Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 52 “An Accomplishment is Built On Ten Thousand Lives”

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Chapter 52: An Accomplishment is Built On Ten Thousand Lives

Not far from the exploding tower, under a persimmon tree in a dark alley, stood a black carriage with its window curtain open. A masked man in black robes was seated within.

However, unlike his fellows who had made appearances in other places, this masked man had ashen grey hair, and was clearly much older.

His forehead was smooth yet the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes were deep and sharp. His eyes were very aged. So while most of his face was covered, any person who thought of him would unconsciously think of the weathering and hardship outside the forts, the smoke above the desert, and the battlefields with vultures hovering above.

This weathered cultivator also saw Wang Taixu, who had flown into the air the instant the tower exploded.

Seeing Wang Taixu disappear into the sky like a bat, this older cultivator’s wrinkles deepened at the corners of his eyes.

When Wang Taixu had destroyed Jinlintang with one blow, the people in the streets of Changling thought that Wang Taixu had went up a level. However, this aged cultivator knew any low level cultivator, regardless of how high they flew, were still too lowly in the eyes of the truly powerful in Changling.

In their eyes, Wang Taixu was too weak. But if Wang Taixu managed to survive, they might not be able to survive the night.

This aged cultivator’s eyes turned slightly bitter. He shook his head, and the carriage started to slowly drive along the straight streets.

In an alley near the east district of Changling, another ordinary carriage passed by the black carriage.

The two did not stop, but a cold voice with indescribable murderousness passed through the two curtains from that ordinary carriage into the ears of this older cultivator.

“Wang Taixu must die within three days. If Wang Taixu does not die, you know what to do.”

The older cultivator did not say anything. His eyes were closed as though he was asleep. however, as the carriage went out of Changling and started entering the highway outside the city, he sighed, “An accomplishment is built on ten thousand lives, it has always been so.”


This night was exceptionally difficult for many people in Changling.

Wang Taixu landed like a bat in an ordinary residence.

However, he was a wounded bat.

That cultivator, who had killed a dozen of his guards in the span of a few breaths, had thrown a copper ball in the end, a talisman tactic that the Chu Dynasty cultivators used.

While he had managed to escape using his preparations, dozens of burning golden seals had stabbed into his body.

At this time, there were some terrifying wounds on his legs and waist, the most severe one even exposing his organs.

But he had experienced this many times during his climb from the bottom level of Changling. After being wounded so many times, he knew how to take care of his wounds.

He quickly took off his tattered outer robe and the strange bat robe that had some tears in it. He remained naked in the cold autumn air and slowly used vital energy to force out all the metal pieces in his body. Then he took out two bottles of medicinal powder from the outer robe he took off, and wrapped his wounds.

The pain and loss of blood from the wounds caused him to feel dizzy. But he realized that if an enemy of such a terrifying level existed, then the other hidden places in Changling would not be safe and keep him hidden.

He hesitated. He reached out with a cold hand, silently took some clothes from the bamboo staff used to dry laundry and put them on.

Then, under the cover of darkness, he flipped over several walls and then entered a side room behind a restaurant.

A slightly chubby chef was in this room, deep in sleep. He clearly wasn’t any kind of cultivator. Wang Taixu walked in front of him and pushed him several times before he woke up.

Yet the moment he saw Wang Taixu’s pale face, this slightly chubby chef seemed to have met his most important order in life. A strange light appeared on his face.

He bowed deeply to Wang Taixu with an unusual level of respect and asked, “What do you need me to do?”

Wang Taixu looked at him and whispered, “Inquire about some news for me. I must reach a truly safe place before sunrise.”


Mo Qinggong was annoyed.

Anyone who had just slept for an hour and was called awake would be annoyed. Most importantly, people like him didn’t have much time to rest.

He rubbed his slightly pained head and threw the file that the young person in front of him carefully handed him into the fire basin. “Do not waste energy on investigating this person. Put all your effort on the cultivator who used seals and had his head cut off! Have the Divinity Whip Team go investigate, a full investigation!”

The handsome young person in front of him looked at the fire in the basin with shock.

He did not understand why the file he had managed to make in such a short amount of time was casually burned. He didn’t understand. Why not investigate that youth?

“Sir …” He couldn’t help speak.

