傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S04-C02 “Blue Eyes Like The Sea, Genius!”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng returns to Qin City, goes to the Magister Union to get evaluated and encounters her former bullies, of which she kills one.

-+Chapter Two Blue Eyes Like The Sea, Genius!

Among the many combat professions on Luska Radiance Continent, magisters were the strongest and noblest.

They possessed the nimble movement of swordsmen, and had the help of high level magus beasts. The magister level was assessed based on a rough estimate of the amount of magic inside the body used to activate magus bases. From weakest to strongest, the ranks were magister, senior magister, spirit magister, sky magister, and magus scholar. Each level was usually divided by sword levels. Each rank was divided into nine swords.

Because silver sword patterns would form whenever a magister summoned a magus beast, silver swords had always been used as the symbol of magisters. There was a large sign hanging from the gates of the Magister Union’s big building. On there were nine little swords of various kinds that formed a fan shape.

Magister, senior magister, and spirit magister were earth-ranks, and sky magisters were called sky-rank experts, the strongest on the continent. Usually, it was hard to even see one in a small place like Qin City once a decade. As to magus scholar, they were almost extinct. A person like Jun Luoyu had already transcended the continent. Aofeng’s luck was good to encounter a few just after arriving at Luska Continent.

Additionally, among the other professions, swordsmen also had their own union and assessments. Those were based on the amount of battle energy inside the body. The ranks were swordsman, senior swordsman, sacred swordsman, sword master, and sword scholar. Each rank was divided into nine stars, and corresponded to the ranks of magisters. Usually, the combat abilities of a swordsman would be weaker than those of magisters unless the person was an true expert above sword master level. The legendary sword scholars were equivalent to magus scholars.

“So this is the Seventh Young Master of the Qin Family, such a brave child.” Just as Aofeng finished speaking, she heard a soft laugh that seemed like heavenly song come from her right side. It rang out among the noisy discussion, and gave people a cool and refreshing feeling as though listening to him talk was a great pleasure.

Hearing the voice, she knew that this person was not ordinary. Aofeng couldn’t help but look over in surprise.

In the large hall, the ground was tiled with smooth granite. Rainbow crystal lamps hung from the ceiling. It was not crowded even though hundreds of people were standing inside. males and females that sat  sternly on a  row exquisitely carved sandalwood chairs near Aofeng’s right. Only the rightmost person was an exception.

A long sky-blue robe. The long robe had simple yet traditional patterns embroidered with silver thread. The male looked about twenty-seven or so, his thin lips curved up into a smile. His blue eyes were like a vast sea. His hair reached his shoulders. The lines of his face were gentle, and he was so good to look at he was unforgettable.

While they were of the same kind of gentle people, Jun Luoyu’s innate nobility was more obvious, while this man was like an ocean, as clear and gentle as water, mature and refined.

Everyone liked beauty. Aofeng couldn’t help but admire him inside. It was not rare for people to have colored eyes. But such a heart-shaking and bright color had never appeared in Aofeng’s memories.

Those people were not sitting far from the gates and had seen the drama outside the gates. The one who spoke was the blue-eyed beautiful male with a smile on his face.

“They are all teachers from the major magister schools in the Kaya Empire that have come to recruit students.” The middle-aged man that was responsible for the examination smiled slightly and alleviated Aofeng’s puzzlement. “The Qin Family is among the four great magister families, and every year, many people will come here to recruit students. After the Qin Family’s annual examination at the Magister Union, the big schools will choose students with potential for further study. Most of those that have studied at a school can reach senior magister level, and have a bright future.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, many of the Qin Family members that came to attend the examinations showed expressions of yearning.

Senior magister! People with status and power. Many people were unable to cross the level of nine-sword magister to become a senior magister in their lifetime. People died, hopeless, at this threshold. However, the great majority of people that entered a school could reach this goal. This was why people wanted to get in.

Aofeng nodded minutely. Her gaze lingered on the blue-eyed beautiful male before she turned away her gaze with her usual expression. She didn’t look again in that direction.

She was cold in personality, but in the eyes of the teachers that had come to recruit students, they felt uncomfortable.

These people were used to being in high status and respected by others. In other to enter a school, which of the young people did not sincerely and fearfully curry favor with them? Many people felt they had lost face being dismissed by such a person that had once been a famed “good-for-nothing.”

“Hmph, what bravery, I think it is arrogance! Vicious and ignorant of the rules, no matter how talented the student is, we will not accept any of this kind.” A forty-something year old man with a stiff face said coldly.

Everyone looked at the wooden sign beside him carved with the name of the school. They couldn’t help but shake their heads. No wonder this person was so confidence in his tone. So he came from the south’s famed Wissen School.

“Friend from the Wissen School, your words are incorrect. It was those people making trouble for the child to being with. While his moves were overly aggressive, the wrong is not with him.” The heavenly voice sounded again. The blue-eyed beautiful male smiled slightly at Aofeng. “I feel that the bravery is admirable and he is not a normal person. If he really is a magister, even if he’s a one sword magister, the doors to our school will open for him.”

Aofeng couldn’t help but look over in that direction after the speech. She couldn’t help but have a thread of good feeling about this blue-eyed beautiful male.

