin like steel, ice in his eyes, his sword essence imposing. The last was a round person, a smile eternally on his face with great cheer.

If a disciple was here, they would jump in fright.

The authoritative one was the head of the sect, Pei Yuan Ran. The think like steel one was Xin Yan Shishu. The smiling fat one was Yan Le. Of the first generation of Wu Kong Sword Sect, three of the four were present. If this was passed out, a large fuss would occur in the sect.

“Does the two shidi recognize what this is?” Pei Yuan Ran asked in a deep voice. This time, the strange disease came so suspiciously without any forewarning. And it was so ferocious. In just a few days, almost half of the ling fields were damaged.

This meant that the ling grain harvest this year would be significantly damaged, the loss more than half. For a small sect like Wu Kong Sword Sect, this kind of loss was enough to affect their operations.

So when the news reached them, the leader of the sect and the other elders that never asked about the ling fields quickly came to look.

Yet the situation was even worse than they had imagined. All three of them were in a terrible mood.

Xin Yan shook his head: “Never seen it, but it can eat ling, so it should be yao, kill!” The last word was full of murderous intent, bitingly cold!

“Second Shixiong is right.” Even Yan Le, the one always agreeable with a smile on his face, had a dark expression: “But yao has never stepped onto Wu Kong Mountain before. How did this small yao come to our Wu Kong Mountain?”

“This matter is fishy.” Pei Yuan Ran mused, a hint of worry in his expression: “After three thousand years ago when the two races of yaomo retreated, in the thousands of years, nothing has ever been heard about yaomo appearing in the present territory of the Sword Rivers. But yao has appeared in our sect, it really is a puzzle.”

Shixiong shouldn’t worry, just kill it.” Xin Yan frigidly replied: “Not just a little yao that hasn’t matured. But even the big yao, humph, those that died under my sword, there were many!”

Yan Le gave a reminiscing expression, smiling and adding: “Thinking about that year when the three of us hunted yao. Second Shixiong’s [Ice Dragon[1] Sword] intimidated all the yaomo, and made them quake!”

The other two also showed expressions of recall.

“Let’s sort out this little yao first. Such a good moon, let’s go back and boil tea. It would be an experience.” Pei Yuan Ran smiled, suggesting.

Yan Le smiled and clapped: “That’s good. Second Shixiong, we’ll cover for you.”

Xin Yan didn’t decline. The ice in his eyes flashed and he summoned his flying sword.

A snowy white crystal sword appeared in the sky. The clean clarity of the body made the moon seem dull. Soaring in the night sky, it intimated. This was Xin Yan’s famous [Ice Dragon Sword].


A clear shout echoed in the surroundings.

The body of the Ice Dragon Sword trembled slightly and turned into a pure white icy dragon. The two eyes flashed viciously. Giving a low bellow, it changed into a flashing light and raced for the ling fields!

When the light was just about to attack the ling fields, something unexpected happened.

A gust of black smoke came out of each stalk of withered ling grain. Those extremely thin black wisps of smoke grew in the wind. In a few blinks of the eye, the ling fields were covered in a layer of inky black smoke. Even the finger of a hand couldn’t be seen in front of the eyes.

The three of Pei Yuan Ran were covered in smoke but were not the least bit panicked.

But they didn’t know that not far away, there was an outer sect disciple that was also covered in the black smoke.

Zuo Mo was startled awake by Xin Yan’s shout. But at this time, he suddenly found that he couldn’t even take his consciousness away.

What he could see was still the countess black dandelion seeds flying everywhere!

But this clear shout from somewhere disturbed the piece of the sea. The black dandelion seeds started to surge like a large ocean that suddenly had a windstorm.

Fury, contempt, helplessness, sorrow……

Many different emotions floated into Zuo Mo’s heart. He was like a puppet, full of countless emotions that didn’t belong to him. These emotions were limitless and restless, raging through Zuo Mo’s consciousness.

But Zuo Mo’s own consciousness was clearer than ever.

What was more tragic than even his consciousness being controlled?

Something suddenly seemed to have been touched in his heart. An unprecedented loathing and hatred suddenly rose!

Damn it!

Zuo Mo’s body was shaking. Every joint in the entire body shaking. The shaking became even stronger, the scene extremely unsettling.

In the sea of consciousness, he furiously struggled, furiously shouted!

“Get out!”

A furious shout tore out, like the roar of thunder, and echoed in this borderless black sea.

And the raging emotions in his heart suddenly disappeared with his shout. He still could feel the different feelings transferring from the black sea but the emotions didn’t take over his consciousness.

Immediately after, he saw something he would never forget.

A pure white sword blow, landing from the sky!

Just one sword!

The black sea he thought was vast and limitless was cleaved in two! He could not comprehend the vastness and strength of this sword. Zuo Mo was shocked still. His own sea of consciousness, at this moment, was frozen by this grand sword.

Terror, and instinct, it dominated every corner of his mind.

Everything seemed to slow down. After the sword strike that seemed to destroy the heavens, countless small sword essences, like sharks in a pack, chased those black dandelion seeds. Everywhere they passed, nothing was left.

The black sea gave out the feeling of panic, terror ……

Zuo Mo smiled. When the black sea controlled his emotions, it had infuriated him.

The battle ended very quickly. A second blow didn’t materialize. This one blow was enough to erase the entire black sea. The ling grains returned to normal, except they were heavily damaged and needed time to recover. The control of his consciousness returned to him and he left the ling grain. He couldn’t help wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

The danger this night totally surpassed his imagination. Thinking about it now, he couldn’t help but still be scared.

He laid down on the ground, his entire body soft, soaked in sweat. The night wind blew and he shuddered.

He walked soullessly back to his own little yard.

What were those black dandelion seeds inside the ling grains? That sword strike that appeared out of nowhere, whose was it?

That one strike, the shock it gave him was really too strong! Bone-achingly cold, murderous intent overflowing, the meaning of the sword was branded in his mind. He suddenly understood why so many people would chose to cultivate the sword. To chase after power, wasn’t it was the natural tendency of people?

Even more, it was such strong, such terrifying power!

The fifty mu of ling grains were finally saved. Even though this year’s harvest would dramatically decrease, but he should still have the amount for this year’s rent.

At this point, he heaved a sigh of relief. Sitting down, he started to inspect his own consciousness. He had never gone through something like his experience tonight. He was very worried this would affect him negatively.

As he started his mediation, his face suddenly changed!

In his sea of consciousness, there floated one black dandelion seed!

[1] 螭: it is actually a dragon that doesn’t have any horns. An immature dragon.

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