Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 23 “Nine Hells King”

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Chapter 23 Nine Hells King

Looking at Ding Ning who was silently holding the umbrella to shield him, Xue Wangxu smiled, comforted.

Then he coughed lightly and looked at Liang Lian who had blood underneath his feet, blood on his hands and blood on his chest. He said softly in a proud tone, “In youth and strength, I am lesser than you. But I am stronger than you in understanding my sword manual. So I won in the end.”

Liang Lian was silent.

For him, victory and defeat were not as important as the wound in his chest.

He sensed Xue Wangxu’s sword essence was still rampaging in his body. He was sure that this kind of injury would affect him greatly in the following multiple years.

He suddenly felt an irrepressible wave of impatience.

He knew the other had paid a great price and would not live long. Yet this indescribable wave of impatience caused him to desire Xue Wangxu’s death at this spot.

He silently reached out with his right hand. But at this moment, all the people in front of the camp gates seemed to feel something. They looked up into the sky.

The snow and clouds split apart with a vacuum passageway in the middle.

A terrifying wave of power fell like an insurmountable wall to block Liang Lian off from Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning.

The hard and cold stone ground suddenly sank down. With a crack, a split appeared.

This split, hundreds of feet long, was absolutely straight and one finger’s thickness in width from start to end without any deviation.

This was a sword mark.

Many of the cultivators in the camps were shocked speechless by this sword mark. This gaze moved through the vacuum bisecting the sky and landed on that nearby tower.

They thought in their shock, who was it in the tower that could use the sword like this from such a long ways off?

Liang Lian’s expression froze slightly. He looked silently at the sword mark in front of him and slowly pulled back his right hand. Then he slowly turned and walked into the camp gates.

Under the umbrella, Xue Wangxu laughed.

“It’s done,” he said softly to Ding Ning and then turned to leave.

Ding Ning still did not speak. He worked to hold up the umbrella and block the wind and snow.

Xue Wangxu took a few steps. The shine on his face faded and he seemed to quickly grow exhausted.

“Still cannot do it.”

He shook his head, sighed and rested an arm over Ding Ning’s shoulder.

Ding Ning remained silent. He moved closer to Xue Wangxu and used his thin shoulders to support most of Xue Wangxu’s weight.

“So great!”

Xue Wangxu looked at the surrounding snow and felt the bone-aching cold and weakness he had not felt since becoming a cultivator a long time ago. He laughed again. “Defeating the great general of the Tiger-Wolf North Ammy and having the teacher of His Majesty and the chief of the Clan Law Bureau strike a blow for me. Today, I am glorious.”

Ding Ning glanced at him. His voice trembled but was unspeakably determined, “As long as you are happy”

The snow grew heavier.

Looking at the large and small figure under the umbrella leaving, the old man in the tower showed complicated emotions in his gaze.

“Xue Wangxu’s display today is shocking,” he whispered. “This student with him is also extraordinary.”

Huang Zhenwei could not help but praise sincerely, “Extraordinary.”

In the wind and snow, at the top of a tower even closer to the military camp, a woman dressed in a white dress watched as Xue Wangxu and Ding Ning left.

She was Ye Celeng.

While her cultivation was higher than Liang Lian and Xue Wangxu and she only arrived at the last part of the battle, she was still greatly shocked by the reality that Liang Lian was also above realm seven, as well as Xue Wangxu’s last blow.

She looked at the large umbrella that disappeared and didn’t immediately leave. She was deep in thought. This battle seemed to have reminded her of many things and caused her to understand some things.

Xue Wangxu and Liang Lian pulling on the primal energies of the universes had attracted the attention of numerous cultivators in Changling. The majority of people wanted to see a fight between super realm seven cultivators. However, the cultivators who did not previously know of the event did not have the ability to move as quickly as Ye Celeng. Most people had just determined the general location of the battle when the battle finished.

A middle-aged man dressed like a scholar moved quickly towards the Tiger-Wolf Army North Camp through the woods by the river. At this moment, he could no longer feel the violent ripples in the primal energies of the universe. He sensed even the sound of the snow and wind had calmed down. This middle-aged scholar stopped and sighed.

Five years ago, he became a realm six first class cultivator, but after five years, he was still in his original position. He could not feel any hint of the Mountain Moving Realm.

