Sword Dynasty Volume One Chapter 70 “I Came To Take Advantage”

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Chapter 70: I Came To Take Advantage

Ding Ning was in pursuit of a goal; a purpose that these youths of Changling could not envision. He had also cultivation experience; a power they could not fathom. So, from merely gauging the power from that muffled explosion, he was certain that the one involved had to be the strongest of the group, He Zhaoxi.

As for the other person, it would be one of the trio- Zhang Yi, Su Qin and Nangong Caishu.

When two tigers fought, one was bound to be wounded. A rare opportunity had appeared before him.

He quickly put on his dried clothes, even abandoned the rest of his meat and sprinted in the direction of the explosion.

At this moment, every gaze fixated on the duel between He Zhaoxi and Nangong Caishu. Even so, there were some who did notice Ding Ning’s unusual actions.

For instance, Xie Rou.

She found it hard to comprehend.

In her view, Ding Ning, who was relatively weak among these experts, at a time like this should steer clear from the field of battle. Why was he rushing over so quickly?

Nangong Caishu and He Zhaoxi were still in the midst of fighting. .

Nangong Caishu, arms trembling and hands covered in wounds, once again struggled up enveloped within a shroud of dust and smoke. The corners of her clothes were red and dripping with blood.

She looked at He Zhaoxi who was in front of her in the thin mist. She knew that the power she contained and her vital energy methods could not win against He Zhaoxi.

Nevertheless, she still wanted to try.

In this sword trial valley, even those cultivators who had reached Vital Energy Realm could not become a little pool that could gather primal energies of the universe. Thus, they could not replenish their vital energy.

If both sides were to use up their vital energy, then victory would depend on purely their physical power, swordsmanship, and battle experience.

She wanted to see if her swordsmanship and battle experience were as good as He Zhaoxi. So she spat out blood mixed with mud and said, “You should not have much vital energy left. Let us use our vital energies in this next attack.”

He Zhaoxi’s eyebrows jumped slightly.

Her strength was well within his expectations. Yet it was her resolve and desire to win that, in the end, had taken him by surprise. However, he was not one to fear a challenge like this.

With a deep breath, he once again held his sword up and nodded in silence. Unlike the previous two times, he started to move of his own accord and then charged.

The Thriving Withering Art he cultivated did not just have the power when withering changed to thriving; it could store more vital energy in his energy sea than other cultivation methods. With his powerful body, even if he didn’t use vital energy, he could defeat most realm two cultivators. This was why he was confident he could reap success on the first day.

But because of people like Zhang Yi and Su Qin, he wanted to preserve some of his vital energy and do his best to only rely on his physical strength to face Nangong Caishu’s challenge. His explosiveness was astounding. Holes appeared where his had feet landed. In this short charge of just thirty meters, a terrifying gust of wind appeared behind him.

The wind that he created formed a moving wall from the fallen leaves. He swung his yellow sword forward. A seemingly calm but restless and heated essence spread along the edge of the sword. A line of fire appeared on the wall of dancing leaves that had formed in front of him.


The fire was enhanced by the wind, the fluttering leaves started to burn fiercely. Under the pressure of his sword energy, the blazing leaves were confined to a small space. As the heat collided, more pressure was created, thus more forceful.

Several disciples of Green Vine Sword School understood whence this move originated.

‘Fire From Withered Wood was one of the sword forms in the Withered Wood Sword of Green Vine Sword School. Withered Wood Sword, one of the most profound sword manuals of Green Vine Sword School.

He Zhaoxi cultivated the best vital energy method of Green Vine Sword School, his swordsmanship manual was also the most profound one of Green Vine Sword School.

On the viewing platform, Gu Xichun frowned slightly. He sensed a slight danger from He Zhaoxi’s performance at the moment.

At the sudden burst of fire before her, Nangong Caishu hesitated slightly. But in the next moment, her gaze grew determined. She ignored the intense pain from her palms as they touched her sword hilts and gripped more tightly. She channeled all the vital energy in her body into her two swords. She swung the squamulous sword in her right hand, in an unusually straightforward manner, to face the oncoming yellow longsword and the blazing ball of flames.

Waves of power erupted off her blade. This one sword strike was like waves crashing on the sword as countless strikes. This was what she knew best, the City Connection Sword that purely pursued power.


The dried leaves burned into ash, and the compressed ball of fire finally exploded in this moment.

