Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 61 “Don’t Marry”

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Chapter 61: Don’t Marry

Ding Ning frowned slightly.

Zhangsun Qianxue was right. This Changling was indeed filled with favors and grudges. If one stepped in, they would be entangled. Favors and grudges were already troublesome, and if there was any romantic debt, that would be even more troublesome.

He did not know what to say. Xie Rou looked at him and said, “I have cut my hair to seal my oath. Many people here have witnessed it; this is not a joke.”

Ding Ning looked at her porcelain-like face. His countenance turned solemn. He spoke in a voice so soft that only he and Xie Rou could hear. “I understand. To some their word is worth a thousand gold, some choose to lose their life than taint their family name. However, we have never met before. Just for a wager, that others might not even take seriously … isn’t this too perverse? I have also heard that the Xie Family is no ordinary family. Your family may not approve your actions.”

Xie Rou looked at his serious and calm gaze. She inexplicably felt much more at peace.

Perhaps, this youth did possess some extraordinary traits. At least, he did not disappoint her?

“Being dogmatic in my actions and impulsive decisions are my wrongs and I should bear the consequences.” She looked into Ding Ning’s eyes. “I will be responsible for getting my family’s consent,” she said, softly.

Ding Ning’s brows furrowed deeper. His head lowered slightly, and his gaze landed on the Last Flower sword. His heart shook just a bit.

Xie Rou was only a young woman with just a few years of cultivation experience. But her solemnity and gaze had inexplicably drifted his thoughts to the master of this Last Flower sword.

“The key lies in your opinion.” Xie Rou hesitated slightly and then her gaze turned resolute again. Her next words were full of sincerity. “This is but our first meeting, even so I like you better than the geniuses around because of your calm in the face of such attention. We can slowly nurture feelings. I hope that you do not find this too abrupt, and would not consider the matter of family status.”

Ding Ning felt that Xie Rou was even more similar to the master of the Last Flower sword. If this was a strange coincidence, he did not like this coincidence. He took a deep breath and hardened his heart. “This is not possible. I will not accept your offer. So, do not have thoughts like this,” he said, directly and decisively.

Xie Rou’s face paled once more. She bit her lip and stubbornly remained silent.

Ding Ning looked up and stared at her deeply. “I will never marry you. So, it is best we never mention this matter and have everybody slowly forget this.”

Xie Rou’s eyes reddened slightly.

She was a young woman. No one knew how much courage it had taken her to make a decision like this. She took several deep breaths, her chest rising and falling. Then, she took a deep bow before Ding Ning.

“I was wrong in this matter … but you can not marry, but I have to marry.”

After saying this, she turned and walked towards where the spectating students were gathered.

Ding Ning’s heart suddenly sank.

Other people might not be able to understand the words, but Ding Ning immediately understood from the momentary gaze when Xie Rou had turned around.

She was more unyielding than he had imagined.

She would not force him to marry her, but she would definitely marry him. Thus, if he did not marry, she would not marry; she wouldn’t marry another person.

This seemed very laughable.

However, at this moment Ding Ning could not smile, let alone laugh.

“In truth, she is a good match.”

Li Daoji and the others had held their tongues. Even so he turned around and whispered his two cents into Ding Ning’s ears. “The Xie Family of Guangdong is very wealthy and will be of great help to your future cultivation. I am very satisfied with her appearance and conduct. I suggest you consider this seriously.”

“You are creating more of a mess. Are there any other elders like you?” Ding Ning said, angrily. “How old am I? I just started cultivating, and don’t even know what this Green Vine Sword School even looks like. Abruptly, someone appears and discusses the matter of marriage with me …”

Li Daoji glanced at him and interrupted. “You can see Green Vine Sword School and the other scenery later. But if you miss out on some people, they may not return again.”

Ding Ning was even more incensed. “Is what she doing very good? As an elder, you also see her fierceness. What you should do right now is think of ways to persuade her to give up this idea. Also, if you really like her, then marry her yourself.”

Li Daoji had rarely see Ding Ning this furious. He smiled slightly. “I want to, but she doesn’t want me.”

Immediately, Ding Ning felt a wave of exasperation.

“Sister, I did this thing well. You and Brother-in-law have formally met now?” Seeing Xie Rou walk about, Xie Changsheng spoke with false sincerity.

Xie Rou’s expression was as usual. She glanced at him threw one word. “Childish.”