Today, when he felt the primal energies of the universe move through the air like giant mountains, he thought if he could watch an all-out fight between realm seven cultivators at a close distance, maybe he would have an opportunity for a breakthrough.

But this opportunity flashed by.

Even though he had chosen the most direct path, he was still very far from the military camp and the battle had already finished.

It was possible to spectate the sparring and sword discussions between super realm seven cultivators in Changling, but how many years would it take to see a true fight like this?

“You are very regretful? Pity, this is life. Even if there is a battle like that, you are not present, and you will die for it.”

At this moment, a cold voice sounded from the woods to his side.

Hearing this voice, the middle-aged scholar suddenly had a bad feeling and felt very wary.

He intuitively felt that the cultivator who spoke had been waiting in the wood but he had previously not sensed their existence.

A woman slowly appeared in his sight.

Her body was shrouded in the wind and snow. Even scarier was that while he could make out the scenery in the wind and snow, he could not clearly see anything around her.

“Who are you?”

He thought that he could not have an enemy like this, especially a woman who obviously had cultivation above his. This white-faced and beardless middle-aged scholar added in surprise, “Do you have the wrong person?”

“You are not Nangong Shang? One of the Ba Mountain Sword Field sword armory disciples?” the woman’s cool voice sounded.

The middle-aged scholar’s face turned snow white. As though he had been bitten by a snake, his body pulled back instinctively. Something seemed to strangle his throat. He made a disbelieving sound. “You are a remaining evil element of Ba Mountain Sword Field?”

The woman in the wind and snow confirmed his identity and appeared to not want to waste words. She said coldly and briskly, “No, Five Goat Pill.”


Nangong Shang stilled. He looked in confusing at the woman’s figure and repeated, “Five Goat Pill?”

The woman said unhappily, “I want the recipe for the Five Goat Pill.”

“Five Goat Pill recipe?” Nangong Shang was even more confused. “Just a pill recipe like that?”

The woman said, “You do not know it?”

Nangong Shang suddenly felt the terrifying murderousness. His body froze slightly and he said coldly, “The Nangong Family has this pill recipe, but I do not have it on me. Also, this recipe is one of the many the Nangong Family has. I usually do not use it, so how can I remember it clearly?”

The woman seemed to already know he would reply on this. She said quickly as though she was reciting from a book, “Tell me where the recipe is in your home. If you lie, I will kill everyone in your home. I know you are a filial son and take great care of your old mother. I think you do not want to see her head separated from her body.”

Nangong Shang stood up in fury and shouted, “Who are you! Even if you are one of the great rebels, this is Changling, and close to the Tiger-Wolf North Camp. Many cultivators are here and paying attention. Even if you kill me, I do not believe you will be able to escape after a battle with me.”

The woman shrouded in wind and snow seemed to know that he would even say such things. She did not hesitate at all and coldly said, “If I kill you here, I do not need to attract their attention.”

As she spoke, an odd coldness suddenly spread through the wind and snow in the woods.

Nangong Shang abruptly looked up.

He saw the snow outside was slowly falling and hadn’t changed. Yet all the falling snow seemed to settle and gather dozens of feet about him and this woman as though they were falling on the ground. The accumulated snow threw thicker and formed a carpet of snow.

The woods were covered by this unique draping of snow and seemed to become its own world. The wind and snow outside could not enter, and not even the primal energies of the universe either.

This was a unique formation, a formation that had been waiting for him to enter.

Nangong Shang’s forehead was beaded with sweat but he had his last hope.

He laughed harshly. “A powerful formation … but the primal energies of the universe cannot enter. So what if you are a Mountain Moving Realm cultivator. I am already realm six first class. How can you quickly win against me?”

The wind and snow around the woman quickly disappeared.

Nangong Shang’s laughter suddenly stopped. He felt the space in front of him seemed to light up. Appearing in his sight was an extremely beautiful face. But at the same time, a light blue flame appeared in the hand of this outrageously beautiful woman.

His breathing suddenly stopped. He suddenly felt that his blood completely froze over due to this presence, and he felt he could not win.

The blue light grew more intense until it became a dark blue color.

“Nine Hell King Sword!”

Seeing the final color of the other’s lifebond sword and the blue ice that suddenly floated through the air, Nangong Shang screamed as though he saw a ghost.

Translator Ramblings: Xue Wangxu is on a countdown now.

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