傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S08-C04 “Thief”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng tests out her armorization with her magus beasts.

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Chapter Four – Thief

The sky was slightly gloomy and the dawn sky was foggy. Rustling sounded in the forest. This was a good time to hunt the fog wolves.

The eight-star magic beast fog wolves packs were rarely seen high level magic beasts this close to the forest perimeter. Their hide, teeth, claws, and crystal cores were all treasures. Many mercenaries and adventurers would rise early to hunt in foggy weather like this, so much so that days like today were called a day of getting rich. This was much safer than going deep into the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun.

Aofeng opened her eyes and saw a mercenary squad under the tree. Coincidentally, there was a large group of fog wolves under her feet. But the tree was tall, and the fog was heavy so no one noticed her.

Ben Lei and Liao Ya had been standing guard the entire night. This group of fog wolves weren’t even an appetizer for them and couldn’t pose a threat to Aofeng so they did not warn her. When Aofeng woke up, the mercenaries had just started fighting. Shouts and calls rang out in the surroundings. It appeared to be a large mercenary company.

“Xiao Bing, partial armorization” Softly reciting the Magus Divinity Spell, the snowy-white ice mouse mask appeared on the top half of her face. Aofeng released a dozen invisible ice mice down the tree to observe. Through the little ice mice, she saw everything in the surroundings immediately.

The battle below was intense. The grey-eyed fog wolves were not large in size but light in movement. Hidden in the fog, if one wasn’t careful, the fog wolves could make a successful ambush. The mercenary company were good fighters. Each member had strength of at least seven-stars. This kind of skill could compare to Crimson Forge. Not even fifteen minutes later, the fog wolf corpses covered the ground.

When she observed closely, Aofeng noticed that there was the symbol of a wolf head on the shoulders of many people. She realized, so this was the second-ranked mercenary company on the continent, Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. Some people did not have insignias. This group must be a mixture of people.

The ice mice searched for a while and quickly found the center of the squad.

Unexpectedly, the leaders were two young females. They appeared to be in their twenties and were shouting excitedly. One was a four-star senior swordsman, the other a five-star senior magister. They dressed in light leather armor that emphasized the curves of their body and attracted the heated gaze of males in the surroundings.

“Quick, kill them! You waste so much time on a pack of fog wolves, Little Sister Li Sha will laugh at you!” the five-sword senior magister shouted.

The four-star senior swordsman Li Sha cut off the head of a fog wolves about to make a sneak attack and shouted, “You people too. Is Father feeding wastes of food? Lu Lan and I are fighting as well and you are still lazing about? This miss does not want useless people as guards!”

The tone of the two females were slightly spoiled and arrogant. While their strength was acceptable, they were greenhorns that did not frequently fight. In times of danger, if the middle-aged man next to them wielding a broadsword didn’t act, they would have been injured a long time ago. The well-built and bearded man had three deep scars on his face. Aofeng recognized this person. This was the vice captain of Wolf Pack Mercenary Company, Qiu Ran.

It seemed all three big mercenary companies all came to the City of Neversetting Sun to participate in the magic beast siege after Qin City. Many would recognize her. Aofeng pondered this and decided to temporarily wear a mask. Before she learned of what the Qin Family was doing, she did not want to expose herself prematurely.

While she had become stronger, the Qin Family was still one of the most prestigious families on the continent, one of the four great magister families. They were not a shallow pool. If not forced to face them, Aofeng chose to avoid them. It would not be late for her to openly move against them after she had a ten or so sacred beasts and one or two divine beasts.

At this time, the battle below had reached an end. As expected of the second-ranked mercenary company on the continent, the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company only spent a short amount of time to take care of the fog wolves. Aofeng put on a long robe, straightened her clothing and then jumped down the tree to leave.

However, Lu Lan who was nearby and ordering the mercenaries to gather the spoils saw her and shouted, “Stand still! Who are you? Why did you sneak into our mercenary company. Did you want to steal our spoils? Auruq, stop that person!”

