Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 26 “Mountain Moving Realm”

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Chapter Twenty Six Mountain Moving Realm

“Murong Chen is dumb but he is young and has good cultivation potential. I think that stupidity can be slowly trained out, but before I could, you killed him.”

Mount Heng Marquess Xu was a mountain of meat giving off a burning and ferocious presence. He looked at Ye Celeng like a lion looking at a sheep. He said coldly, “He can be counted as half a member of my marquessate establishment. You killed him and did not give me an explanation. In the future, who will give me face?”

“Taking on your sword blow is not giving you face?” Ye Celeng smiled coldly. Facing the other’s ferocious presence who was even large enough to wrap her up, she even showed two dimples.

“Good! I like your personality. As expected of the only female bureau chief in Qin!”

Mount Heng Marquis Xu smiled coldly and stretched out a hand towards Ye Celeng. “Then come, what are you waiting for!”

Ye Celeng smiled coldly. She did not say anything and reached out with a white hand.

in the twilight, a drop of rain suddenly fell and landed on the shadow behind Marquis Xu’s enormous body. Plop. It pulled out countless tiny glittering lines of water.

At the same time, a crystal drop appeared in Ye Celeng”s hand.

Mountain Heng Marquis Xu’s almost nonexistent eyes narrowed even further. He sneered, “One Sky Water!”

Time seemed to freeze in this moment.

The primal energies of the universe caused the street masonry to creak and squeak. The dust from countless years squeezed out of the cracks as though they felt a terrifying energy and wanted to flee this long street.

Ye Celeng’s smile completely disappeared.

Each of her movements became extremely slow and heavy. She was clearly working harder than when she had been fighting Zhao Zhan. The hand she stretched out only held a floating glittering droplet yet each minute movement was so heavy she seemed to be moving mountains.


The liquid droplet in her palm suddenly turned into a sword of water three feet long. At the same time, the sky above the entire street seemed to collapse and the primal energies of the universe gathering towards the small sword in her hand.

The primal energies of the universe were in such amounts and moving in such speed that, in this moment, they were like an invisible mountain. She moved and then squeezed this mountain into the crystal water sword in her hand.

This was the seventh realm that countless cultivators in the world dreamed of, Mountain Moving Realm.

Realm three, Vital Energy, realm four, Energy Fusing.

When cultivators reached realm three, they could pull some primal energies of the universe into their bodies and cultivate it with their own physical energies to make vital energy. When they reached realm four, as vital energy and more primal energies of the universe fused, some apertures in the body, that could store primal energies of the universe, would open. The body could now become a container for storing primal energies of the universe in addition to drawing in primal energies of the universe when cultivating.

Yet only those that reached realm seven could directly pull terrifying amounts of primal energies directly from the world and compress them into their vital energy. Inside each small droplet of vital energy, there was a terrifying amount of primal energies which could explode with inestimable power when fighting an enemy.

In the wine shop in Falling Parasol, Chen Moli had been a cultivator in realm four.

The primal energies of the universe he displayed when he intimidated those school students was vastly different from the primal energies of the universe that Ye Celeng manipulated in this moment!

In this moment, the primal energies that Ye Celeng moved were as heavy as a mountain. However, the crystal water sword in her hand was so light it seemed to be weightless.


This small sword disappeared from her hand and shot at Marquis Xu’s brow.

The sword was so fast it passed through the air like a river and disappeared

Marquis Xu’s mountainous body did not take a step back. His fat right hand disappeared in this moment.

It moved too quickly.

In truth, he only lifted his arm horizontally across his body. But this movement moved a giant mountain to stand in front of his brow.

A sword like a vast mountain that armies had to retreat from. This was the true Mount Heng Sword!

An even stronger and ferocious presence appeared.

An indescribably deep sound came in front of his brow.

Marquis Xu’s hands were behind his back, his metal-like clothing flapping as though he had not moved at all.

In front of him, Ye Celeng was silent and motionless. Her hand was still outreached. That small sword turned back into a glowing droplet that floated in her hand.

Above the duo, terrifying blue vital energy continued to rise to form a blue mountain in the sky.

In the sky, countless droplets of rain flew, not downwards, but higher up into the sky.

Marquis Xu looked at the unusual phenomenon in the sky. He snickered, his fat flesh trembling slightly. He did not say anything else and turned to walk onto the enormous carriage.

Ye Celeng looked expressionlessly at her palm.

The liquid droplet in her palm was slowly absorbed into her body.

Night finally came.

The black carriage and the metal carriage moved away from each other.

A carriage of the Divinity Bureau was parked under a maple tree at a nearby stone bridge.

The carriage drive was a dumb person without a tongue. He also seemed to be deaf. He had not reacted at all to the deep loud sound that had sounded just previously.

Inside the Divinity Bureau’s carriage sat a thin man wearing dark red satin robes with an unkept beard on his young face.

