傲风 An Unyielding Wind V01-S16-C03 “Grand Commander”

Last chapter recap: Aofeng wins over the Freedom Alliance.

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Chapter Three – Grand Commander

Aofeng broke out in a cold sweat as the swordsmen rushed at her. She hadn’t expected Tian Ya to have such great influence that even Mo Nan’s attitude would do a 180.

Lei Yufeng chuckled when he saw this scene. He threw an arm around Aofeng and said, “You are much more evil than I am, and have more plans. I think I should let you have the position of commander. I’m your bodyguard, and in the end, I have to listen to what you say. It would be better if you take the position, what does everyone think?”

The crowd agreed and no voices of opposition sounded.

The leader had to be one of the three celestial rank experts in the group. Everyone had been stunned when Aofeng defeated Mo Nan. Adding on Venerable Swordsman Tian Ya’s reputation, the group subconsciously felt that Lei Yufeng was not as powerful as Aofeng. Aofeng was young, but the law of might was right was an eternal one. The best situation was Mo Nan and Lei Yufeng willing to follow Aofeng’s directions.

Pairs of eyes filled with hope looked over. Aofeng’s eyebrow raised and a thought flashed through her mind.

This Freedom Alliance was composed of the experts in the Forest could be said to be the top fraction of people in the Forest of Neversetting Sun. These people were not ordinary people. If she could organize them and use them well, while their influence could not compare to the four families, they would be of benefit to her in the future!

Aofeng did not want to consider everything from the point of her own interests, but after hearing Tian Ya’s words, Aofeng increasingly felt just how alone and powerless she was in this world.

From Tian Ya’s tone, that “enemy” was not a person, and was likely an enormous faction or organization. It would be difficult to fight them as a single individual. For example, Tian Ya was a divine swordsman at present, but still unable to face the enemy headone. Then just how fearsome that factions was could be imagined. Usually detail-minded, Aofeng knew what she had to do in the future. She had to increase her individual strength, and she had to possess her own base of power, or possess her own network. Otherwise, just a Qin Family was enough to stop her.

She desired freedom and refuse joining other factions. She could not avoid offending them. Otherwise, Aofeng wouldn’t have left the City of Neversetting Sun so soon afterwards. That had been a good opportunity to join Radiance Magus Church. She believed if the Archbishop of Radiance Magus Church had foresight, he would try to recruit her at any cost. As to the elder of the Holy Radiance Hall, he would be pushed aside.

However, Aofeng wasn’t willing to be restrain by any faction, no matter how powerful the faction was or how high of a status or how much benefit they could give her. This determined that her future path would be long and bumby.

When everyone adds a bit of fuel, the flames would rise high. If she really was being pursued by a faction in the future, or she really broke all ties with the Qin Family, having a safe and powerful place to stay was more important than anything else. Right now was a good opportunity. If this Freedom Alliance could become her support, and use the Great Forest of Neversetting Sun that crossed the east and west of the continent as a base, even if the enemy entered the forest, they would have a hard time finding her under the protection of the alliance.

This was just the beginning of a thought. With Aofeng’s intelligence, she would not say anything like creating a factions and swear fealty to me. That was not realistic. What she had to do was win them over, give them great benefits so that they would owe her. She would grow her network and reputation. Some things would come naturally after accumulating.

Aofeng did not know what this tiny idea would grow into in the future. A seed that she inadvertently left grew into an unimaginably giant tree.

“Alright, I can be the leader, but you have to promise something to me. In the following mission, especially when we are in contact with the four families, you cannot leak any information or my name. You may only call me “Grand Commander.”” Aofeng said calmly and nodded. She did not show great excitement as though this was an insignificant matter. However, people were won over by the presence she gave off.

There were some people in the world born to be leaders, having the charisma that could charm and win over people.

“Ugh, Grand Commander, why is this?” Bai Qing who had been staring at Aofeng asked curiously. She unconsciously started to use the term.

