Part III Efficiencies of scale? : Dominance of multi-person translator groups

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Group Projects
Baka-Tsuki 159
Qidian International 145
Wuxiaworld 56
Gravity Tales 53
volarenovels 46
Asian Hobbyist 39
Shinsori Translations 39
Rebirth Online World 38
Creative Novels 36
Nanodesu 31

Unsurprisingly, multi-person translator groups have the most projects with famous Japanese light novel translator group Baka-Tsuki ranking number one. The next four are all Chinese translator groups. Out of 1162 total groups, 652 or 56 % are groups with only one project.


My own thoughts: I don’t know if this is actually an economy of scale but web hosting, organizers, and editors could be considered shared resources for big groups.

Note: This is based on project information so only the most recent translator for a project is included.

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