His hair was speckled with white, and his nails were slightly yellow.

He looked slightly dispirited but everyone in Changling knew this was an illusion.

Everyone in Changling thought he was exceptionally devious, cunning and cruel.

He was the head of the Divinity Bureau, Bureau Chief Chen.

He dejectedly lowered his head, but his gaze was looking through the cracks in the curtains at the wide street.

The metal carriage travelled through the darkness.

Marquis Xu’s body was so wide the carriage was still crowded. His fingers slowly tapped on his stomach as he thought back to the sword strike just now. He sneered and said to himself, “So strong … … you received my blow, you will have some hardship but at least you will be safe for now.”

Countless carriages were slowly moving to Red Charm Tower on this Changling night.

Red Charm Tower was a mid-sized brothel in the south of the city. When the night came, lanterns would be lit and hung at the entrances of the courtyards and at the riverside. The surrounding alleys had stalls selling street food, flowers, and people busking for money … … they did this for money, and it was busy with many people.

However, Red Charm Tower had been completely reserved today, and the surrounding few miles were so exceptionally quiet it was suppressive.

Even the tycoons who never lacked money and were unhappy at being disrupted heard the murderousness roaming through the empty tower. They saw the hidden shadows in the alleys. Their hair rose on end and they did not dare to linger.

Ding Ning and Wang Taixu got off the carriage. The pair strolled casually towards the Red Charm Tower in the distance.

Behind them, a dozen people got off the six carriages and followed them.

The lanterns around Red Charm Tower had been hung up.

He could make out at least a hundred people standing in the shadows around Red Charm Tower, all of them wearing blades.

Wang Taixu walked with a frown. He had changed into a red satin robe which made his complexion look rosier.

An old man wearing cotton satin robes with white hair but a rosy and unwrinkled complexion came out alone out of a second carriage and walked to Wang Taixu’s side.

Wang Taixu with one young and one old person behind him stepped over the doorway to Red Charm Tower.

At the east side of the second floor was an extremely large room. All unnecessary furnishings in this private room had been cleaned away leaving behind many short tables where a dozen or so people were sitting.

When Wang Taixu pushed open the door and his face appeared, this private room was completely silent.

Wang Taixu smiled slightly, his lips moving slightly. His voice passed quietly into the ears of Ding Ning who walked slightly behind him. “The fattest one is Fatty Zhang, the thin man with short hair beside him and has an ugly expression is Tang Que of Jinlingtang. The white-faced scholar next to Fatty Chan is his adopted son Zhong Xiu. He should be the strongest cultivator of Thunder Rain Hall. The one-eyed man next to Tang Que is Tang Mengchen. He is one of the last experts that Jinlintang has right now.”

After saying this, Ding Ning, and the cotton-robed old person followed Wang Taixu into this private room to a table.

Ding Ning sat down at the table next to Wang Taixu and examined the people that Wang Taixu had spoken of.

Fatty Zhang of Thunder Rain Hall had an upturned nose so severethat people would see two wide nostrils when looking at him. No matter how good the rest of his features were, just this one feature was enough to make him displeasing to see. Also, this gangster famed in Changling wore his black satin robe with his chest exposed as through to show his spirit.

However, his clothing seemed to be too warm and he appeared to sweat too easily. His forehead and chest all had oily drops of sweat.

If someone compared him to Mount Heng Marquis Xu who was similarly fat, everyone would feel that Mount Heng Marquis Xu was a dignified mountain, and this person would only make people think of pork belly on the chopping board.

Sitting cross-legged was Tang Que. He sat straight. He had no fat on his thin body. His cheekbones were high, and because he had not rested well recently due to burdens on his mind, he had bags under his eyes. His expression was so dark that he looked to be shrouded under a shadow with the bags under his eyes.

Fatty Zhang’s adopted son, Zhong Xiu, was refined and elegant. He wore a light purple robe, and looked to be twenty seven or so with his clean-shaven face.

Ding Ning could not even see the appearance of the one-eyed man beside Tang Que, who Wang Taixu said was Tang Mengchen. From the moment he walked into this private room, Tang Mengchen kept his head bent and did not look up even once.

The leaders of the gangs who had been in their positions for many years had extraordinary presence. Two Level Tower had stood in Changling for many years without falling. Wang Taixu told Ding Ning that he only did minor underground business only out of humbleness and his personal choice.

With the bloody battles that had occurred previously, everyone present now knew what kind of person Wang Taixu was. When he sat down, the winecups on everyone’s tables seemed to tremble slightly.

An invisible pressure made people have a hard time breathing.

Wang Taixu, with a young and old person on either side of him, did not speak after sitting down. He looked at Fatty Zhang and Tang Que with a smile.

Translator Ramblings: I imagine Fatty Zhang to have a pig snout nose.

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