4.6 Billion Year Symphony of Evolution Volume One Chapter Three “Enormous Food”

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Chapter Three Enormous Food

After learning the term “danger,” Lin started to carefully continue its journey of searching for food.

Right now, it had thirteen cells. Lin did not spread them out in a circle like before but had them close to each other and moved along with the observer at the very front.

Lin was thinking, what should it do when it encountered the thorny ball again?

Run?  Always running? But Lin still remembered that there only needed to be one thorny ball to enter its cell and it could explode with more than thirty.

If Lin was surrounded by large numbers of black thorny balls, what to do if Lin was unable to run away?

… … Fight back?

How to fight back?

It was unable to think … ..

Lin needed more food.

Lin continued to move forward. It’s observer cell found a strange enormous object appear in the front.

This object was completely white and extremely large. With Lin’s present sight, it could not see where the end was. No matter if Lin looked up or down, right or left, this object reached into the endless blue sea. It was like an enormous white wall that blocked Lin’s cell group.

This time, Lin had a cell first touch the surface of this object to try and see what this was.

This soft feeling was … …


This enormous wall was food? Such enormous food?

If Lin ate all of this, Lin’s cells would be an unimaginable number.

So hard to believe … …

Lin had the cells open and easily took a piece off the surface to engulf.

The observer could see, and Lin could also feel that this piece was slowly being digested inside the cell … …

This really was food. It wasn’t any different than the soft little pieces of food Lin had encountered before.

Like finding a treasure hoard, Lin’s cells all charged up and stared to engulf pieces of this enormous food. Lin only left the observer along to look for danger in the surroundings.

Lin would never forget what had happened and the pain it had felt. Even in front of such an enormous food, Lin did not dare to move rashly.

This food was enormous but it really was too soft. If Lin used cells to lightly brush it, a pile would scatter and fall off.

Using this method, Lin’s great work of eating started. Its cells continuously rubbed off piece from the food and then engulfed them. When the cell reached a certain level, it would divide.

Through this method of feeding, Lin’s cells were like groundhogs that dug deeper into the enormous food until it dug out lots of holes.


Lin once again was puzzled at the new term that appeared in its thoughts. However, different than before, the groundhog was something that was very hard to understand. Lin was unable to understand at all the complex structure.

Fine, it wouldn’t think so much.

After a while, Lin’s cells had consumed and made a large hole in the enormous food. There were also more than thirty cells now. Lin noticed that something special was happening to the cells that dug deeper.

Damage would appear on the surface of the cell membrane no matter how soft the food was due to friction. Yet when these cells that were slightly damaged divided, it would produce a kind of special cells.

These newborn cells were not just harder, they had little teeth-shaped protrusions on the membrane surface. This allowed it to more easily dig up pieces.

The new cells were named “diggers.”

Lin felt very good about the new name it gave even though it was not very attention-catching.

Right now, it had divided into more than fifty cells. Of those, ten were diggers.

If this continued, Lin had confidence it could consume this entire seemingly endless piece of food.

Yet the matter was not so simple.

The observer that had been floating at a higher level and watched as the cells fed suddenly saw some oval shaped things.

These strange things were also covered in cell membranes but they were three times as large as Lin’s cells. Also, their bodies were filled with densely packed holes that caused Lin to have a strange feeling.

The enormous increase in Lin’s cell group allowed Lin to instantly learn that these strange things were another kind of cell. There were five of these strange cells. They also slowly swam in the direction of the food. As expected, they had come to feed as well.

The strange cells’ way of feeding was very strange. They would spray green liquid from the openings on their bodies. The food would dissolve into white powder when it touched the liquid. And then these strange cells would suck in the powder to feed.

Lin found that one of the strange cells had come near Lin’s cell and the green liquid the other cell produced came into contact with Lin’s cell.

So painful.

Lin once again felt pain. The cell membrane of this cell started to rot under the green liquid and turn to powder. It then was sucked by the strange cell along with the food powder.

Lin once again felt danger. Many thoughts flashed through Lin’s mind again.


Kill it!

Fury, this new term caused Lin’s cells to all charge forward and surround that strange cell.

Translator: Being part of a swarm of cells … … some fatalities are tolerable.


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  2. While flashbacks to the pc game Spore is nice it feels like reading something along the lines of a cell´s journey. I think the writer should have skipped these initial chapters instead. Didn’t find a post, was this a teaser or a regular project?

    1. no no no, you’re missing the point, it IS about a cell’s journey, if you skip it then you’re skipping the story…
      I personally find it interesting so far 😁

    2. This is something … … uncertain at the moment. A bit like spore, but it’s title is more a direct reference to 4.6 Billion Years, A Journey to Eden.

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