Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 47 “Dislike”

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Chapter 47 Dislike

“Who is that person?”

Inside an elegant study, there were piles of books concerning cultivation on pearwood bookshelves. Some looked damaged and old, but they were precious and the only copies.

There were no papers and brushes on the table, only an ancient book spread open, and a pot with white orchids.

The young person sitting behind the table wore the simplest of blue satin robe and had no grand adornments. Yet his entire body seemed to shine. He was Li Lingjun, who came to Changling as a hostage from the Chu Dynasty, but gained status equal to that of a marquis over time.

His expression was always gentle and peaceful but in his study, the corners of his eyes showed fine wrinkles.

He had too many matters to worry about.

Even though he possessed such status in Changling, if he could not return to the capital of the Chu, his fate would forever not be in his own hands.

The road home was too difficult, full of mountains and rivers. Any small matter could cause him to fail.

Fish Market was a unique place. All of Changling, and even the numerous powers in the world had reflections in it. Some inconspicuous little bubbles might be caused by two giant fish fighting deep underneath the water.

Today, a special battle occurred outside of Fish Market. The two swordsmen showed extraordinary skill. More importantly, one of the cultivators had not formally appeared before in the eyes of Changling’s people.

So he must learn about this cultivator, and understand the meaning of this battle between cultivators of this level.

Lu Siche, dressed in the robes of a white scholar, walked into this study.

This thin man with a handsome face and eyes shining with intelligence was one of Li Lingjun’s most important advisors. The daily events that occurred in the streets of Changling would go through his hands, and then appear in front of Li Lingjun after his analysis.

Compared to other advisors, he would not use his own thoughts and judgement to disturb Li Lingjun’s thoughts. He would always stand and analyze together with Li Lingjun.

At Li Lingjun’s gentle words, Lu Siche respectfully sat down in front of him.

“That person is Li Daoji, an apprentice of Xue Wangxu of White Goat Cave. He has some fame in the sects around White Goat Cave, but after joining the sect, he never left White Goat Cave so he is unfamiliar to the people of Changling.”

Lu Siche said in a slow but steady and clear voice, “He and Yu Daoan are all former members of the Han Dynasty, and once were disciples of the Han Yi Sword Sect. Later, when the Han Dynasty was destroyed, he and Yu Daoan were the only survivors of the Yi Sword Sect. Both were imprisoned, and then pardoned when the Yuanwu Emperor ascended the throne. Xue Wangxu saw Li Daoji due to some unknown event, liked his talent and accepted Li Daoji into White Goat Cave. Yu Daoan thought that Li Daoji betrayed the sect, and stated either Li Daoji would die of old age in White Goat Cave or if he leaves White Goat Cave, he would kill Li Daoji.”

“The two should have fought before. While their vital energy cultivation is around the same, the power Li Daoji showed previously was far weaker than Yu Daoan.”

“Before fighting Yu Daoan, Li Daoji went into Fish Market and bought a sword from Sun Bing. Then he fought with Yu Daoan. After the battle finished, he went back directly to White Goat Cave.”

“I also noticed that White Goat Cave has made a special exception to accept a student. That student is that wine shop youth Ding Ning of Falling Parasol. He reached Profound Understanding in half a day after joining.”

“Profound Understanding in half a day?”

Li Lingjun had held a calm expression before this, but suddenly frowned. He repeated the words, his expression slightly ugly.

That day in Falling Parasol, he had talked with this youth with great sincerity, and made a promise. But his sincere words had been met with humiliation.

He disliked this youth greatly. When he thought back to it, even before this youth refused him, he felt some inexplicable dislike when he saw the youth at first glance.

Maybe because that youth had even more calmness in his gaze than he did.

He seemed to feel this youth would be a great threat to him in the future.

This was a strange feeling with almost no reason behind it. However, it was not hard to find another example like this in the past.

“Profound Understanding in half a day. In my memory, only two people in Changling managed do this in the years of the Yuanwu Emperor ascended.” His brow furrowed and he looked at Lu Siche. “Since Li Daoji had tolerated for ten years, then he would have continued if there were no special accidents. So I think Li Daoji’s coming out is likely to be related to this wineshop youth.”

Lu Siche nodded. He had the same thoughts as Li Lingjun.

“Just some conflict between old enemies and sects, no need for worry.”

Li Lingjun thought and then said, “But I really dislike this youth.”

Before this, Li Lingjun had already expressed dislike of Ding Ning.

Yet because Ding Ning’s status was too low, even if he showed such intention, Lu Siche, Chen Moli and the other retainers faithful to him would not do anything targeting Ding Ning.

