修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Four Hundred and Eighteen “Sandstorm”

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Chapter Four Hundred and Eighteen – Sandstorm

A black line could be seen on the horizon and it was rushing towards them at astonishing speed.

In a short period of time, the black line had multiplied in size. The Golden Crystal sand was picked up by the wind and the resulting sandstorm blocked the sun. The sky instantly darkened. The storm front looked like an ancient beast that was howling.

Zuo Mo paled. He howled at the top of his lungs, “Into the boat! Into the boat!”

Without needing Zuo Mo’s management, everyone started to systematically move. The xiuzhe of Golden Crow Camp threw away the Golden Crystal sand in their hands without a second word and moved like a legion of ants towards the slave transporting boat. The Golden Crow lit up with faint light, and the other boats also started to light up. This meant that the defensive formations on the boats had been activated.

Every slave transporting boat had been redesigned and renovated, they had engraved the boats with all kinds of defensive formations. But to save ling power, these formations were usually not activated.

Everyone was trained and quickly entered the slave transporting boats. There were only Zuo Mo, Wei Sheng, and the few that were the strongest left outside.

Zuo Mo called to the strange corpse to go into the boat together. The strange corpse shook his head, “This bit of a sandstorm isn’t anything.”

Thinking about the strange corpse’s enormous power, Zuo Mo did not force him. He was preparing to call the others into the boat when the strange corpse suddenly said, “I suggest that you all do not go in.”

“Why?” Zuo Mo asked curiously.

“You are all more powerful than the rest,” the strange corpse said, “but your cultivations do not seem to be stable. You must have broken through not long ago. This kind of sandstorm is a chance for you, a chance to strengthen yourselves.”

The people were thoughtful.

The strange corpse said faintly, “Do not give up any opportunity to strengthen yourself. This is very beneficial for you.”

Wei Sheng, Xie Shan, and the others were very moved. These normal words embodied with the obsession to cultivate.

The cultivation maniac Wei Sheng spoke first, “Yes! I will not go inside.”

Xie Shan tightly followed, “I won’t go inside either.”

Shu Long did not say anything, but the determination in his eyes displayed his decision. Zong Ru’s hands were together as he stood with closed eyes, but the decisiveness showed on his face.

Zuo Mo stared with wide eyes at this group, and wanted to swear!

You idiots, you’re so stupid. One sentence from that person and you were all fooled!

But he only dared to swear inside. The strange corpse’s gaze did not land on him, but he still felt a blade pointed at his back. Looking at Wei Sheng and the others remaining still, Zuo Mo gritted through his teeth as though he was possessed by a ghost and said , “Alright, then everyone can go together!”

When he finished speaking, he regretted it. Wasn’t he just asking for abuse? Why did he go and accompany them in their craziness? It really was crazy! All of them were crazy!

The other people looked at each other and then laughed out loud. Zuo Mo forced himself to squeeze a smile onto his face but it was uglier than crying.

The sandstorm arrived very quickly, faster than they had imagined. A moment ago it was on the horizon then and in a flash, it was in front of him.

The sound was shocking. Zuo Mo’s face was white, and unconfident inside.

Pia pia pia!

The first wave of the sandstorm hit the shining light covers of the slave transporting boats and caused sparks to fly everywhere. The Golden Crystal sand was extremely dense, and each seemingly tiny grain was very heavy. The wind was very fast, and each grain of Golden Crystal sand it carried was astoundingly powerful.

Zuo Mo and the others quickly experienced the power of the sandstorm!

The power of the wind was tolerable. All of them were exceptionally skilled, and could stabilize themselves in the wild wind. But the ever-present Golden Crystal sand was truly hard to deal with!

Even Zuo Mo who had the protection of the Great Day mo physique felt pain from the barrage of sand. The pain the others felt could be imagined. Everyone was furiously channeling ling power to protect their body. Shu Long, who was covered in armor, was drowning in sparks.

Only the strange corpse had a calm face. The space within one zhang of him was undisturbed, the area was filled with warm winds and radiating light.

Zuo Mo was quickly overwhelmed and could no longer look around. The sandstorm had increased in power. It became even difficult for him to stabilize his body. He had to hunch over to try to reduce the resistance against the terrifying sandstorm. The Golden Crystal sand rained down on his body. Under the Flame Seal Armor, it was unusually painful.

This wind … … wasn’t right!

The wind that had just started was producing  a different sound than just a moment ago. There was a feeling of tearing in the howling as though there were hundreds of sharp knifes rubbing together.

Hard wind!

This was hard wind!

Hard wind was like a blade. Its most famous quality was being able to tear apart the ling power that protected one’s body. But in reality, the hard wind didn’t just tear through ling power, it could also tear apart mo physiques!

Zuo Mo could not open his eyes. His ears were filled with wails and cries. He bit down hard and did not dare to relax. The hard wind was growing stronger!

The howl of the hard wind seemed to have an unusual power and could stun one’s soul. Zuo Mo did not have the spare energy to think about analyzing the experience. In this degree of hard wind, if he slacked off in the slightest, he would instantly be torn apart and turned to powder! The hard wind that carried Golden Crystal sand was like an enormous grinder that could reduce everything into a powder!

The strange corpse glanced at the slave transporting boats that were wavering against the hard wind. He suddenly reached out to point at the trembling slave transporting boats. The ling shields on each slave transporting boat suddenly became brighter and the boats instantly stabilized.

The states of Zuo Mo and the others were not good.