Aofeng smiled mysteriously, her eyes moving around. She asked in response, “The Lan Family kicked the Freedom Alliance out, aren’t you angry? Are we so easy to bully they can do anything they want, but we cannot fight back?”

The group stilled. Aofeng reminded them of that unpleasant event and every person had expressions of anger.

“The Lan Family is hateful! Because they have a master beast tamer, they are so arrogant their tails stand up. If I had a say, it’s just a master beast tamer, what’s great about it? I only want dead ones, not live ones!” Mo Nan swore crudely. As a sword master, he did not need living magus beasts.

“Yes, a master beast tamer is nothing!” Aofeng smiled coldly and said in a scornful tone. But then her topic changed. “However, we don’t just want dead magic beasts, we want live ones.”

“Live ones?” Lei Yufeng looked puzzedly at Aofeng and felt Aofeng was even more mysterious. “Aofeng, why do we want live ones?”

More than seven pairs of eyes looked puzzledly at Aofeng.

Aofeng still didn’t answer them, walking to a clearing. She mentally reached into the Inexhaustible Life Ring and an enormous Leviathan Orangutan appeared in their field of view. The Leviathan Orangutan had stopped bleeding from its wounds, but was still extremely weak. It didn’t move as it laid on the ground.

“Ah! It’s that three-star sacred beast that attacked us!” Bai Qing and the others shouted. “Heavens, isn’t he dead?”

“Grand Commander, what … … what do you want to do?”

When they saw this sacred beast, the group seemed to suddenly understand something. When they thought of Aofeng’s tone, the answer became clear. However, the news was so astounding that no one dared to believe it was true. Their eyes grew wide as they looked at Aofeng.

Aofeng reached out and patted the Leviathan Orangutan. Her black eyes narrowed as she recited the Magus Divinity Spell. While it was a pity, she did not use the Magus Divinity Power Source as she did not want to show it in front of these people. Taming a sacred beast was much easier in this case. In a short while, Aofeng exhaled, and walked back to the group.

“You, you are a seven sword spirit magister now, can you contract with a second magus beast?” Aofeng pointed at the middle-aged man who had been talking with Bai Qing.

Usually, magister who became seven-sword spirit magisters and had strong mental power could bond with a second magus beast. When they became a celestial magister, they could form a covenant with a third one. However, this was all based on mental power, and the actual situations were varied and complex. Many people were only able to bond with one magus beast after they reached celestial magister rank.

The male seemed to realize what was occuring to him. He stood up, shocked and flattered, and said, “Yes … … yes, Grand Commander, I became able to bond a second magus beast a few months ago. However, my first magus beast is a nine-star magus beast, and I couldn’t get any good infant beasts so I hadn’t formed any covenants.”

Aofeng made a sound of acknowledgement and said casually, “Then bond with this Leviathan Orangutan.”

Even though he was mentally prepared, the male still thought he heard incorrectly. He rubbed his eyes and confirmed that there was a Leviathan Orangutan in front of him, looked at Aofeng a few times before he slowly walked over. No one could blame him for being too wary. A great freebie dropped down out of the heaven. People who lived long-term in the forest would first suspect if this freebie was true or false or if it was poisoned.

The man extended his hand doubtfully, inky green magic formed out of his body. He attempted to form a covenant with the Leviathan Orangutan. The process proceeded smoothly. After he mentally communicated with the magus beast, the star pattern of the covenant appeared under his feet, flashing with silver light. Soon, he felt the soul imprint of the Leviathan Orangutan in his mind.

“Master, I’m Leviathan, please take care of me in the future.” The Leviathan Orangutan did not have any resistance after almost dying. However, he still looked fearfully at Aofeng. His wounds still hurt.

“Uh … … this … … please take care of me as well,” The middle-aged man said dazedly, finally remembering that sacred beast could mentally communicate with their masters. He was still in disbelief.

Requested by the Leviathan Orangutan, the middle-aged man put him back into the magus space to rest and recover. Then his joy could not be suppressed. He waved his hands, charging in front of Aofeng and shouting excitedly, “Grand Commander! I succeeded! I successfully contracted this sacred beast! Heavens, thank you. I, Liu Dong, will not refuse any of your orders!”

