Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 46 “Borrowing A Sword”

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Chapter 46 Borrowing A Sword

This “Sea Clasping Slash” was the most powerful move of the Blue Sea Tide Sword. Chen Liufeng’s cultivation was realm three first class and he only lacked a breakthrough to reach realm four. The vital energy cultivation method he practiced was exceptional, and from afar, his vital energy felt extremely pure. When he used his full power, and his vital energy wildly surged into the unsharpened sword, this “Sea Clasping Slash” truly felt as though multiple blue waves were rising out of the sea and merging into the sword essence.

Xie Changsheng’s face paled as he watched. He felt he had not wasted a thousand gold for nothing. At this moment, he stood perfectly opposite Chen Liufeng. Even separated by a river, the sword wind blew loose his tied hair.

Feeling the thick humidity in the air and the great power carried in the waves from that sword, he said in amazement, “How can a sword like this be stopped?”

Ding Ning saw the magnificence of this sword and showed some admiration in his eyes. But when he looked at Fang Wuque who was standing still, he whispered, “Maybe not.”

At this time Fang Wuque attacked.

He stabbed with his unsharpened iron sword. His sword move was straight and looked the same as his previous move.

With a boom, he created a hole several feet wide in the blue waves smashing towards him.

This sword had astounding penetrative power, but it was so straight it could not hit Chen Liufeng who was behind the wave. Xie Changsheng could not understand what meaning this sword strike had.

Yet in this moment, vital energy surged out of Fang Wuque’s body and into the straight seal scripts in the unsharpened iron sword.

The straight sword energy and the straight sword energy collided like a rod of iron being hit and splitting apart.

Numerous lines suddenly appeared in front Fang Wuque’s sword.

These lines stabbed deep into the blue wave and turned into cracks in the blue wave.

In the next instant, the blue wave completely collapsed and became harmless splashes of water.

Gasps and sighs of shock sounded.

Xue Wangxu smiled slightly and praised, “Not bad.”

Zhang Yi said seriously in a soft voice, “The true meaning of the Stone Grotto Sword is on splitting stone … it has astounding penetrative power, and Fang Wuque has mastered the true meaning of the Stone Grotto Sword. No wonder he has such a rank in the Book of Talents.”


Chen Liufeng’s sword and Fang Wuque’s sword crossed. The two shook and then flew backwards.

Among the metallic clangs and the gasps of numerous people, Xie Changsheng paled and his eyes widened. He said in disbelief, “He managed to block that sword. The Sea Clasping Slash is the most powerful sword form of Blue Sea Tide Sword and uses the most vital energy. Now that Fang Wuque has defeated this move, how can Chen Liufeng win?”

Hearing his words, Ding Ning shook his head again and murmured to himself, “That may not be true.”

Even Xie Changsheng, who had been calling Ding Ning “brother-in-law” and admired Ding Ning’s performances all this time, couldn’t help but be angry at Ding Ning for opposing him at every turn.

But at this time, Chen Liufeng, who had been flying backwards, gave a furious shout.

The remaining vital energy in his body all flooded into the vibrating and ringing metal sword in his hand. The iron sword once again moved forward.

All of the gasps suddenly stopped.

Fang Wuque’s calm and cold face showed shock for the first time.

Blue sword energy once again sprayed out of the straight blade.

In the air, numerous blue beads of water appeared. They shot forward propelled by a decisive wave of sword essence.

The blue beads of water and the chaotic and collapsing waves of water in the air collided, creating countless white splashes of water that smashed towards Fang Wuque!

“Ten Thousand Waves, not bad.” Xue Wangxu once again gave praise.

Fang Wuque’s expression changed dramatically. He stopped thrusting his sword straight like before, and made three quick stabs in front of him with great urgency.

Three sword holes appeared in the air in front of him. The energy in the three sword holes pressed together and crushed the white sprays of water into powder that then dissipated.


At this time, Chen Liufeng’s figure charged out of the watery mist and appeared in front of him.

His body had been completely soaked by the flows of water, and one of the bones in his shoulder had given off a crack due to hitting a wave of water. Yet he did not hesitate at all, shouting as he created multiple splashes with his sword and smashed towards Fang Wuque’s body.

Fang Wuque’s face turned snow white. His body moved back and his sword cut down towards Chen Liufeng’s sword.

But his sword move was slower than the straight thrusts he had used previously. With a ring, his sword blocked Chen Liufeng’s sword, creating a ball of bright sparks, but the multiple waves of white water hit his body!

He gave a disbelieving muffled grunt as he flew backwards like a kite on a broken string.

Behind him was a frozen river.


His body smashed into the ice and sank into the icy cold water. The ice cold waves splashed out of the hole in the ice.

The two sides of the shore were still.

