Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 32 “Do Not Pass Time In Vain”

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Chapter Thirty Two Do Not Pass Time In Vain

Zhang Yi’s gaze was very gentle, a kind that easily drew people’s trust.

He almost never stared at one person, yet he seemed to be looking at everyone. This way, no one felt they were ignored.

Like in this moment, when Ding Ning’s gaze just landed on him, Zhang Yi noticed him and then nodded gently at him.

A mere White Goat Cave had someone like this?

Ding Ning felt the other’s presence and was truly shocked.

“I know that I cannot compare to Eldest Senior Sect Brother in any area, but I also understand a truth. No matter what White Goat Cave is like today, and will be in the future, we have never had trash, and we have never been an embarrassment.” The young youth called Shen Bai took a deep breath. Due to his excitement, his hands uncontrollably twisted together. “Since Eldest Senior Sect Brother has said this, we will not vent our anger on him. But if he wants to join, he must at least make us feel he is qualified by passing some of our entry tests.”

Zhang Yi’s gaze once again landed on Ding Ning. Looking at this youth who had been at ease and calm from beginning to now, his gaze showed some other light.

“The entry tests are not so important. You know that even if one passes the tests, the final decision is in the hands of the cave master. Since Cave Master has already agreed, he is a young disciple of our White Goat Cave. You lack politeness and friendship by blockading here,” Zhang Yi said gently. “And I can guarantee that this young junior sect brother will definitely have great accomplishments in the future.”

“Who can easily predict the future? I do not care about the future, only the present.” Just as the students in front of the gazes gradually calm under Zhang Yi’s gentle words, a cold voice came from the mountain path behind them.

This voice caused the grey-robed swordsman who had been waiting worriedly in front of the carriage to shudder. From the cold tone, he felt a powerful threat.

Originally, he had just felt Ding Ning would have some trouble after joining. Now it appeared even his entry would not be as simple as imagined.

“Si Qin Senior Sect Brother!”

The numerous youths, including Shen Bai, brightened. Looking at their excited and respectful expressions, it appeared that this person was higher in their minds than Zhang Yi.

The person who walked out of the mist was also graceful and handsome. Even if he was thrown onto the most prosperous street in Changling, people would see him at a glance.

“If I do not personally see him, how will I be assured?

“If this spreads, people will think that our White Goat Cave has no rules, anyone can enter, and it is a place to store garbage.”

This person was handsome, but his eyes and tone were full of edges like sharp blades.

Young people would easily become obsessed with a presence like this.

White Goat Cave had so many extraordinary cultivators?

Ding Ning did not pay attention to the words themselves but felt the presence of this handsome young person carrying a sword on his back. His eyes once again flashed with shock.

Zhang Yi’s expression changed slightly.

He was confident he could persuade all the students here but he could not persuade Su Qin.

Especially when Su Qin’s words seemed to be like a dagger hidden in a sleeve.

“Do not try to convince me.”

Su Qin’s words did not stop. Like a dagger in a sleeve, it could not help but show itself. His sharp gaze landed on Zhang Yi. “You should know. When we felt injustice … especially when we are being merged into Green Vine Sword School. Many things will occur.”

Hearing these words, Zhang Yi could not help but frown. Ding Ning lifted his head slightly and wanted to speak.

At this time, a cold and disdainful female voice came from behind the carriage of the grey-robed swordsman. “No wonder White Goat Cave has experienced such a change. They only know to fight among themselves.”

The grey-robed swordsman stilled and turned around. Then he discovered that numerous students dressed in purple robes had appeared behind the carriage. The leader was a petite and pretty young girl.

Other than Zhang Yi and Su Qin, all the White Goat Cave students changed expression.

Shen Bai immediately became furious when he saw the color and pattern of the other’s robes. He shouted, “What are you to speak!”

Ding Ning turned and looked at these unwelcome guests in purple robes, especially the pretty young girl at the front. He sighed.

