Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 39 “A True Freak”

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Chapter Thirty Nine A True Freak

Xue Wangxu looked at Li Daoji’s trembling lips and did not believe this was true.

“Freak …”

After many breaths, he calmed down and said these two words.

In the library cave, Nangong Caishu and the other Green Vine Sword School students were trembling as they looked oddly at Ding Ning.

How was this possible!

Profound Understanding in half a day. In their knowledge of rumors, from the first year of Yuanwu until now, only An Baoshi of Spirit Void Sword Sect and Jing Liuli of Min Mountain Sword Sect managed to do this. Even the sword fanatic Fang Xiumu took several dozens of days to reach Profound Understanding.

They knew that what occurred in front of them was true and not an illusion to their senses. Nangong Caishu, filled with strong shock and disbelief, looked at Ding Ning who had opened his eyes and asked in a trembling voice, “You already opened your energy sea?”

Ding Ning did not immediately answer her.

Her frowned as he felt his energy flow through the energy sea. He felt slightly that this top method of Nonself Palace was an aggressive path.

Then he noticed the rays of light landing in front of him.

The light was still gentle and bright, but had changed minutely. The previous light had been like pure sunlight which was purified, but the present light clearly had the glow of jewels.

He realized, night had come.

“It took this long,”

he murmured to himself.

His words were truly out of sentiment. This was because the energy pathways were different from most methods. Otherwise, as his energy sea already existed, he would not need such a long time to draw his energy into his energy sea.

His limbs felt weak after just half a day of cultivation. His energy had just entered his energy sea. He felt weak at this moment. This kind of expenditure caused him to understand this method had its uniqueness. The vital energy that formed in the future would be more ferocious than ordinary methods.

If this was an ordinary method, he would have reached Profound Understanding in half an hour.

But his words held a different meaning in the ears of Nangong Caishu and the others.

“Used this long?”

Nangong Caishu’s body trembled. She couldn’t help but point at Ding Ning. “If you are really in Profound Understanding, and has opened your energy sea … do you know how long ordinary cultivators will need to reach this step?”

Ding Ning looked at her trembling finger and didn’t know what to say.

Am I an ordinary cultivator?

The words were truth, but if she heard them, she would think he was too proud and pretentious.

Nangong Caishu started to regain her clarity of mind seeing him start to frown.

“Are you the same as those people from Min Mountain Sword Sect and Spirit Void Sword Sect, a true freak?”

She took deep breaths as she stopped pointing. She said with complicated emotions, “Did you choose a method like Explanation of the Spirit Source Way because it is easier to understand for you, and you can have breakthroughs quicker?”

Ding Ning smiled apologetically. He felt he could not explain this matter. Also, every cultivator should strictly guard their secrets.

Yet Nangong Caishu looked at his apologetic smile and thought he was apologizing because his talent surpassed them greatly. She found an explanation for Ding Ning”s choice of an ordinary method. Because of Ding Ning’s health problems, he could not live as long as others. So he needed to choose this relatively simple method which had faster advancements.

“It seems you are a true freak.”

She was slightly hurt and lowered her head dispiritedly. “It appears I should not have doubted your abilities and meddled.”

Among the pale Green Vine Sword Schools students behind Nangong Caishu, a youth who looked the most composed almost could not control moving forward.

“Lu Molong, if you want to get on the good side of this person … I urge you to not go forward.” At this time, the shortest youth who had loose black hair said in a voice only the two could hear. “It is too late for you to show friendliness.”

Hearing the words, the youth called Lu Molong suddenly froze, filled with regret.

He knew the other was correct.

This wine shop youth was young but appeared to possess a pair of eyes that saw through everything. At the mountain gates when Nangong Caishu had stood up for him, they had not placed any importance on this youth. Now, if they wanted to build ties due to the terrifying talent the other showed, they would most likely not receive any friendship from the other.

For them, the courteous words were meaningless. It was better not to shame themselves.

The numerous Green Vine Sword School students continued to search for the knowledge and experiences for their own cultivation. In order to throw away the shock, disappointment and regret, they deliberately moved away from Nangong Caishu and Ding Ning.