On the stone platform, Chen Liufeng breathed heavily. Hs sword stabbed into a hole in the stone platform like a staff. He seemed to have reached his limit. But at this moment, he shouted again, “Who won!”

The two sides of the river were silent.

Everyone knew with Fang Wuque’s cultivation, he would not be in mortal danger after being thrown into the icy river by that blow. But being thrown off the platform into the river uncontrollably meant he had clearly been defeated.

If this was on the battlefield, and he wasn’t able to control his body after receiving a blow, this meant that he would be killed with one blow.


Fang Wuque’s figure jumped out of the water. His vital energy vibrated as the icy droplets of water fell off him and dropped with clatters on the surrounding ice. His clothing was already dry but his lips were blue.

Without any words, he threw the unsharpened sword in his hand on the ice next to him and then sprinted along the ice.

This young genius was clearly furious and didn’t even realize he had dropped a shoe on the ice.

But there was no jeering.

Losing in public to someone lower in rank was something that would make people extremely embarrassed. But strength was strength. The multiple attacks he had previously performed was enough to intimidate the majority of youths present.

“What is going on?”

Xie Changsheng still could not accept this result. He kept on feeling that someone wrong was happening. Unconsciously, he seemed to feel that Fang Wuque should win, but the result was completely different.

“Victory is not just based on the strength of vital energy and comprehension of sword manuals.” Ding Ning glanced at him and said, “Sword essence is made whole by one’s mental spirit. Chen Liufeng’s sword essence was whole from start to finish. The two of them were evenly matched to start. In the last encounter, Chen Liufeng’s sword move was free from inhibition. Fang Wuque’s presence was already weak, and he thought of keeping a pathway of retreat. He feared that something would happen after he used up his vital energy. If he is not straightforward at the time of victory, how can he win?”

Xie Changsheng’s puzzlement was resolved. Thinking about what had happened, he felt Ding Ning was correct.

Xue Wangxu looked at Ding Ning and said, “It seems that your understanding is greater than many old sword teachers in Changling.”

Ding Ning said calmly, “I recently read your notes and have gained much understanding.”

Xue Wangxu thought and said, “If this is something good, it should be shared between friends.”

Ding Ning said calmly, “As long as you agree.”

Hearing the pair’s conversation, Xie Changsheng, Nangong Caishu,a nd Xu Heshan realized Xue Wangxu’s meaning. Their eyes widened in surprise.

“Cave Master Xue, you mean that we can read your notes?” Nangong Caishu said in a whisper.

Xue Wangxu gave a small smile and said, “Just my notes, not a treasure.”

“How is it not treasure?!” Xie Changsheng’s voice trembled in excitement. “This is treasure that money cannot buy.”

“Senior Sect Brother.”

At this time, Ding Ning bowed and said calmly to Zhang Yi, “Since Chen Liufeng and Fang Wuque’s matter has been resolved, and my problem with the trio behind us is still unsettled, please help keep the two unsharpened iron swords for me.”

At Ding Ning’s words, Zhang Yi was astounded. “Junior Sect Brother, you are for real?”

Ding Ning nodded with certainty, “Of course. Some problems have to be resolved.”

“But for you, these unsharpened iron swords …” Zhang Yi immediately grew nervous. He knew that Ding Ning had never touched this kind of swords before. If one was unfamiliar with the sword, there would be great differences in how one used the sword.

“Do not be so fussy.” Ding Ning looked at him and said, “I ask you to speak up and get the sword now because you are my senior sect brother, and because you are so fussy and sentimental. You can become more decisive after frequently speaking up in public situations like this.”

“Now you lecture your senior sect brother. This is rude, but your words are correct.” Xue Wangxu laughed and pushed Zhang Yi. “Listen to your junior sect brother.”

Zhang Yi respected his teacher greatly. Hearing Xue Wangxu’s words, he didn’t dare disobey. While his expression was conflicted, he still gritted his teeth and said loudly towards the opposing stone platform, “Brother Chen, please wait … may I borrow these two unsharpened iron swords to use?”

Because he saw someone was putting away the two swords as Chen Liufeng was leaving the platform already, he was slightly desperate. After speaking, he realized he hadn’t identified himself so he apologetically added, “This one is Green Vine Sword School White Goat Cave’s Zhang Yi.”

Chen Liufeng suddenly turned around on the platform.

Gasps rose on the two sides of the river.

White Goat Cave had been very famous in Changling in the previous months. While White Goat Cave Zhang Yi was not ranked within the top hundred due to unknown reasons, in many people’s minds, Zhang Yi was strong enough to be ranked.

When he publicly asked to borrow the swords, people naturally thought that there would be another fight today.

Translator Ramblings: Zhang Yi is not shy. He’s just needlessly considerate and kind … and so Xue Wangxu worries about this poor innocent lamb among the wolves in the world.

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