But now it was different.

Ding Ning had joined White Goat Cave and reached Profound Understanding in half a day.

Now when Li Lingjun said the swords again, Lu Siche knew clearly that he must take care of this youth.

“Changling is a place of hidden dragons and tigers.” Li Lingjun was silent for a moment and said softly as Lu Siche stood and bid farewell,

Lu Siche only thought that he was lamenting for Ding Ning’s Profound Understanding in half a day and Li Daoji’s display.

Yet what Li Lingjun was thinking of was that stunning woman in that alley wine shop.

He thought if an accident happened to that youth, the thoughts of the beautiful woman in the wine shop may change.

There were countless possibilities in life.

One could not easily give up. Maybe a possibility could be turned into reality.

Ding Ning was still cultivating.

His energies continued to sink in his energy sea with an unusually slow speed, but one that was fast compared to other cultivators, to the jade palace deep in his energy sea.

At the same time, the numerous invisible young silkworms consumed most of the spirit energy entering his body and caused his body to produce minuscule changes.

This was a profound and indescribable cultivation on two fronts.

Ding Ning sensed this kind of simultaneous cultivation, and a kind of faint joy spread in his mind.

Spirit veins were too rare. It had been so long since he contacted spirit energy that he almost forgot the taste and effect of spirit energy. Feeling the munching of those infant silkworms, he started to realize that while this spirit vein was small, it could at least double his true cultivation speed.

Based on this speed, after a month when his cultivation would reach realm two, his true cultivation would be enough to go from realm two second class, Bone Washing, to first class Marrow Conversion.

Suddenly, the countless silkworm larvae in his body disappeared. He stopped his cultivation, and warily opened his eyes.

“Sect UncleLi Daoji ?” he called softly.

“Since you have detected me, come out.” Li Daoji’s cold voice sounded outside the grass hut.

Ding Ning stood up from the meditation mat. The moment he pushed open the door, he frowned slightly.

He smelled the tang of blood.

Looking at Li Daoji’s unusual standing posture, he asked with shock, “You’re wounded?”

Li Daoji’s sharp brow rose slightly.

He did not respond and threw the remnant sword covered in cloth to Ding Ning. He said coldly, “Since you are studying the Wildfire Sword, you need a sword.”

Ding Ning stilled slightly. When he caught the sword, he detected this was the remnant of a sword.

He quickly untied the cloth strips.

He found there was dried blood on the cloth, and when the dark green remnant sword appeared in his vision, his eyes imperceptibly contracted.

His expression was still calm, yet he felt a complicated emotion colder than the autumn wind rising inside him.

He knew what kind of sword this was, he knew the material of this sword, its abilities, and even how this sword had been forged.

Because he knew this word.

Or rather, he and this sword had an unusual relationship.

“Sword and method are the same, they have to be suitable. If you do not feel it is suitable, you do not have to use this.” Looking at Ding Ning’s silent and strange gaze, Li Daoji thought he was looking down on this remnant sword.

“Thank you,”

Ding Ning’s hand landed on the sword hilt. He looked at the cracks on the inky green blade and spoke softly.

His voice was slightly low, but full of sincerity.

Li Daoji did not speak and turned to leave.

“Were you injured for this sword?”

Ding Ning looked at his back and suddenly asked.

Li Daoji turned slightly and said coldly, “You are too curious and too smart. You should know that people who are too curious and intelligent will not live long.”

Ding Ning looked calmly at the sword in his hand. He said softly, his head still bowed, “Even if I am not curious or intelligent, I will not live long.”

Li Daoji froze.

Ding Ning smiled sadly, his finger brushing the surface of the remnant sword.

Slight threads of light flashed through the cracks in the remnant sword as though inky green flowers opened on the sword.

Translator Ramblings: Li Lingjun does not like to be refused at all.

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  1. Li Lingjun is someone who rose from a position of next to no power, so he understands very clearly that this rise can be done again, by someone other than him. So, really, it’s a sign of respect, even tho Ding Ning is nothing right now, he is being taken seriously as a power, and as a threat. I think the personal dislike is just a happy coincidence, Li Lingjun would act similarly even to a friend, if they seemed likely to hinder him. That’s the kind of person he strikes me as.

    1. Yeah! Actually he is very canny–it’s a decisive move to strangle potential threats before they can become real threats. His only miscalculation is regarding his own power. Though I’m not entirely sure what Zhangsun Qianxue’s real level is, I think she has enough to deal Li Lingjun some heavy damage. And of course Ding Ning himself. But they also hid themselves really well, so I suppose it’s not completely Li Lingjun’s fault for overestimating himself.

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