傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S16-C02 “Boss, We Will Follow You”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng meets the Freedom Alliance.

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Chapter Two – Boss, We Will Follow You

Just a matter of moving my fingers?

Such arrogant words immediately caused shock and rolls of the eyes. Was something wrong with this youth’s head? He dared to say to a sword master expert. Did this person think they were a celestial rank expert?

Mo Nan’s blood rushed to his head, his eyes glaring as he smiled in anger. “Good good good! A teenage boy dares to boast here. Don’t think that I will not do anything to you because you have the protection of His Excellency Lei Yufeng!”

At this time, no one except Mo Nan spoke. Bai Qing had wanted to explain but her voice had been drowned out by the crowd. She stood out now with a sway of her waist and looked with disdain at Mo Nan. “Your Excellency Mo Nan, do not think that His Excellency Qin Aofeng will fear you because you are a one-star sword master. His Excellency Qin Aofeng has the strength to say such things. Our little squad saw it with our own eyes!”

What did she say? His Excellency?

This appellation gave the group a fright. Many of them shook immediately. If Aofeng said she was a celestial rank expert, the great majority of people would laugh at her, but when someone within the Freedom Alliance said this, then the effect was completely different. They travelled all year in the depths of the forest. No mad man would live until now, and most of the people hear knew each other.

“Bai Qing, you are saying the truth?” a middle-aged seven-sword spirit magister within the group asked with flashing eyes.

“Of course it is true, that Lan Cheng spoke nonsense without even knowing the situation. He slandered His Excellency Qin Aofeng as a good-for-nothing, His Excellency Qin Aofeng may not be able to become a magister as he said, but he is a sword master!” Bai Qing said in righteous anger, her tone filled with disdain towards Lan Cheng. The seven-man squad next to her nodded and said together, “We saw it too, His Excellency Qin Aofeng saved us.”

The news dropped like a bomb on Freedom Alliance as they gasped.

“Heavens! Sword master, how … … how old is he?”

“No wonder His Excellency Qin Aotian dares to enter Death Ridge alone, he’s a celestial rank expert!”

Their gazes changed when they looked at Aofeng again, becoming respectful and solemn. Many people bowed their heads with shame on their faces, their right hands in a fist held horizontally over the left side of their chests as they said regretfully, “Your Excellency Qin Aofeng, please forgive us for our ignorance, we should not listen to rumors.”

Qin Aohai was dumbstruck. The corners of his mouth twitched as he shouted in shock, “Aofeng? You … … you really became a sword master?”

Lei Yufeng who knew of Aofeng’s strength as a magister was even more confused. He would believe if Aofeng, that freak, became a celestial magister, but what was with this sword master business?

Aofeng smiled coolly and admitted, “Yes, I have the strength of a sword master.”

“I apologize for my contempt of Your Excellency.” The sword master Mo Nan said with a grave expression. He was similarly shocked and his attitude eased slightly. However, Aofeng was too arrogant, and he was displeased by this. “However, you are not even sixteen, and you have the strength of a sword master, that is an exaggeration! Unless you can actually defeat me, I will not listen to your orders.”

“Words will not prove if I can defeat you, let’s try!” Aofeng did not want to waste words with Mo Nan. She snorted, her feet leaving the ground as she rode the hidden flying swords around her to rise into the sky.

A handsome youth wearing a long black robe casually rose into the sky with a hand at the waist. To a certain degree, this already proved this person’s identity a celestial rank expert. That casual arrogance caused the hearts of the women in the alliance to speed up. Having survived in the forest, they were far from being young girls, but even so, the cold and seductive presence of the “youth” still stunned them.

“Alright, then let me see how strong you are!” Mo Nan’s eyes flashed with light as his feet left the ground. “Clang.” He pulled out the broadsword behind his back with both of his hands. He pointed at Aofeng with the sword and said, “Show your weapon!”

“Your Excellency Mo Nan, your perception is too weak. I have already shown my weapons.” Aofeng gave a cunning smile, her black eyes flashing with a light. She pointed and shouted coldly, “Appear!”

Confused, Mo Nan suddenly found that a dozen black swords suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the surroundings. Each flying sword flashed with a sharp and cold light. They were not ordinary swords. They formed a circle as they shot towards his head!

Mo Nan immediately broke into a cold sweat. If invisible flying swords like this suddenly attacked, normal people would not be able to dodge! If Aofeng hadn’t warned him beforehand, his head would have been cleaved!

With a great shout, Mo Nan swung the broadsword, and spun like a top. The light blue sword energy formed small circles around his body like a turtle shell. While the fifty attacking flying swords were sharp, they were bounced to the side by this sword energy wall.

Mo Nan had some skill as he was a sword master in the end. He shouted again, his movements flowing as he swung a powerful blue gust of wind towards Aofeng. At this time, he did not dare to treat Aofeng like a junior.

“Aofeng! Careful!”

