Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 6 “The True White Goat Hanging Horn”

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Chapter 6: The True White Goat Hanging Horn

Through the curtain, Ding Ning sensed the change in Zhangsun Qianxue’s sword on her body. When the blue flame lit up on Zhangsun Qianxue’s forehead, he knew that this sword would no longer damage her body and she would be safer in Changling.

But this also meant that he was even further away from Zhangsun Qianxue.

He closed his eyes and started to cultivate. His cultivation tonight was unlike the usual

As the small snowflakes landed on the roof tiles, with sounds so soft that only cultivators could hear, tiny sounds also sounded inside his body. The small “silkworms” that hid within his body seemed to appear in concert and turned spirited.

For cultivators, they usually only had one place that held their physical energy, the energy sea.

But in this moment, the countless “small silkworms” in his body spat out tiny waves of physical energy as though they were spitting silk. Thousands of streams formed an ocean. The space in his energy sea was slowly filled by the physical energy with many countless small streams of physical energy still flowing in. His energy sea was brimming and about to burst. These small waves of physical energy that were incomprehensible for ordinary cultivators were stronger than the original physical energy in his energy sea and they still pressed in.

Sensing his energy sea about to burst, Ding Ning changed the course of his thoughts. The celestial aperture of his energy sea opened, and a wave of physical energy quickly spread into all parts of his body at a speed that it usually could not reach.

The rushing physical energy formed a quick circulation in his body. Under the pressure of the replete energy sea, the small waves of physical energy and the physical energy that already existed in his energy sea thoroughly coalesced, growing denser.

Each bone in his body exuded soft sounds. The countless tiny bursts of physical energy broke the innermost layer and started to nurture the marrow river at the deepest part of the bone marrow.

His Nine Deaths Silkworm Divine Art and Three Corpses Nonself Consciousness Sutra synchronized. The innumerable small silkworms in his body started to pull back in their physical energy and quickly disappeared. His energy sea calmed down.

He reached Energy sea first class, Marrow Conversion.

In the cultivation methods of Cultivator’s sects, the higher one’s cultivation, the better one’s physical energy or vital energy would nurture the body, and the longer a cultivator would live.

Yet when his energy sea calmed, a new fire seemed to burn in his organs, and his energies were even stronger and more violent than before. Stronger energies in his five organs would lead to faster physical energy being transformed when he cultivated, and a faster speed of advancement.

This meant that the Nine Deaths Silkworm Divine Art, other than some unknown abilities that no cultivator in the world knew of, would enable the user to advance faster the higher their cultivation.

This was an incredible matter in itself. The other methods in the world all had slower cultivation speed when one’s cultivation was high.

Compared to Ding Ning’s true cultivation at this moment, Ding Ning’s advancement speed was not quick. Many geniuses of his age may have reached Vital Energy Realm and were ahead of him at this moment.

For example An Baoshi of Spirit Void Sword Sect and Jing Liuli of Min Mountain Sword Sect. These two legendary freaks, truly used one month to reach realm two Energy Refinement from realm one. Based on their records, they spent eight months to reach realm three Vital Energy Realm from realm two.

This speed was terrifying to ordinary cultivators because most cultivators would need at least years to accomplish such a feat. Others faced similar problems as Nangong Caishu, unable to feel the primal energies of the universe, and were stuck at realm two.

But eight months was eightfold the time as one month. From Vital Energy Realm to Energy Fusing Realm would be another eightfold increase in time for ordinary cultivators. They would need at least six to eight years. Then another eightfold would be at least forty eight years.

So, cultivators who did not have special opportunities and were not especially talented would only reach realm five Spirit Thought in their lifetime. This was the true reason that cultivators of realm six and above were few and far between, and cultivators realm seven and above, grandmasters.

This unique feature of the Nine Deaths Silkworm Divine Art meant that Ding Ning could shorten his time in each realm. However, as his energies grew stronger, his body would not be able to make up for it, and he would end up compensating with his longevity. This was akin to using longevity to trade for cultivation speed.

Consequently, Zhangsun Qianxue had made a judgement a long time ago when she had detected this feature. This Nine Death Silkworm was akin to seeking death.

If a person who cultivated this method got stuck at a breakthrough like Nangong Caishu, would die before they even received their faster cultivation speed.

