Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 70 “Death Warriors”

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Chapter 70 Death Warriors

This was not a threat, just a description of the truth. Unless one was a cultivator above realm seven or they immediately fled after the assassination attempt, all those that remained here could not leave Changling.

Changling did not have city walls but was more terrifying than all city walls.

This yellow robed youth did not show any terror or panic. He looked at the distant corner turret and sky with calmness and peace. He said, “We never thought of fleeing from here. We just need some time to finish our orders. I think that you should understand now that we have such cultivation because, this way, we will not attract the attention of the observers on the turrets so quickly.”

Qiu Zaixing frowned slightly and instinctively said, “Death warriors.”

The yellow robed youth gave a hint of a smile. He said slowly, “Trading our lives for the lives of these young people is profitable no matter what.”

His smile was very sincere, but in fact cruel and tragic.

Qiu Zaixing’s eyebrow rose slightly. He said coldly, “Any death warrior will be a sacrifice for conspiracies. I just want to know why you are purposely delaying time.”

The two flying swords were still fighting on the eaves. The sword energies had shattered countless tiles. The yellow robed youth talking unaffectedly right now was truly delaying for time.

The yellow robed youth was still smiling as he said, “I was delaying for this moment.”

As he spoke, he spread the paper fan in his hand.

The fan opened. There was no beautifully drawn side, only a dozen yellow seal papers.

At the same time, the yellow robed youth’s accumulated power surged out into these dozen seal papers.

Because the surge was so violent, the yellow robed youth’s skin even bled droplets of blood that spread through the air like cherry blossoms. Other than the eyes of the youth that were shining with heat, his body seemed to immediately lose energy like a withering flower.

Qiu Zaixing changed expression and shouted, “Seal master!”

Zhang Yi’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Changling had nearly no sects skilled in the seal path.

The composition of the seal paper and the recipe for the seal ink had to go through countless processes, just like the processes to refine pills. The scripts on the seal papers was another profound field. Only the Yan Dynasty had many naturally forming sects that fought with seals. The dynasty, far away from the Qin Dynasty, produced silver illumination grass, ink dragon toads and other materials suitable for making seal papers and inks.

A tactic such as using a dozen seals at once seemed to only be possible for cultivators from some powerful sects in the Yan Dynasty!

As Qiu Zaixin shouted, the dozen thin seal papers disappeared into primal energies of the universe. Countless small whirlpools rose from the ground underneath him and restrained his body like invisible rope.

Terrifying power infiltrated his body. Qiu Zaixin’s face immediately turned blood red.

A metal vibration sounded inside his body as his body gave off a sharp presence. He seemed to turn into an enormous sword.

But his expression changed again. The power that this yellow robed youth was releasing now was so ferocious he could not break free.

Almost unconsciously, his perception swept behind him.

There was a grey-black flying sword floating like a ghost in the shadow behind him.

This flying sword, that had the colors of a mosquito’s leg, didn’t give off any sword energy, other energies or even sound.

Even though the sword was within Qiu Zaixing’s perception, he could not sense where this flying sword had flown from or where its master was.

All flying swords were controlled by mental power and the primal energies of the universe like a puppet controlled by its lines. But this flying sword seemed to be a wooden puppet moving on its own.

The yellow robed youth was waiting for this flying sword to sneak near him. The power of all the seals were to stop him from moving and dodging this flying sword.

His power surpassed everyone present. With him in front of the cabin, even if there were some more swords like the one on the eaves, they could not threaten the people in the carriage. But these death warriors clearly knew his identity before they attacked!

This death warriors had made an accurate calculation of his power and planned for this kind of attack at the start!

There should be at least two flying swords here that could resolve the threat to him. But none appeared.

This could only mean the other two powerful existences that had been secretly protecting the carriage alongside him had already been killed by others.

Qiu Zaixing’s heart sank into an indescribable coldness. It was due to the death coming towards him. He could not imagine the storm that would be caused by the assassination of the person in the carriage.

Without a flying sword, he could not keep up with the speed of a flying sword.

The flying sword on the eaves could also sense Qiu Ziaxing’s dangerous situation, but it was subdued by the more ferocious sword and couldn’t return.

The grey-black sword flew towards Qiu Zaixing’s back. Qiu Zaixing would have a hard time avoiding the sword piercing his chest.

