Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 23 “Heaven Replenishing Divine Art”

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Chapter Twenty Three Heaven Replenishing Divine Art

Anyone who heard Ding Ning’s words would be stunned and feel great disbelief. They may even want to throw the wine bottle at Ding Ning’s face.

Entering Min Mountain Sword Sect … … was this something that a common youth could think about?

Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect only accepted a dozen disciples each year. How many youths of suitable age were there in Changling? Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect did not just accept disciples from Changling. They accepted people from all of the Qin Dynasty, some subordinate counties, and allies.

How many regions were there? How many vast cities?

Even if a person was an unparalleled genius in one big city, when they came to Min Mountain Sword Sect, they would find they were ordinary. People who could join Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect could be described as freaks.

For example, some people were born with the ability to feel the primal energies of the universe. This meant they did not have any obstacles in the first three realms of cultivation, and from realm four to realm five, they would be many times faster than other people.

Some people naturally had wider meridians than other people, and their openings could contain more vital energy and primal energies of the universe. This meant that the higher their realm, the more power they had compared to other cultivators of the same realm.

Some people even became cultivators naturally not long after birth, the energy in their organs turning into vital energy.

Facing freaks like this, most geniuses could be described as trash.

The best members of the prestigious clans and families in the dynasty would not waste their time in the two sects. Instead, they chose a second path – they joined some suitable cultivation places first, obtaining some opportunities, and then tried to distinguish themselves in trials related to the two sword sects. They competed to qualify for the chance to enter some secret parts of the two sword sects and their libraries to study.

Other than those choices, each government department had a rare few positions. Only those who had positions in the departments, showed exceptional performance, and also had a certain level of service, could join the two sword sects to study for a period of time.

These two paths were similarly difficult.

Refocusing, Wang Taixu couldn’t help but cough. He added, “You are really not joking?”

“What joke am I making?” Ding Ning looked at him and said, “I know that some in the group of students are from sword schools that qualify for the trials.”

Looking at Ding Ning’s certain expression, Wang Taixu was finally sure that Ding Ning was not joking. His brow furrowed deeply.

“It seems that you have thought about this seriously.” He took a deep breath, and said with a frown, “Elevating yourself through some special trials will avoid being outshined by those freaks. But have you thought that you need talent to join Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect, but in order to win the special trials, you need innate talent but also other opportunities.

“It is even less fair.” Wang Taixu coughed again but he still said seriously, “Many of the nobility and clans also aim for this. Even if their talents are less than those freaks, they will be elevated by large amounts of resources later in life. Their members will be better than others in the trials. Therefore, in the trials, the ones that win will be those who have lesser talent than those freaks, but are supported by countless resources.”

Looking at the other being so fragile but still so serious, Ding Ning’s disdainful expression completely disappeared. He said calmly, “Since you say I am a genius who can easily organize thoughts, I naturally know what you speak of. But the problem is, do you have the ability to have me join a sect which qualify to enter the trials.”

Wang Taixu’s brow furrowed even deeply, the wrinkle deep and sharp.

He coughed violently as though he would cough his lungs out.

“As long as Two Level Tower does not fall quickly, there should be no problem in having you join one of the sect.” After the coughing calmed slightly, he panted and said, “The crux is one has to discuss contribution and return in business. I want to know why do you have to join Min Mountain Sword Sect? Some mountains are not as beautiful as you think when you set foot on them. Rather than pay a great price so you can attend those trials for that minuscule chance, in my view, you should spend on yourself. Maybe you will obtain greater heights.

“I admit you are also a freak.” After a slightly pause, Wang Taixu said, “The thoughts and perspective of freaks are different from us ordinary people. But the freaks that Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect want are not just in terms of thinking and foresight, they also have to have cultivation talent.”

Ding Ning looked calmly at Wang Taixu and said softly, “You are honest so I will tell you there is a great problem with my body.”

“Great problem?” Wang Taixu’s brow raised. “What problem?”

“An illness I was born with. Many years ago, a cultivator already diagnosed me, and multiple people have examined me the last few years,” Ding Ning said slowly. “The energy in my organs are too active, and I show signs of premature aging. If I become a cultivator and cultivate the arts of most sects, my internal energies will grow stronger, and I will die very young. So I must join Min Mountain Sword Sect.”

Wang Taixu’s eyes showed his shock once again.

He did not know that Ding Ning had other secrets so he felt he understood why Ding Ning would possess such a calm gaze most of the time.

A person who felt that they would die soon, and did not fear death would naturally be calmer than the average person.

Maybe this was the so-called geniuses would die early, and great calamity would accompany them in their life?”

“So Min Mountain Sword Sect has a cultivation art that can help you live longer?” Wang Taixu took a deep breath, looked at Ding Ning and slowly asked.

“Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect are mysterious but fortunately, there are many records about them. Min Mountain Sword Sect has a Heaven Replenishing Divine Art which could resolve some of my problems,” Ding Ning nodded and said.

“I also guessed it was this art.” Wang Taixu said seriously, “This is a secret of Min Mountain Sword Sect. Only the disciples who truly enter Min Mountain Sword Sect to cultivate may learn this art.”

Ding Ning nodded and did not immediately respond.

Wang Taixu’s expression grew even more grave and serious. “If your body is as you say, if I help you join a sword school who can enter the trials, then you will immediately start cultivating … …”

Ding Ning interrupted Wang Taixu and said, “Yes, once the arrow is shot, it cannot return. If I fail, I will quickly burn away like a flickering candle.” He laughed. “However, this is much more interesting than waiting to die, or becoming Li Lingjun’s pawn and waiting to receive his gratefulness when he conquers the world. One has to control their own fate. If one struggles, there will be chances. If one does not act, there are no chances. I agree with your thinking.”

Wang Taixu thought for a moment and then laughed. “I think you can help me, and I can help you.”

Ding Ning laughed as well. “Speak what you think.”

“I have some connection to Green Vine Sword School, and Green Vine Sword School has underwent some changes recently. We will think of a way for you to join Green Vine Sword School, it should not be a problem.” Wang Taixu seemed to have thought about this already and said calmly and rapidly.

Ding Ning frowned. “Mister Taixu, do not bully me due to my age. I remember that Green Vine Sword School does not qualify to join Min Mountain Sword Trials.”

Wang Taixu shook his head. “They did not qualify previous, but will from this year on.”

Ding Ning stilled.

Wang Taixu liked to see him confused. He smiled and said, “Green Vine Sword School is expanding. White Goat Cave is merging in. Based on their numbers and scale, without His Majesty’s special orders, they already qualifies to attend Min Mountain Sword Trials.”

“White Goat Cave is merging into Green Vine Sword School?”

Ding Ning sank into thought.

White Goat Cave was located at White Goat Gorge, which was not far from Green Vine Sword School. However, White Goat Cave was older than Green Vine Sword School, and had recently produced some good cultivators. Most importantly, White Goat Cave had a spirit spring which contained abundant spirit energy for cultivation and would increase the rate of cultivation. A sect like this usually would not be put under the control of a sect of similar strength.

“This is the change I spoke of.” Wang Taixu guessed what Ding Ning was thinking and said softly, “Someone from White Goat Cave angered the empress. So this occurred. Green Vine Sword School is split on the acceptance of White Goat Cave and how to use them. So this is a chance for us.”


Ding Ning stilled again.

This appellation seemed very distant in his memories.

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