Seeing Aofeng standing there without dodging, Qin Aohai and Lei Yufeng’s hearts beat rapidly. That was the full powered attack of a sword master!

With a muffled sound, the sharp sword edge collided with the space in front of Aofeng. A strange scene occurred. Four invisible swords appeared suddenly around Aofeng. The four flying swords spun rapidly and formed a small whirlpool boundary. When the light blue sword energy cut at the wall, it soon dissipated.

“This … … this is impossible!” Mo Nan shouted in disbelief as he jumped on his feet. Only he knew the power with which he had swung his sword just now. He was sure that the blow contained nearly his full power but Aofeng had effortlessly deflected it without even raising a hand.

“So powerful! Aofeng is so powerful!” Qin Aohai excitedly shook Lei Yufeng. “Look! Aofeng is unharmed! Great, when we return to the capital, Big Brother Aotian will be so happy. Aofeng is able to protect himself, and the family cannot call him a good-for-nothing any longer. Great!”

Lei Yufeng grimaced. “I how this little ancestor is not so scary. If one doesn’t have a good heart, they will have problems.”

Aofeng stood in the wind, still as elegant as usual. Not even a hair had gone out of place. Her eyes flashed as she said coldly, “Sword Master Mo Nan is just at this level. Since your attack is ineffective against me, then try my move!”

Her hand raising slightly, her long fingers pointed upwards. Fifteen flying swords flew back and gathered at one point. A faint layer of inky green light poured into the body of the swords as they grew brighter, and shone with light. Aofeng’s expression still remained cold as she pointed at Mo Nan and shouted,

“World’s End — Sword Extermination!”

Fifteen flying swords immediately locked onto Sword Master Mo Nan. Under Aofeng’s control, they darted over like fish!

When Sword Master Mo Nan heard the shout, his expression changed dramatically. The situation was so urgent he did not have time to speak. He hurriedly used sword energy to form a shield around his body in hope of blocking the flying sword attack. He expected the World’s End Sword Extermination to be incomparable and unstoppable but it immediately penetrated his energy shield, and formed a blast that broke his “turtle shell!”

“Ah!” Sword Master Mo Nan dropped out of the sky, disheveled. Half of his clothing had been cut off and he was like a beggar. The attack had also shorn off a few pieces of his hair, and he was in a sorry state.

Aofeng elegantly moved her finger in the air, her face expressionless. A flying sword followed and continued to hit Mo Nan who had rolled a few times on the ground before shouting, “Stop! Stop! I won’t fight anymore, I admit defeat!”

Pausing slightly, Aofeng shrugged, waved her hand and retrieved the flying sword. She descended back onto the ground, slightly puzzled. This Mo Nan clearly looked like a stubborn man, the classic case of one who did not give up until they saw their death. He hadn’t been bruised or lost his ability to fight, why did he bow his head to her?

As she thought this, she saw Sword Master Mo Nan run over rapidly as though he had ate a stimulant. His face was red as he stared at Aofeng like a mouse who saw rice. Aofeng’s back tingled with cold as Mo Nan stared at her with that strange gaze. She raised an eyebrow and asked, “What? Do you want to go back on your word?”

“No, no, a loss is a loss. I am not as strong as Your Excellency Qin Aofeng. I hadn’t expected Your Excellency Qin Aofeng to have such strength at such a young age. You defeated me just by waving a finger as you claimed. I’m very ashamed.” Sword Master Mo Nan rubbed the back of his head and said with a laugh. Suddenly, his gaze became extremely heated. “Also, this … … Your Excellency Qin Aofeng, what … .. what you just used. Is that Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s World’s End Sword Spell? Is Your Excellency Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s student?”

“Ah! Yes, flying sword!” “They looked like Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s flying swords.” “And that World’s End Sword Extermination. His Excellency Qin Aofeng is definitely Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s student!” Many of the swordsmen in the alliance seemed to be reminded and they shouted out loud. Heated gazes like those of Sword Master Mo Nan shot over and almost burned holes in Aofeng.

Aofeng suddenly realized what had happened. Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya was the most respected and strongest expert for the great majority of swordsmen. Nine and a half out of ten swordsmen were superfans of Tian Ya. When she showed her World’s End Sword Extermination, Mo Nan, a sword master, recognized it and became extremely excited.

“I cannot be considered his student. He said he doesn’t accept students. He only taught me the World’s End Sword Spell,” Aofeng said coolly. She did not want to exaggerate her relationship with Tian Ya.

But even so, it did not stop the people from taking this as confirmation. Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya had not accepted any student in centuries. Since he taught you, even if there isn’t a formal title, it is still reality, you think you can escape?

Mo Nan’s eyes lit up as he shouted at Aofeng, “Boss, I’m hanging with you! Starting from today, if you say go east, I will not go west!”

“And me, and me!” “Idol, please accept me!” Your Excellency, if you do not let me follow you, I will find a noodle and hang myself!” The swordsmen became excited … …

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