At this shout, the surrounding mercenaries immediately looked over. The youth in front of Aofeng and several people behind him walked in front of Aofeng and blocked off her path.

Under the mask, her eyebrows imperceptibly jumped. Aofeng stopped walking.

Lu Lan and Li Sha were angry at finding a “thief” in the process of hunting wolves. They glared. Like two proud swan, they came over with a retinue of people. They said, “Damned thief, you think that the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company is nothing? You can come and go as you please? Return the crystal cores you stole!”

Aofeng twisted her mouth. She had never seen such unreasonable women before. They accused her of the crime of thieving immediately. Did she look like a thief?

“The Forest of Neversetting Sun is not your home, this is not the backyard of the Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. I slept in the tree. Did I need your permission?” Aofeng snorted coldly and said, “Also, I arrived here last night. You came this morning. I haven’t even complained that you woke me up yet, and you accuse me of being a thief?”

Aofeng’s black eyes contained great disdain as she looked at the two females. The two females walked forward and found that this person was an extremely young black-robed youth wearing a strange but refined mask. This person had a silver wolf behind them, and a black kitten on their shoulder. Listening to this person’s clear voice, this person’s age would not be over seventeen. The two females became even more confident in her identity–thief!

A youth seventeen years old could not have the ability to move alone in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. This person had clearly come to steal the fruits of other people’s battles! Maybe this person had followed their squad for a long time!

“Do not argue!” Li Sha heard Aofeng’s words and laughed disdainfully. “You are able to spend the night in the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun? Who do you think you are? A senior magister?

“No, I’m … …” Aofeng shook her head. Of course she wasn’t a senior magister. That was in the past. But before she could say the result, she was interrupted smugly by Li Sha.

“Since you are not, then what are you quibbling about? So young, you do not go learn a skill, you do such underhanded things here. You really thought you wouldn’t be discovered? Let me tell you, this miss is the daughter of Duke Li of the City of Neversetting Sun, the confirmed fiancee of the young castellan and the future mistress of the City of Neversetting Sun. You dare to commit thievery around Neversetting Sun and against this miss, I have the right to punish you!”

The fiancee of the young castellan? Aofeng blinked her eyes and gaped. She hadn’t through that a woman could be so shameless. She thought back to Luo Fei’s expression. He didn’t seem to like this woman at all yet this Li Sha called herself the “future mistress of the City of Neversetting Sun.”

“Little Sister Li Sha, hand over this person to Wolf Pack Mercenary Company. He dares to steal my things, he has dismissed me, the miss of the second-ranked mercenary company on the continent! If this reaches Brother Luo, what happens if he feels it is embarrassing and is not willing to marry me?” Lu Lan said worriedly to Li Sha and gave Aofeng another fright.

Brother Luo? Was this Rong Luo? Heavenly, Rong Luo was attracted to this type of woman? Aofeng rolled her eyes and wanted to tell the other woman, Miss, you worry needlessly. Even if you do not embarrass yourself, he will not marry you!

“Alright, Misses, I don’t think that this young man is a thief. Let’s just leave the matter like this.” Qiu Ran who had been silent all this time spoke hoarsely. Ever since Qiu Ran saw Aofeng, he examined her, and felt that this youth was not simple.

This person was surrounded by the Wolf Pack mercenaries but was terrifying calm and dismissed the words of the misses. Unless this person had the confidence they could escape, how could they be so relaxed?

“Out of the question! Uncle Ran, if this is really a thief, aren’t you sparing him? We can let him go after we finish gathering the spoils.” Lu Lan said unforgivingly.

“Miss, we have the total, three crystal cores are missing.” The male called Auruq walked over and said.

Lu Lan and Li Sha changed expression. They looked hard towards Aofeng. “Just as expected! You thief, what do you have to say?”

Translator Ramblings: And here we encounter one of the clichés, the spoiled young miss.


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