At this moment, Ding Ning released Zhang Yi’s sleeve and took a step forward to the left.

He lifted his left hand. With a buzz, a black sword light charged out of his fingertips, turning into a black meteor at astounding speed to hit the grey-black flying sword. With a horrible crack, the black sword light turned into dozens of pieces. The silent grey-black flying sword was thrown back dozens of meters and even pierced through the walls of the noodle shop behind it.

Dozens of black fragments embedded in Qiu Zaixing’s back. Cold energy pierced his body like needles of ice. The hair on the back of his head immediately was covered by a strange azure frost.

His body grew colder, but a wisp of hope appeared in his eyes. With a clang, he agitated his vital energy even more and fought the invisible chains restraining his body.

The yellow robed youth looked in disbelief at Ding Ning with unusual shock and anger. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

Faint exclamations came from distant alleys. All the people participating in this assassination were shocked. No one had expected Ding Ning being able to stop this fatal strike.

Ding Ning did not feel any joy at his strike stopping the fatal attack on Qiu Zaixing.

This was clearly the flying sword art of the Qi Dynasty “Fly Pond”. Even if he sensed the positions of some cultivators right now, he could not sense where the cultivator using this sword was located.

If he was unable to kill this cultivator, this silent and untraceable flying sword was a fatal threat to everyone in this alley. Without any way to sense the location of this cultivator, he was forced to attack even more viciously as he would be able to sense the location of the cultivator if the other’s sword gave off more power.

“Senior Sect Brother, kill the seal master!” Ding Ning shouted, gripping the Last Flower remnant sword in hand as he ran towards Qiu Zaixing.


Like cloth being suddenly ripped apart, the track of a flying sword tearing through the air once again appeared in the cold air filled with murderousness.

A thin and light silver sword fell towards Ding Ning’s head from a distant tower.

Seeing another flying sword, the pale Zhang Yi did not dare to be sentimental. Adding on the unrebukable harshness in Ding Ning’s shout, he also shouted and stabbed upwards with his sword as he took a step.

Moisture filled the entire alley. Crystal lines of rain appeared in the sky above Falling Parasol and fell like daggers.

At the same time, the light and thin silver flying sword was closer to Ding Ning’s body.

A muffled gasp came from within the carriage.

The thin flying sword that had been shooting like an arrow suddenly turned, flew straight in an unbelievable manner for several meters, before landing behind Ding Ning and accelerating.

Ding Ning attacked. The Last Flower remnant sword swung backwards. A white sword light, like a goat’s horn, flicked up. With a buzz, the thickest part of the white goat horn accurately blocked this flying sword.

The flying sword penetrated deeply to cut through the horn-like sword energy. It continued to head powerfully towards Ding Ning’s body. However, the flicker of Ding Ning’s Last Flower remnant sword had not finished. The tip of the remnant sword accurately hit the flying sword.

With a shout, Ding Ning managed to deflect this flying sword who had much of its momentum worn away before more power was channeled into it.

Countless lines of rain landed on the yellow robed youth’s body.

The yellow robed youth had used up all of his vital energy and he had no power to defend himself.

Pew pew pew pew …

His clothing was torn apart. His body became covered in numerous small bloody holes. He could no longer stand upright and he fell like a pile of flesh to the ground.

The outstanding performance of these two youths of Falling Parasol almost had Qiu Zaixing shout in joy.

But at this time, next to Ding Ning by a gutter under the eaves, a patch of unusual color floated out soundless. It was that grey-black flying sword.

Ding Ning had just spent all his power deflecting the attack of the other flying sword. This flying sword was about to arrive … how could he stop this?

Seeing the wine shop youth that had just rescued him about to die, Qiu Zaixing’s joyful shout turned into a furious howl.

His body vibrated violently instantly. Layers of power lashed out like the friction between a sword and a scabbard. Blood came out of his blood and nose.

However, these invisible energy chains that the yellow robed youth cast with the price of his life were extremely strong. So they only gave off cracking sounds and did not completely shatter.

Ding Ning’s eyes were unusual calm. The remnant sword in his right hand was continuing its swing upwards but his left hand was pointing at the grey-black flying sword.


Another soft cracking sound. The small cold sword that flew out of his fingertip accurately struck the flying sword and once again shocked it away.

Translator Ramblings: Qiu Zaixing is strong but the masterminds planned on how to trap him and limit his abilities.

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