The covenant formed!

The silent members of the alliance exclaimed in shock.

There wasn’t any need to explain. The scene just now proved an astounding truth. They saw it with their own eyes. No matter how implausible it was, no one argued — this youth was a beast tamer! And a master beast tamer that may not be any weaker than Lan Xun!

With such a person in the group, how much would the group benefit? People became excited thinking about it. The magisters became even happier as they talked, words of shock and surprise filling the air.

If they respected Aofeng previously due to being an expert, they were completely moved by the benefits. People were self-interested. As long as they did not do things against their morals such as selling out their family and friends, it was not shameful.

“Aofeng, you … … you are also a master beast tamer? You you you, you aren’t human!” Lei Yufeng knew the most about Aofeng’s strength and was completely beaten down by this freak. He finally understood why Aofeng had so many high level magus beasts. Would a master beast tamer lack magus beasts?

Lei Yufeng regretted his once idiotic actions. His passions must have been squeezed by doors to compete with a master beast tamer who had more magus beasts!

“Who told you I am a master beast tamer?” Aofeng rolled her eyes at him, and would not rest in giving him shocks. She said, “I am a regent beast tamer, you call me a master beast tamer? You intend to describe me with the same words as the old man Lan Xun?”

“Ugh … …” Lei Yufeng almost fainted. His eyebrows jerked up and down as the corners of his mouth twitched. If they continued, he would be infuriated he would want to slam his head against the wall!

Regent beast tamer, a regent beast tamer title that was almost extinct on the continent … …

He was overcome with shock! All of the alliance was overcome with shock, so much that their faces froze and became unresponsive.

Aofeng smiled inwardly. It seemed she had achieved her goal. She revealed her identity in order to intimidate and tempt the alliance. In any case, this was the truth.

“Everyone has seen it, I can tame sacred beasts in a short amount of time, I am a regent beast tamer.” Aofeng’s expression turned solemn as she looked around and said loudly. “Since I am the Grand Commander of this alliance now, then I will not be miserly to you. I will tame the magic beasts you are able to obtain for free, but I hope that everyone can help me when we catch up to the Lan Family’s group.”

“Aofeng, I understand. The Lan Family have a goal in coming to Death Ridge, they want to tame high level magus beasts for their family members. You want to make trouble but not expose your identity so this is why you want everyone to call you Grand Commander?” Qin Aohai thought and then nodded worriedly, “Yes, not just the Lan Family will come back to make trouble for you, when the family learns your status, your rank within the family will rise. But the main family will interfere with your freedom, and ask you to tame large numbers of magus beasts for the family.”

Qin Aohai knew that Aofeng did not have good feelings about the Qin Family. He knew that if the family tried to force Aofeng, Aofeng would even fight to death. Aofeng wasn’t weak now, but compared to a colossus like the Qin family, Aofeng’s strength was still too minuscule. Look at the Qin Family training squad. Every year, they could form a large group.

“Grand Commander, we all understand. Please don’t worry, we will not leak any information about you!” Mo Nan said seriously with a respectful expression. When Aofeng’s generosity and Lan Xun’s small-mindedness were compared, they were like heaven and earth. Lan Xun’s shortcoming contrasted against Aofeng’s goodness, and her position in their minds rose.

Out of caution, Mo Nan led the group in swearing and everyone else followed.

Nodding in satisfaction, Aofeng then smiled deviously and said, “Just as I said, the Lan Family’s master beast tamer is nothing, isn’t it just beast taming? Is he the only one that knows how? I dislike the Lan Family right now. Since Lan Xun and Lan Cheng dare offend me, I will give them an unforgettable lesson! When everyone obtains high level magus beasts and we increase in strength, I hope you will help and steal all the magic beasts they encounter!”

Translator Ramblings: At least Aofeng is shameless about her shamelessness in thievery.

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