Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 38 “Cultivators of the Qi”

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Chapter 38 Cultivators of the Qi

With a strange hum, a light green flying sword shaped like a bamboo leaf flew out of the blue robed cultivator’s sleeve. The flying sword spun around him, creating dozens of afterimages of falling bamboo leaves.

He stared, his face slightly pale, at the small crimson sword hiding in the shadows. Based on the skill in having this crimson sword hide in the ice so he and his fellow were unable to detect it, it meant the other was more powerful than him.

If he had been the first attacker, he would be dead.

A rushed burst of footsteps entered his and Ding Ning’s ears.

Shen Yi, face even paler and sweating from nervousness, carried the feetless man into the view of the blue robed cultivator and Ding Ning.

Seeing Ding Ning standing unharmed and the two corpses on ice, Shen Yi felt joy and turned to look at the man on his back. He finally understood that his thoughts were incorrect. Not having feet did not mean he was slow.

The blue robed cultivator took a deep breath. He gave an urgent shout. The ice under him shattered, and he flew to the side.

Dang dang dang dang …

Terrifying sounds of metallic impact sounded behind him. Countless sword shadows exploded into small but bright sparks around him.

Shen Yi’s breathing completely stopped. He felt the vital energy of the sword shop owner he was carrying surge and release.

The presence of the small crimson sword hiding in the darkness completely changed. It turned from concealment to pure speed and offense!

The crimson sword surrounded this blue robe cultivator who was trying to escape, and wove an impenetrable net. The flying sword of the blue robed cultivator was driven meters away from his body. He was forced to completely stop.

“You cannot run.” The sword shop owner smiled slightly and coldly said, “Even if you win against me today, you will not be able to escape. Also, you cannot even defeat me.”

As he spoke, the small crimson sword suddenly retreated and flickered in the shadows.

During the time of contact, the clothes of the blue robed cultivator were completely soaked in sweat.

“I may not need to run,” je looked at the sword shop owner and said.

Just as he spoke, the ice under his feet suddenly split apart.

He stabbed into the ice below like a sword and sank into the dirty bone-chilling water.

The bamboo leaf sword that had spun around him followed him closely into the water.

“Senior Sect Brother Ding Ning! Careful!” Shen Yi suddenly reacted and gave a shocked shout.

The sticky turbid water disguised much of this person’s presence and the flying sword stirred more turbulence under the ice. The blue robed cultivator clearly was not desiring to leave. He was like a great python passing through the water to kill Ding Ning.

But Ding Ning was still extremely calm, and said in an unusually sincere tone, “I want him alive. This is good for Fish Market.”

Shen Yi was stunned.

Strange vibrations formed on the black and dirty ice.

Countless icy flows of energy appeared above the ice but the ice was not damaged.

In the next moment, he saw many stalks of black bamboo grow on the ice and sway despite the lack of wind.

An enormous and terrifying dark presence caused this area to turn into a ghost down. All sound disappeared, and the color of the water below became even darker as though an invisible hand had grabbed the enormous python.

This all occurred quickly but felt it took a long time.

The small crimson sword that had flickered in the shadows returned to the sleeve of the sword shop owner. The ice not far in front of Ding Ning rose up strangely as though there was a bamboo stalk growing up from the mud below.

Crack crack crack.

This deathly silent area finally had sound.

Pieces of ice flew up and fell down.

A burst of turbid and dark water sprouted like a monster and fell onto the surrounding ice.

The muddy water spread on the ice surface like black oil and revealed the blue robed cultivator inside. At this moment, his body was dyed black by the muddy water, and he was motionless. The swaying black bamboo on the ice surface disappeared as though they never existed.


Shen Yi managed to regain the ability to breathe. He breathed heavily. He finally understood what kind of place Fish Market was.

A hunchbacked old man with a black bamboo staff walked slowly on a wooden path.

Shen Yi’s heart beat faster as though it would jump out of his throat.

This was clearly a grandmaster cultivator in realm seven. Even more importantly, this cultivator used the yin ghost path rarely seen in the Qin.

While cultivation methods were not divided into orthodox and unorthodox, the records were clear. Cultivators who focused on yin ghosts would have a harder time advancing after reaching realm seven compared to ordinary cultivators.

The old man with the black bamboo staff put away his terrifying presence and asked Ding Ning flatly, “What do you want to do?”