Ding Ning felt very hungry.

He could even smell the fragrance of the food outside the library cave.

He stilled, and then immediately smelled the natural fragrance of Nangong Caishu.

Shock flashed through his mind. He immediately reacted. This should be some of the other changes.

This top tier method from the past Han Dynasty already caused his sense of smell to become greater just after reaching Profound Understanding.

He did not refuse this change in his senses. He took a deep breath and prepared to stand and go out of the cave to eat. For him, today’s cultivation was at an end.

If White Goat Cave had no other arrangements, he would choose to go back to the wine shop in Falling Parasol.

Yet at this time, he noticed the open book in Nangong Caishu’s hand.

He hesitated slightly and looked at Nangong Caishu’s bent head. He said softly, “What problems are you encountering in your cultivation?”

Nangong Caishu, whose emotions were slightly turbulent, shook slightly. She looked up and saw Ding Ning’s eyes. She said suspiciously, “You want to help me?”

“Each person’s cultivation is different.” Ding Ning looked at her and said seriously. “At most, I will discuss with you, but I don’t know it is helpful to you.”

“It’s alright even if you cannot help me.” Feeling Ding Ning’s truthful goodwill, Nangong Caishu inexplicably felt an immediate rush of happiness. Young women of her age usually had the most optimistic outlooks of friendship. Her previous dispiritedness most likely was due to the difference in their talents. Facing her goodwill, Ding Ning maintained a respectful distance.

“There is something wrong with my comprehension.” Thinking how the other was a true freak, Profound Understanding in half a day, and how he had picked his own methods, she became more excited and added.

“Your comprehension of the primal energies of the universe?” Ding Ning looked at her bright eyes and asked seriously.

“Yes.” Nangong Caishu nodded seriously. “My cultivation has reached realm two first class, Marrow Conversion. At this level, I can try to sense the primal energies of the universe. I attempted this. Because the crux of the breakthrough between realm two Energy Refinement and realm three Vital Energy Realm is to find the parts of the primal energies of the universe which can merge with one’s inner energies, it is important to draw primal energies of the universe into the body. If I can draw primal energies of the universe into the body, it should not be a problem to merge with my energies.”

Ding Ning looked at the books open before her. “Is it you cannot detect the existence of the primal energies of the universe or discern between the primal energies of the universe?”

Nangong Caishu shook her head and said softly, “If that is the case, my teacher and I will not be so panicked. I can feel the existence of the primal energies of the universe, and how each burst is different. Yet in my perception, each wave of the primal energies of the universe seems to be repelled to me, and they are not close to me.”

“Maybe it is because of my physical traits. When my father cultivated, he had the same problem as me. He was stuck for seven years from realm two to realm three.” Pausing, Nangong Caishu said worried. “Because of this worry, he did not let me cultivate the Myriad Wave True Water Art he is skilled inbut the Green Vine Art of the Green Wood Sword School. Yet I encountered the same problem as him. I was the fastest student of Green Vine Sword School to reach first class realm two from realm one, but if I am stuck at this stage for seven years, I will be slower than the majority.”

Ding Ning nodded and reached out to close the book in front of Nangong Caishu, the “Energy Type Compendium.” He recited the name of the book and then asked seriously with a frown, “So you came to White Goat Cave’s Library Cave because you want to see if the records and notes here can give you some inspiration?”

Nangong Caishu nodded. “My father did not have any special comprehension during his breakthrough. He just felt the primal energies of the universe enter his body during a dangerous moment in battle. If I cannot find some reasons, waiting for me might be a fate worse than seven years.”

It would be tragic to be stuck at realm two for seven years.

Especially when watching the people around her surpass her. She might fall into hopelessness.

Ding Ning thought carefully. He said after quickly standing up, flipping through a dozen scrolls and finally picking two books to place in front of Nangong Caishu, “These two books seem to have unique insights. Why don’t you read them carefully? I am going out to eat, I may return home afterwards.”

Nangong Caishu looked in shock at these two books which seemed to be just casual observations, and opened them.

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