Xie Changsheng had hardly expected a one word response from his sister. His smugness instantly disappeared.

Even Xu Heshan and Nangong Caishu looked towards Xie Rou in a favorable light. The two looked at Xu Heshan and sighed. “We were careless in making friends.”


In the eyes of Duanmu Lian and some teachers of Green Vine Sword School, Xie Changsheng’s actions were just a farce. However, out of consideration towards the spectators from other schools, they could not openly reprimand him.

But when they thought about how the sword trial festival, which had always been treated solemnly by Green Vine Sword School, was now infected with this kind of atmosphere, their expressions grew uglier.

“It is about time. Principal Di is waiting at the back of the mountain. The sword trial festival will begin at any moment. Cave Master Xue, do you wish to rest for a while or go now?”

Duanmu Lian tried to be unaffected by his bad mood. He went forward and bowed to Xue Wangxu.

Looking at the white-haired Xue Wangxu, all the young talents that came to spectate felt slightly cold, and suddenly realized this old man was a realm seven cultivator, to be revered.

“I am just an old man with a foot in the grave. I just came to watch. Li Daoji is in charge of all matters, you do not have to ask me,” Xue Wangxu smiled slightly and spoke by way of answer toDuanmu Lian.

If it really was an old man with a foot in the grave coming to watch, this would be good. If not for a realm seven cultivator such as this, Green Vine Sword School would not feel restrained today.

Duanmu Lian cursed within yet maintained a polite mien as he nodded at Li Daoji.

“The journey was not long; we do not need to rest. Cultivators do not have to care so much about manners, I think everyone here feels it is best to start as soon as possible.” Li Daoji was in a good mood, and still had a hint of a smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Then, we will depart immediately.”

Duanmu Lian did not want to speak more and called for all the participating students to walk together. All the students who were past the age limit and the students from other schools brought up the rear.

“Teacher Duanmu.”

At this time, numerous Green Vine Sword School students suddenly spoke, “He Zhaoxi is not here.”

Gu Xichun, who had a dark face since Ding Ning’s arrival, suddenly cast a cold stare from the crowd.

He had not seen He Zhaoxi before,but knew that He Zhaoxi was an opponent worthy of attention. In the Min Mountain trial, he could be a threat.

Duanmu Lian stilled slightly.

If an ordinary student was yet arrive, he would have been furious. But when he was apprised it was He Zhaoxi who had not arrived, his demeanour grew better.

“He Zhaoxi!”

He turned and then shouted towards the many buildings of Green Vine Sword School.

A while later, there was the sound of crackling air.

A handsome teenager wearing a thin blue robe on his well-formed body sprinted from among the multiple stone buildings.

Steam was rising off his body.

That was not his sweat. His sweat had been cleaned off by his physical energy. His clothing was dry and clean. The white steam was because the temperature of his body was enough to melt the surrounding white mist.

Such a high temperature showed that he had been exercising fiercely just now.

Gu Xichun’s gaze grew colder as he thought of the rumors about this person’s diligence.

“He is He Zhaoxi. Other than eating, he spends all his time in cultivation. He knows that today was the sword trial festival, but he was still cultivating and only appeared now because he did not want to waste time.” Ding Ning was carefully examining this youth when Nangong Caishu spoke from next to him.

Nangong Caishu had walked to his side.

Seeing Ding Ning turn his head, Nangong Caishu said, “If you can avoid him in the trial, try to do so.” When every eyeball was centered on the sprinting He Zhaoxi, she shoved a jade box that was in her possession for sometime, into Ding Ning’s hand. “This is the pill medicine my father found.”

Ding Ning stilled. This was unexpected.

“Just delivered today. This is the Yellow Court Gold Pill of Yellow Court Pill Sect. My father had another uncle I am familiar with tell me that this pill medicine is astounding in its effects of cultivation advancement. If you use it at your present cultivation, you will reach second class Bone Washing, but this will also have several detrimental side effects. Your vital energy may become impure.” Nangong Caishu then whispered in his ear. “I only heard this from my uncle and haven’t yet researched it. So I feel it is best you wait until the sword trial festival passes, and research the pill medicine before deciding whether to use it.”

Ding Ning nodded.

While he had not heard of this obscure pill medicine, he was certain he could use it. With this kind of medicine in hand, he had more confidence he could reach the top three of the sword trial festival.

Translator Ramblings: Poor Xie Changsheng, even his friends don’t sympathize with him.

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