Part V How long do you have to wait for the ending? a.k.a time to completion

How many readers try to weigh whether it’s better to only read complete translations or endure all the cliffhangers?

Language Days
Chinese 316.28700
Filipino 94.76923
Indonesia 185.00000
Japanese 258.68350
Korean 305.57895
Malaysian 34.00000
Vietnamese 0.00000

On average, it takes 279 to complete or approximately 9.29 months. Even though this only looks at complete projects, almost all the languages now have a higher time of complete compared to last year. On one hand, this may be because projects are longer and last year, none of them had been completed. So more complete projects to read now. On the other hand, some projects will take several months finish and those who want to wait for a project to be complete before starting will wait a long time.

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