His present cultivation was relatively low so he did not notice these people making their way up the path, blocked by the carriage.

But he recognized this pretty young girl.

So he was clear why Shen Bai was so angry. Now it appeared this simple entry into the sect became even more complicated.

“I am not a what.”

The young girl’s expression had been frosty to begin with. Hearing Shen Bai’s angry words, her eyes became colder and filled with disdain. “I am Nangong Caishu, a disciple of Green Vine Sword School. My father is Nangong Pocheng. If I am correct, you are the youngest disciple of White Goat Cave, Shen Bai. Your father should be Shen Feijing. He should have been one of my father’s subordinates.”

Shen Bai’s face paled and he uncontrollably trembled.

He knew the other was a disciple of Green Vine Sword School yet he had not expected the other to have such a status.

The sense of class structure in the military was stronger than in other places.

Subordinates were especially respectful of their generals who promoted them. Most battles were directed by high ranking generals. Subordinates followed their orders in battle, and their lives were in the hands of the high-ranking generals. If they could survive the battle and receive successive rewards, this showed that the generals were wise in command and outstanding in their strategy. Naturally, there was a share of the high ranked general’s merit in the rewards the soldiers received. They had to remember this favor.

Nangong Caishu was someone even his father had to respect. Yet he insulted her.

“If our principal agreed for someone to join Green Vine to study, we will not block the gates to stop him from entering. As to you saying you cannot see his present abilities, I only want to tell you one thing. One of Li Lingjun’s cultivators humiliated me, Xu Heshan, and Xie Changsheng. Yet he humiliated Li Lingjun. You can imagine the disparity of White Goat Cave and Li Lingjun’s establishment. If he wants to choose, he will already be an honored guest in Li Lingjun’s establishment.”

Nangong Caishu continued to say sarcastically, “He chooses White Goat Cave, but you turn your backs to him, and want to obstruct him?”

Everyone was shocked.

The White Goat Cave disciples looked in disbelief at Ding Ning.

Li Lingjun was a hostage, yet through his quick rise in the years, Li Lingjun’s establishment had surpassed the stats of other cultivation places.

The events on the streets clearly had not reached White Goat Cave. They did not believe Li Lingjun, a common youth, could embarrass Li Lingjun.

In this kind of ruckus, Su Qin raised his eyebrows. A cold light flashed across his handsome face. His lips moved slightly.

A calm voice sounded. “It is just a simple entry. Why does it have to be so complicated?”

A sudden silence occurred in front of the gates.

Everyone looked dazedly at Ding Ning. They finally remembered the true focal point of this drama. The person at the center of the conflict finally expressed his own opinions for the first time.


This was a simple matter?

Su Qin’s sharp gaze grew colder, and his brow furrowed.

But Ding Ning did not give him the chance to speak. From how Su Qin had appeared, he could see Su Qin had higher authority in White Goat Cave than Zhang Yi. He also saw that Su Qin was a talented orator.

He was grateful to Nangong Caishu for speak on his behalf, yet he did not want to waste more time here.

“Since there are tests, then test me. This way, no one will have any objections.” Ding Ning had a calm expression as he looked seriously at the pale Shen Bai, then at the worried Zhang Yi, and then the cold Su Qin.

“Really?” Su Qin’s eyebrows rose even higher as he finally spoke.

Zhang Yi and Nangong Caishu’s expression changed.

But Ding Ning, who did not want to waste time, nodded firmly. “Yes.”

Silence occurred again.

Everyone’s gazes were filled with puzzlement and doubt. They thought inside this common youth was too arrogant. He did not know that the entry tests of all cultivation sects were difficult to pass. Or did he have extraordinary talent and possess absolute confidence?

“Come,” Ding Ning smiled slightly and said.

Su Qin’s breathing suddenly paused. His eyes narrowed slightly and then he smiled, showing some of his snowy-white teeth. “Alright, let him try.”

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