The straight scaly sword suddenly stopped among the sparks. As the yellow longsword with its burning flows of heat hit the scaly sword, the latter once again curved. It broke free of its master’s hand and shot up into the air.

When his sword struck Nangong Caishu’s scaled sword, He Zhaoxi felt his heart drop. Nangong Caishu let out a howl. He felt a powerful force once again push down on his sword.

This was Nangong Caishu’s other sword.

This sword also had the same ferocity as the City Connecting Sword.

He shook his head in helplessness. The remaining vital energy in his body was channeled without reservation into his sword. A powerful force collided with the sword in her left hand.

Nangong Caishu was prepared, and leapt backwards. At the same time, her fingers loosened slightly, she leaned back and tightened her grip again!

Blood spilled between the hilt and her palm. Yet, she held on.

At this moment, she saw He Zhaoxi raise his head. His entire body was shuddering, his knees were slightly bent and he hadn’t taken even one step back. The yellow sword in his hand paused only for a brief moment in the air before it slashed at her again like lightning.

Nangong Caishu swung her sword down hard.


Her sword did not leave her hand, but the yellow sword sliced past her waist in the collision.

Blood spurted from her waist, Her clothes half soaked.

Nangong Caishu gave a tragic cry and rolled backwards.

Her cry was not because of pain, but due to a fierce discontent and helplessness.

She had successfully forced He Zhaoxi to use his vital energy that he wanted to keep until the end but it wasn’t enough. In the end, the marginal difference in their strength slowed her down and she wasn’t able to fend off He Zhaoxi’s sword.

While the wound at her waist wasn’t serious or deep, she wouldn’t be able to take care of her wound if she continued to fight. The ensuing blood loss would render her incapable of fighting, and even sink her into unconsciousness.

He Zhaoxi prepared to attack. Because he respected Nangong Caishu, he did not want her to keep fighting.

Right at this time, a panting voice sounded. “When coming in, I said you should run if you cannot win. Why are you so stubborn?”

On the viewing platform, Xie Changsheng’s gaze had closely followed Nangong Caishu all this time. Seeing Nangong Caishu bleeding excessively, he had grown more nervous. He suddenly found that there was someone else not far from Nangong Caishu and He Zhaoxi. After seeing who the figure was, he screamed, an ugly expression splashed his face. “What is Ding Ning doing here?!”

Nangong Caishu also recognized who the incomer was from his voice. She first showed joyful surprise and then shocked anger. Her shout was in unison with Xie Changsheng’s. “Ding Ning, you too reached this area? What are you doing here?!”

What is Ding Ning doing here, does he want to take advantage here?

When they saw Ding Ning at the battle scene, this was the thought that governed many minds.

“I came to take advantage.”

Ding Ning confirmed their conjecture.

He looked matter-of-factly at Nangong Caishu and He Zhaoxi. “Right now, one of you has no more vital energy, the other is seriously wounded. Isn’t this the best time to take advantage?”

Nangong Caishu wanted to say something in shock and anger but Ding Ning glanced at her calmly and said, “If you do not stop your bleeding, I fear that even the Green Vine Sword School teachers will stop your trial, and I cannot even take advantage.”

Nangong Caishu stilled. She still could not understand Ding Ning’s present actions but she gritted her teeth and started to stop the bleeding.

Regardless of what happens next, if she did not stop the bleeding, the teachers of Green Vine Sword School would stop her trial immediately.

“You want to help her?” He Zhaoxi, who had been silent since Ding Ning appearance, seemed to see something and asked Ding Ning.

Ding Ning shook his head. “The rules do not allow that.”

He Zhaoxi ignored his words and looked solemnly into Ding Ning’s eyes and his remnant sword at his waist. “I am very happy that she has a friend like you, but you are too weak.” he said, softly.

Hearing the exchange, Nangong Caishu shouted in fury. “Ding Ning, do not worry about me, run away!”

“Shut up, save your energy. Otherwise, I’ll finish you off first.”

Ding Ning glanced at her and then turned to look directly at He Zhaoxi.

“We have not yet fought, how do you know I cannot win?” he asked, calmly.

Nangong Caishu wore an extremely ugly expression. and desired to attack Ding Ning. But his words and tone suddenly stilled.

However, Ding Ning’s next words darkened her vision and she had an impulse to swear.

“Also, I’ve already come. With my speed and endurance, I won’t be able to run away.”

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