Ding Ning bowed to him and the sword shop owner. He said, “The Divinity Bureau should be very interested in him. I know an official called Mo Qinggong.”

The black bamboo staff old man shook his head slightly. “You and Wang Taixu are too close. You should know that things in the shadows should be resolved in the shadows. If you connect it to the court, it will cause great calamity.”

“I understand this.” Ding Ning looked at him and said seriously, “But the crux is the people who are against me should be people of court, and not of low status. I will come to Fish Market in the future. They ignored Fish Market’s rules this time, so if the people behind them do not pull back this time, the market will no longer have rules.”

He paused and looked at this old man with the black bamboo staff. He added sincerely, “Also, if there are any changes, Two Level Tower will be at the forefront.”

The man with the black bamboo staff thought for a moment and said, “I will send him out of Fish Market and to Wang Taixu.”

Ding Ning’s emotions was calm at this moment. When he heard the old man’s agreement and thought of the following possibilities, his heart beat uncontrollably.

He bowed deeply and expressed his gratitude to this old man with the black bamboo staff.

“You purposefully gave them the chance to attack and borrowed the power of Fish Market. Next time, it would be best if this does not happen.” The man with the black bamboo staff did not return the bow and said coolly with a glance, “No one likes to be used.”

Ding Ning did not argue and said respectfully, “I will not next time.”

After the hunchbacked old man with the black bamboo staff turned without speaking again, the sword shop owner looked coldly at Ding Ning and asked, “You knew that I am strong enough to resolve these cultivators?”

“I wasn’t sure, but I was sure you had connections to the people in charge of this place.” Ding Ning looked at him and said, “Also, I gave Shen Yi enough time that even if you felt you were not enough, there is time for other people to come here.”

The sword shop owner’s gaze swept the two cultivators that Ding Ning had killed and said, “People who have been on the path for many years may not have your decisiveness and cunning. No wonder Wang Taixu values you so greatly.”

Ding Ning said, “Mister’s flying sword is very strong.”

The sword shop owner did not answer. He said to Shen Yi, “You carried me here, are you tired?”

Shen Yi stilled and said, “Not tired.”

The sword shop owner said, “If not, then may I trouble you to carry me back?”

Shen Yi stilled again and then said, “Of course.”

Ding Ning smiled slightly and said, “I will return with you.”

Shen Yi looked hesitantly at the two cultivator corpses on the ice and that cultivator who was close to death. He said softly, “Then we ignore them?”

Ding Ning glanced at him and said, “Since Fish Market has said so, are you not reassured?”

Shen Yi sighed in relief. But when he thought of what had just happened, he couldn’t help but whisper in admiration as he walked, “Senior Sect Brother Ding Ning, I am not as good as you.”

Ding Ning understood the straightforward personality of this Guanzhong youth well. He knew that no matter how much he protested, the other would still think this so he did not respond at all.

Shen Yi couldn’t help but ask the sword shop owner. “Mister, you have such great cultivation. Who was able to cut off your feet?”

Ding Ning immediately had an awkward expression.

This was pouring salt on a wound. He knew that Shen Yi was grateful to the other for his help and was asking with the intentions of helping the other.

But did the other understand Shen Yi’s personality?

The sword shop owner said in a cool tone, “I was envied by my junior sect brother, and he schemed against me.”

Ding Ning stilled. Shen Yi’s expression immediately grew awkward and he said, “While I admire Senior Sect Brother Ding Ning, I am not jealous of him.”

The sword shop owner sneered.

Shen Yi’s righteousness rose again. He asked, “How can there be such a poisonous junior sect brother. Did you get revenge?”

Hearing such childish words, the sword shop owner frowned and said, “If I got revenge, I would not have to flee into Changling.”

Shen Yi grew angry and said, “Who is that person, where is he now?”

The sword shop owner seemed to find this Guanzhong youth very interesting and said with slight disdain, “That person is called Gongzi Bai. He is in Yingqiu.”

“Yingqiu?” Shen Yi stilled. “Mister, you are a cultivator of the Qi?”

Hearing this, a strange light flashed through Ding Ning’s eyes. He couldn’t help but glance at the sword shop owner. “Yi Country Marquis Gongzi Bai?”

Shen Yi was stunned. He clearly did not know who Gongzi Bai was.

The sword shop owner smiled mockingly, nodded and said, “My junior sect brother has been ennobled. Unless the Qin Dynasty destroys the Qi, I won’t be able to get revenge.

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