Xie Shan had long ago summoned his flying sword. Circles of multicolored light spun around his body like rainbows. An enormous shadow appeared behind Zong Ru. He summoned the Attainment Golden Body. Shu Long had also summoned his black ji, and his body seemed to be nailed to the ground.

After a while, Wei Sheng who had been motionless all this time finally raised the black sword in his hand. A vigorous sword essence erupted and tightly wrapped around Wei Sheng.

Zuo Mo’s Great Day mo physique was being channeled to the maximum. Flames rampaged across the Flame Seal Armor and hardily burning in the hard wind.

The sandstorm covered the sky. In the middle of the storm, Zuo Mo and the others were unable to see anything in the darkness.

Zuo Mo only felt that every muscle was burning. When every grain of the Golden Crystal sand hit his body with the hard wind, he felt a heart-boring pain. In the dark sandstorm, sparks flew like rain and tightly surrounded Zuo Mo. They came from all directions and pushed Zuo Mo to the point he was unable to move.

The impenetrable Flame Seal Armor started to warp from the furious blows of the sandstorm.

Blows that made him unable to breathe!

It was the first time Zuo Mo had encountered such a suffocating attack. Other than bearing through it, he could not think of any other solution. Even when he had been facing Clear Sky Old Forefather, he had not been as disheveled as now.

Today, he learned just how immeasurable the power of the world was!

Zuo Mo’s body rattled like dice, and his energy quickly flowed. Every breath was so long. This sandstorm seemed endless and made one feel hopeless. Sparks continuously flew. The Flame Seal Armor continuously changed shape. Pia pia pia, several Golden Crystal sand grains penetrated the Flame Seal Armor and hit Zuo Mo’s body. Zuo Mo’s figure swayed and he almost fell.

No … … he almost couldn’t persist any more … …

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth and bore it out, stabilizing his figure. He knew if he lost control of his body, then there was no possibility of survival. The ever-present Golden Crystal sand and the hard wind that could enter any opening would take his life.

Pew pew pew!

Several bursts of blood suddenly sprayed and was ground into a bloody mist by the sandstorm as it left his body. The powerful Great Day mo physique seemed to become fragile in front of this sandstorm.

Ever since he had begun cultivating the Great Day mo physique, especially as he had become familiarized with the six transformations, Zuo Mo had never been wounded. But today, he was forcibly beaten down and covered in wounds.

With a string of screeching cracks, the Flame Seal Armor suddenly crumbled!

The hard wind carried the Golden Crystal sand from all directions as it burrowed into Zuo Mo’s body. Pew, dozens of tiny blood arrows shot out!

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly unfocused and his body froze!

Even more Golden Crystal sand leapt at him as though they were sharks that smelt blood!

A bellow like that of a wounded wild beast!

Zuo Mo’s eyes were completely red, his hair standing on end. A tendril of blood came from his mouth. The successive wounds had enraged him.

He was wounded … … wounded … … wounded … …

Deep inside his body, something seemed to break. A warm wave erupted. Zuo Mo’s entire body became boiling, the blood in his vessels was like lava.

Every nerve was shaking! Every muscle was shaking! His entire body was shaking!

His body was completely red like burning metal.

In the sea of consciousness, Wei’s expression changed greatly. “Is his Great Day mo physique going through its second breakthrough?”

Pu Yao found it strange. “Breakthrough is good.”

Wei’s expression was serious as he shook his head and said, “He is reaching the destination too fast to. His Great Day mo physique has just gone through the first breakthrough, or the first maturation that you know of it as. But if he successively has two breakthroughs in such a short period of time, then there is a possibility that he will not be able to reach the third breakthrough before he levels up.”

“That is also good.” Pu Yao was slightly confused. He might understand how to cultivate as mo but on the details, he was far lacking compared to Wei.

“It is not good.” Wei shook his head. “His mo physique cultivation talent is astounding. I hadn’t thought that he would reach his second breakthrough this quickly. But with the growth of a mo physique faster is not better. It is like the growth of a person. Too rapid of growth will leave behind hidden weaknesses. What he needs right now is to make a good foundation. He has just had a break through, his body has not reached the limits of maturation in this stage. A breakthrough with a body that is not mature would lower the limits of what his body can tolerate.”

Pu Yao instantly understood what Wei meant. His expression also became grave. He was of outstanding knowledge, and once seen many geniuses that had pursued speed in cultivation and had not set a good foundation when they were young. Their ability to maintain their cultivating speed had been lacking.

The two sank into silence and stared nervously at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo did not know that he was at a very crucial time. He only felt that his entire body was immersed in lava. His entire body was filled with endless power as though nothing could stop him.

Brutality, craziness, and the most primitive impulses controlled his mind.

He wanted to bellow, he wanted to shout, he wanted to destroy everything!

There seemed to be an invisible wall around his body. The hard wind and Golden Crystal sand that had seemed invincible before were forcibly stopped on the outside.

The strange corpse’s eyes saw through the sand and stared at Zuo Mo. His gaze landed on Zuo Mo’s chest.

A cool slender flow silently flowed past Zuo Mo’s heart.

At the same time on the slave transporting boat, A Gui seemed to detect something and stood up, her eyes lighting up with a serene purple energy.


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo’s progress in cultivation is like at a snail’s pace, lianqi, zhuji, ningmai, + assorted mo and yao levels … … it is like an average of one power level rise per 50 or more chapters, though the mo power increases did speed up recently.

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