“Do not think I am muddle-headed because I lack rest.” Just as he spoke, Mo Qinggong smirked coldly and interrupted him. “I know what you want to ask. I do not have you investigate that wine shop youth, not because I have any special opinions, but because he has been investigated twice already. Whether he joined White Goat Cave or not, whether he reached Profound Understanding in half a day, there is no problem with his birth and history. An investigation of all that will be a waste of energy. Qin Huaishu had been the one to do this. You just took his position so it is justifiable that you do not know.”

So this youth had been entered the eyes of the Divinity Bureau long ago, and based on Sir Mo’s tone, he seemed to be familiar with this youth, and seemed to even have a deep understanding?

This handsome young official of the Divinity Bureau hesitated, his expression slightly stiff. He still couldn’t help but say softly, “Sir is right to lecture me … this subordinate will ask more people when working and not waste effort. But shall we really let the Divinity Whip Team go investigate?”

Listening to the young official’s words, Mo Qinggong’s eyes filled with coldness.

He stared at the Divinity Bureau young official and said with unusual coldness, “Those that have positions in the Qin bureaus, especially in the Divinity Bureau have to understand taking care of your own matters is much more important than taking care of other people’s matters.”

Looking a the youth who was even more nervous but still didn’t understand, he sneered and said, “With the Qin Dynasty being what it is now, it does not fear any lone cultivator or cultivation place. The Holy One and the two ministers would not think that a sect’s cultivation manuals are fatal to the Qin Dynasty. They care about our absolute loyalty and care whether each subject works according to their decrees. They do not hope to see the horses pulling the Qin Dynasty chariot not step in unison. Using public weapons for private purposes is something they care even more about.”

“The Divinity Bureau takes care of our dynasty’s internal matters and our own people’s matters. Since you have reached this position in the Divinity Bureau, you should already know the Divinity Whip Team is investigating Cloud Water Palace. Since you feel that the events tonight in Changling have to do with using public weapons for private use and reported to me so urgently, then why can you not take another step forward and think about your own duties?”

Sweat soaked the hair of the young official and fell down his face.

“If you want to last longer in Changling, you must side with the intentions of the Holy One. Murong Cheng’s cultivation talent was much better than Qin Huaishu, and he looked much more handsome and pleasing to the eye. Yet right now, his corpse might be rotted, and Qin Huaishu had been recommended to go study in Spirit Void Sword Sect.”

Mo Qinggong looked coldly at this young official that could not satisfy him and said, “Look clearly at Qin Huaishu’s attributes and understand your position. I will not say the words I have said already today. I only hope you can see clearly in the future.”

“Thank you, Sir, for your reminder!” The young official bowed deeply with respect.

“Go! I want to now which personage was so unfortunate they managed to misstep against these gangsters.” Mo Qinggon’s expression softened slightly. As he waved for the young official to allow him to leave, he reminded, “Be attentive and focus on your work, use your energy on the important places. You should have heard that people who reach this position under me will usually rise high if there are no accidents.”

The young official soaked in sweat immediately felt his eyes heat up. He bowed respectfully again, and then retreated, full of spirit.


Almost at the same time.

In Li Lingjun’s establishment, Li Lingjun, who appeared normal but caused all those who saw him to think him the most handsome man in the world due to his unique presence, looked at his most important advisor Lu Siche and frowned.

“We did not do this.” Lu Siche looked at Li Lingjun who still hadn’t slept and said, “I definitely will not use such crude and dangerous tactics.”

Li Lingjun nodded, and said softly and elegantly, “If it is you, you will not leave any traces. But I really want to know who else in Changling, other than myself, does not like him. After these events, maybe that personage needs a friend?”

Lu Siche smiled slightly. “A personage with ambition will definitely not refuse a friend like Your Highness.”

Li Lingjun suddenly became worried. He looked deeply at Lu Siche and said, “Recently I have been considering a problem Do you think I should ask to meet Zheng Xiu?”

Lu Siche’s expression changed dramatically, his hands trembling unconsciously.

Because, this “Zheng Xiu” that Li Lingjun spoke of had an even nobler name — “Empress.”

Translator Ramblings: Huge break from history here as the Qin Emperor never had a titled empress, just concubines.

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