“Diguo School?” The teacher from Wissen hadn’t through that anyone would argue against him. After being criticized, his expression became ugly. He glanced at the sign in front of the man and then looked at Aofeng. He said with mockery, “A school from a little place, I haven’t even heard the name before. You even want a one sword magister, you probably can only accept trash like him that we don’t want.”

“What did you say! You are the ones that … …” A man that was standing upright beside the blue-eyed male started, his brow raising, and even greater disdain flashing across his face. The blue-eyed male glanced in warning at the other male and interrupted, “You are right. The ones that our school accepts are the ones you ‘are not able’ to accept. Friend, let us not interrupt his examination.”

The teacher from Wissen did not hear the deeper meaning in the male’s words. He thought the other was indicating goodwill to him out of fear. He snorted with a proud expression on his face.

“Principal! That person is too arrogant. A little Wissen School dares to show off in front of us. We are … …” The guard looked disdainfully at the teacher from Wissen and then transmitted in fury to the blue-eyed beautiful male.

“Alright, do you want to expose our identities? Just a minor person, why argue with him? Later, when the results of the child come out, he will naturally close his mouth.” The blue-eyed beautiful male responded, his ocean-like eyes focused on Aofeng.

“Principal, magus beasts like the ice mouse will recognize the first person they see as master, they do not nee to be tamed. Hasn’t that Seventh Young Master been called a good-for-nothing all this time? He really is a magister?” the guard said suspiciously. It was because the ice mouse did not need to be tamed by magic that the teacher from Wissen was so arrogant just now.

‘I have confidence in him. Did you not see the silver wolf beside him? I feel that the silver wolf is not so simple.” The beautiful blue-eyed male smiled at Aofeng, his blue eyes brightening.

As the two spoke, Aofeng received the crystal that was used to measure magic. The examination was actually very simple. One only had to summon the silver pattern that appeared when they summoned magus beasts. However, there was no dividing line for magisters below seven-sword as no silver patterns would appear which was why such an object was needed. Also, the crystal was used to prevent people from using illusion formations to cheat.

“Seventh Young Master, channel your magic into the crystal and your magister rank can be assessed,” the middle-aged male said with a smile. He did not treat Aofeng coldly because of her nickname as a good-for-nothing. The Magister Union was fair to every future magister.

Holding the crystal, Aofeng narrowed her eyes slightly and silently chanted the Magus Divinity Spell. The verdant green magic inside her body flowed immediately at a high speed through the testing crystal.

It was as though a verdant green lamp suddenly appeared in Aofeng’s hands. It was bright, so bright it illuminated the entire hall. The light was so blinding that many people that were near closed their eyes.

Under Aofeng’s feet, a triangle shape with silver starry patterns appeared. In each corner were nine small silver swords of various shapes which filled all three corners and formed a fan-like shape just like the insignia on the sign of the Magus Union.

Looking at the ridiculously bright crystal and the silver pattern, everyone inside the Magister Union stared with wide eyes. The surroundings were so silent a pin could be heard if it was dropped. Even the discussion stopped.

The middle-aged man took over the crystal in Aofeng’s hand with trembling hands. He rubbed his eye and looked at Aofeng strangely. The magic inside the crystal was clear and could not be mistaken. It was verdant green, this was the magic of a senior magister! He then looked at the pattern under the other’s feet. It had been for just a moment, but he would not remember it wrong. The shape with the three spikes were all filled with nine silver swords.

“Nine … … nine-sword … …” The middle-aged male’s heart jumped rapidly, and even his words wobbled slightly.

“Nine-sword magister? He’s actually a nine-sword magister?” Many people outside did not see the situation inside and immediately started to exclaim.

“No no no, not nine-sword magister, it … … it … …” The middle-aged man breathed deeply a few times and finally managed to stammer out the truth. Actually, he didn’t dare to quite believe it. “Senior Magister … … nine-sword senior magister! Heavens, a fifteen year-old nine-sword senior magister.

Nine-sword senior magister.

While they may have never seen it before, they had heard of it. When this pattern appeared on Aofeng’s feet, the people in the hall were stunned. But they were still in disbelief. Only when the assessor spoke did they explode. There were waves of exclamations and shouts. A fifteen year-old nine star senior magister, this was terrifying!

The recruitment teachers from the schools had been waiting to see a joke. At this time, they couldn’t help but stand up with shocked expressions on their faces. That teacher from the Wissen School shook and charged forward, falling onto his behind on the ground. His face was a mix of colors.

“Genius, Luska Continent has another genius.” Even the beautiful blue-eyed male that was used to seeing geniuses couldn’t help but show a shocked expression as he sighed softly.

Nine-sword senior magister, just one step away from spirit magister!

Holy Emperor Jun Luo Yu was called a once-in-a-century talent. He had reached spirit magister rank when he was sixteen. If Aofeng could have a breakthrough soon, Aofeng would become the youngest spirit master on the continent.

Thinking about what Aofeng had experienced recently, the beautiful blue-eyed male laughed. “A fifteen year-old nine-sword senior magister is expelled from the family like this. This one even holds enmity towards the Qin Family. I wonder if the old man of the Qin Family will spit blood and faint when he hears the news.”

Translator Ramblings: Bit of an info dump chapter.


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