傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S06-C04 “Company Leader”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng killed the leader of the boar herd, and saved Yu Fan.

Chapter Four Company Leader

Sitting inside the carriage, Aofeng felt as though she was soaking in the hot springs. She was shrouded in blue light and so comfortable she felt as though she could sleep. Even the tiredness after fighting had completely disappeared.

“Thank you, Mama Su Ya, it really is wondrous. I hadn’t thought that magus beasts would have this kind of power.” Aofeng moved her healed hand in wonder. She could not feel even the tiniest bit of pain. It had completely disappeared.

While she had the wondrous Magus Divinity Source, it would take an hour to heal. Mistress Su Ya’s magus beast, a mermaid, only needed a few moments to heal her wound.

“This is nothing. As long as it isn’t a very serious illness or someone’s vitality reaching an end, my mother can even rescue a person about to die, and immediately have them jump around.” Mo Ling smiled proudly and said, “So when we come out to gain experience, we don’t have to worry about injuries.”

“It really is powerful.” Aofeng nodded. The previous her had been too closed off. She had no understanding of healing and support-type magus beasts.

“Support-type magus beasts also have terrifying power, especially for females. Not all females like to fight like Ling’er.” Mistress Su Ya smiled as she looked at Mo Ling who poked out her tongue. She continued to speak, “The females in the school mostly use support-type magus beasts. For example, my magus beast, Shui’er is a healing-type magus beast. Once, I had a very good friend of mine that had a illusory kind of divine beast who could weaken the enemy’s strength in a large-scale manner and increase her side’s strength. Her team was unstoppable. It is a pity that later … …”

When she spoke of this, Mistress Su Ya had a sad expression. She sighed, and then she glanced at Aofeng. She said with a strange gaze and a smile, “You seem very similar to my friend.”

Aofeng felt a strange feeling when she was looked at with such a gentle gaze. She smiled slightly and said, “Why else would I see that Mama Su Ya and I have karma together?”

The handsome smile was too blinding. The water-type mermaid who liked beautiful things blinked and her soft mouth gave on Aofeng’s cheek a kiss. Then she squealed as she leapt behind Mistress Su Ya, poking out her head and giggling.

Aofeng rubbed where she had been kissed with exasperation. Heavens, I am even harassed by a magus beast, and it was as female one … …

“Shui’er likes you a lot.” Mistress Su Ya caressed Aofeng’s black hair. She said with a gentle smile, “There are not many men that Shui’er likes. She usually only like females. Other than Zhu’er, it is the first time I have seen her so close to a young man. You are right, we really have karma.”

Just as the mood inside the carriage was warming up, shouting suddenly came from outside the carriage. Aofeng frowned. Her keen ears could detect footsteps. What kind of people would come here? Also, they had surrounded the carriage.

“Mama Su Ya, let’s go out and see what is happening.” Aofeng and Mo Ling stood up and jumped out of the carriage.

Mistress Su Ya looked at where Aofeng had been sitting and sank into her memories. She murmured to herself. “So alike … … the same features as Elder Sister Qin’s devastating beauty. Sister, is this your child … …”

When Aofeng and Mo Ling got off the carriage, they heard Yu Fan’s loud voice, “What are you doing? You dare to make trouble for this young master, you want to die?”

“The one that wants to die is you! You dare to be arrogant in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. Why don’t you investigate the Second Young Master who protects us is?” The males that had surrounded them said viciously. They were dressed like soldiers and seemed like the city guard of the Neversetting Sun Fortress. The leader was a youth with a proud expression. There were two males dressed in magister robes beside him, each with a badge on their robe. They were two three-sword senior magisters!

Mo Zhu and the other two were facing off with them. Roth had an ambiguous smile as he sat on the carriage. It appeared as though he wanted them to take care of the matter.

Aofeng walked closer and detected that these people came with malicious intent. She raised an eyebrow and said coolly, “What happened?”

“We don’t know. This bunch of people suddenly came out and surrounded us, I don’t know what’s wrong with their heads!” Su Jian spat. After the battle just now, it had been the time to relax and gather the spoils. These people had suddenly came out. Even Mo Zhu couldn’t help but frown.

The youth with the proud expression swept a glance. The surroundings became silent. He stared coldly at Aofeng and asked, “You are the company leader?”

From everyone’s expression, the black-robed Aofeng seemed to be the focus of everyone’s attention so the youth asked this.

“Me?” Aofeng stilled. Shaking her head, she said, “I only joined today … …”

“Who said that! Of course you are company leader!” Before Aofeng could finish speaking, Mo Zhu gathered his courage from behind and said with a rare volume. Su Jian nodded serious. “Zhui Yun, our company only has us young people, there wasn’t some company leader to start with. After today it is is clear that you qualify to be the company leader of our Snowstorm Mercenary Company. It definitely is you.”

“Yes, I also support Big Brother Zhui Yun as company leader!” Mo Ling said.

“This young master never submits to anyone, but if it is you, this young master will do it.” Yu Fan paused and then said awkwardly.

In the battle just now, Aofeng had not displayed her true magister level, but her charisma and strength had won everyone’s recognition. At this time, she was the center of this group of people. Even Yu Fan did not look at her with any dismissal, but with respect towards an expert.

The ability to unify, intimidation, that was what the leader of a company needed.

Aofeng saw them saw this and did not refuse. She nodded and accepted it. “Alright, I’m the leader of Snowstorm Mercenary Company. Speak, what do you want with us?”

“What do we want? Capture them all for me!” The youth confirmed their identities and waved his hand. The soldiers behind him held blades and spears and started to move forward.

Aofeng’s expression turned cold. She asked with a frown, “Why are you capturing us? Did we have any arguments with the city guard of the Fortress of Neversetting Sun?”

While she asked this, Aofeng didn’t believe it. These people were nobility, and their statuses were not average. Those that were officials were being arrested by minor soldiers. What kind of joke was this?

“This evening, you sent out a magus beast at the Hyde Corporation and wounded a company leader under my service!” The youth snorted proudly and said the reason with a cold smile, “In Neversetting Sun, no one dares to go against Young Master Luo Fu. I protect the boss of Wild Wolf. You dare to openly and sincerely shame me, Luo Fu? If you beat a dog, you have to look at its master!”

After Luo Fu spoke, the two three-sword senior magisters beside him nodded respectfully. The two immediately released their magus beasts. He stared proudly at the group.

“I know that some of you have some strength. But it would be better if you did not fight. Two three-sword senior magisters are not something you can deal with! I, Luo Fu, am the nephew of the castellan of the city. I can summon more forces than this. My cousin is a seven-star senior swordsman, Neversetting Sun is full of experts at the moment. Today, he even recruited a young nine-sword senior magister. If I am willing, I can find him at any time to deal with you!”

Originally, when she heard the name “Luo Fu,” Aofeng frowned. When he finished talking, Aofeng was basically speechless.

Luo Fu, Luo Fei, cousin, seven-star senior swordsman.

So Luo Fei was that young son of the castellan. No wonder when they talked about this, Luo Fei’s expression had been so strange! But coming back to it, wasn’t she the young nine-sword senior magister that Luo Fei had recruited?

After Aofeng through through the complex connections, she was astounded. She was already here. Where did this good brother want to go to copy another her to deal with her?


Translator Ramblings: What’s a fantasy story without mermaids?

Ironically, going on vacation mixed with other stuff made me slack off updating. Now back to the work I have to do … …

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