In the highest temple of White Goat Cave, as the snowflakes made their way down, Xue Wangxu and Li Daoji stood facing the valley.

“You did not have me come to let me admire the snow with you.” Li Daoji said after being silent for a long time. “Just say what you want to say. Being so sentimental is Zhang Yi’s personality, not yours.”

“I wrote a letter today to Commandery Governor of Beidi Commandery. You will depart tomorrow. When you arrive, he should have seen my letter already.” Xue Wangxu spoke softly. He did not look back at Li Daoji and continued to look at the spinning snowflakes.

Li Daoji did not turn to look at Xue Wangxu and remained silent.

“His Majesty must be enraged due to Bai Shanshui’s matter. You are not from Wei, but you are Han, and also in White Goat Cave. You could be blamed.” Xue Wangxu said warmly.

Li Daoji’s brows rose sharply. “As long as White Goat Cave has you, even if Bai Shanshui’s matter causes some waves, I will not have to leave Changling and go hide in Beidi. We have known each other for this long. It is time to separate. Speak plainly, there is meaning in furnishing such an excuse to me,” he said coldly.

Xue Wangxu smiled, embarrassed like a child caught lying. “There really is no meaning.” His smile immediately disappeared. “Perhaps, White Goat Cave is too small. I have never seen a genius like Ding Ning in my many years. I have not seen the legendary eccentrics of Spirit Void Sword Sect and Min Mountain Sword Sect. I do not know how they compare to Ding Ning. But Ding Ning won against Spirit Void Sword Sect. I am certain if we give him enough time, his future accomplishments will surpass mine. I am too old. No matter how much I treasure my life, even if I use all my remaining time, I cannot cross even a minor class, much less a realm. It is better that I take him forward,” he said gravely.

Li Daoji sank into silence.

If he was Xue Wangxu, he would make the same choice. He knew that if he left the temple this time, he might not see this white-haired old man ever again.

“When people meet, a time comes when they have to separate. The same as me and my senior sect brother.”

“I have endured my entire life. I was only impudent once. I revealed my cultivation on the path outside Changling. I feel that it isn’t enough. Fortunately, Senior Sect Brother has given me Ding Ning. Even the most imprudent matter will be of meaning.” Xue Wangxu smiled as he spoke. He reached out and gripped the small white jade sword hanging from his waist.

Li Daoji had a sudden realization. He turned abruptly and wanted to say something.

“Look at this sword.”

But Xue Wangxu shook his head and motioned for him to not speak and look.

Then Xue Wangxu swung his sword.

A white sword energy surged off the sword blade and gathered at the tip. A space, void of everything, was suddenly created by powerful primal energies of the universe in the air ahead. Then a snowy white curved goat horn appeared in this space.

A simple “White Goat Hanging Horn” move.

The most common sword form in the White Goat Sword Manual.

“You need to remember.”

Xue Wangxu looked with satisfaction at the snowy white sword energy before he spoke solemnly and softly. “The most important part of White Goat Hanging Horn is not the hanging of the horn, but forbearance and counterbalance. I do not know if you still remember that I took you to see a fight between white mountain goats the first day you joined White Goat Cave.”

Li Daoji closed his eyes. He tried to think back and that scene that he had forgotten a long time ago finally appeared.

In the scene, two white goats were fighting. One of them only stood firmly facing its fiercer opponent, and used the thickest part of its horn to defend against the other’s attacks.

It did not counterattack.

The other’s vicious attacks even broke one of its horns. But it only continued to defend, and the broken horn stabbed into the other’s head.

Li Daoji took a deep breath. He opened his eyes and finally understood the true meaning of “White Goat Hanging Horn.”

Xue Wangxu looked at him and knew that he had understood. Xue Wangxu smiled contentedly and handed the small white jade sword to Li Daoji.

Li Daoji received the sword, knelt before Xue Wangxu, kowtowed three times, before rising to leave.

He did not say anything extra. Xue Wangxu looked on as the red sword hilt in front of Li Daoji’s chest moved away until it disappeared from his sight.

Translator Ramblings: Ah, imagine the white goat as alberian ibexes and it will be a magnificent image. The thing with goat horns is if they don’t snap off, they can grow into a goat’s head and kill them over time.

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