Sword Dynasty Volume Two Chapter 78 “Just So”

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Chapter 78: Just So

Bai Shanshui smiled coldly.

While Liang Lian was realm seven, she did not consider him important at all. Usually, realm seven cultivators like Lian Bo were far from a match for her, and yet, the other possessed the power to kill her right now.

Besides, Lian Bo was one of the thirteen marquises. Even a person Liang Lian had so many powerful cultivators under him and here Lian Bo wanted to kill her today, so would he have come alone?

On the misty river surface, three small ships appeared.

There was a person on each ship. One person was bald, with large silver earrings and dressed strangely. Another was elegant and dressed like a scholar. The last was dressed in metal armor, with two swords on his back; his ship sinking low in the water.

This trio was Lian Bo’s three strongest subordinates- Zhang Kuangdao, Liu Zongtang, and Li Daozhou.

“You really are willing to pay.” Bai Shanshui said mockingly to Lian Bo.

In the next moment, she became expressionless. A strong wave rose under her feet and she charged towards Zhang Kuangdao.

Zhang Kuangdao was originally from the Qiang people, and a former horse bandit on the border. He had been defeated by Lian Bo, and after receiving Lian Bo’s teachings, his cultivation had surged. Since Lian Bo and Bai Shanshui were old foes, Bai Shanshui naturally knew much about his subordinates. She knew that Zhang Kuangdao was the weakest of the three so she immediately wanted to use him as an opening point.

Lian Bo’s status in the Qin was high. She didn’t know how much effort he had spent to return secretly to Changling, pursue the white carp by staying in the water for dozens of days. Bai Shanshui had spoken of massacring his marquessate establishment if she escaped, but as Bai Shanshui charged towards Zhang Kuangdao, he only smiled disdainfully and did not move.

“Hahahaha! Come!”

Bai Shanshui had such a prestigious reputation but when Zhang Kuangdao saw Bai Shanshui charging towards him, he laughed instead.

His mouth was large to begin with, so when he laughed with his mouth open, it took up half his face.

Bai Shanshui’s breathing suddenly stopped, and she once again felt a great sense of danger.

At this moment, Zhang Kuangdao’s hands surged with vital energy. With a clang, he opened a copper box in his hand.

This copper box’s bottom was made from a silver crystal rock. The engraved script characters were like an ancient palace. This strange silver crystal, like a sky filled with stars, had dozens of extremely thin silver white swords floating on top of it.

These small silver swords were about the size of the small copper sticks that men liked to use to pick their teeth with. As Zhang Kuangdao’s vital energy surged into the bottom of the box, these dozens of small silver swords emanated mountainous presences.

More accurately, each one of these dozens of small silver swords gave off a presence of those of a tin mountain.

Bai Shanshui’s expression changed dramatically

She could feel this presence rush directly into her body. She could sense the raw smell in her mouth and nose, as though her abdomen was filled with numerous pieces of tin.

“Tin Mountain Sword box!”

“Li Lingjun!”

She realized what this was, and a cold wave rose inside.

The strongest seal weapons of the Chu Dynasty … Li Lingjun’s last trump card now appeared in the hands of Lian Bo’s soldiers.

This situation had even included Li Lingjun as well.

For Li Lingjun to pay such a price, what did he gain in repayment?

Time was of the essence, she had no time to consider more possibilities. Her green longsword rippled numerous times in a flash, giving off terrifying primal energies of the universe with each ripple.

The sword essence, which had originally been straight, surged upwards in layers.

Countless mirror-like curtains of water appeared in front of Bai Shanshui’s body.

At this time, dozens of small silver metal swords flew out of Zhang Kuangdao’s copper box. Each small sword flying out of the copper box had been set into its tracks by the seal scripts of the copper box.

The vast amount of vital energy Zhang Kuangdao initially put into the sword box only guaranteed that these swords would not be destroyed by outside forces. At this time, the material of the swords and their tracks formed a natural formation with more terrifying power.

Boom boom boom …

The explosions rang out in front of Bai Shanshui.

In this moment, it felt as though numerous tin mountains were attacking her sword.

Bai Shanshui had opted defense, so when the sword formation made out of these tin swords attacked, her intuition was that she could withstand it, and even felt that this was just so. But in the next moment, her feelings made her understand that she was not her usual self.

Her breathing became difficult. Her abdomen that had originally felt like it had been stuffed with tin pieces, at this time, felt as though the tin pieces had many corners that crumbled to powder.

She felt a strong sense of disgust.

There was a sweetness in her throat. She could not stop herself from vomiting a mouthful of blood.

Disdain rose in Lian Bo’s eyes.

Could Bai Shanshui compare to a person who could arrange a great situation like this?

The person who was originally the weakest in this river but with the Tin Mountain Sword Box in hand, Zhang Kuangdao was even stronger than him. How could Bai Shanshui last?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After she vomited blood, Bai Shanshui took three steps back as though she was on solid land. Three enormous lotus-like splashes exploded underneath her.

Her hair once again was in disarray and her breathing disorderly.

But at this moment, Lian Bo sensed something and suddenly looked back.

On the shore, a figure with loose hair emanating ferocious heat appeared. The presence of the wildfire caused the reeds on the riverside to spontaneously ignite.

“I am Zhao Yi of the Zhao Sword Furnace. If you believe me, come ashore. I will protect you from death!”

A steady voice, brimming with a heated desire to fight, sounded from within the fire.

Bai Shanshui did not hesitate at all. With a wild laugh, the green color completely left her longsword. She herself was wrapped in a green flow as though she was at the center of an enormous green longsword.


Lian Bo paled. His inky green sword flew out of his hand and charged towards the green sword like a serpent.


Liu Zongtang, dressed like a scholar, gave an exclamation of shock. A small red sword appeared in her hand, and an enormous ball of sword shadows bloomed.

With a crack, his body, and even the ship underneath him was cut in half by this large green sword.


Lian Bo’s sword reached Bai Shanshui, yet, Bai Shanshui did not stop. The green sword smashed into the water. She threw up several mouthfuls of blood, and rode the momentum to several feet away from the shore.

“You go! Leave this to me!”

The thick-browed Zhao Yi took a step in front of her and blocked the lingering sword essence coming off the river surface.

Bai Shanshui’s teeth was stained with blood but she turned her head and laughed wildly at Lian Bo. “I killed one of your confidants in front of you. What can you do to me?”

“You also seek death!”

Lian Bo had waited nineteen years. Just as he was about to get his revenge, with the sudden change he lost control over his emotions.


The inky green sword sucked up a water ball dozens of feet in diameter from the river surface. In a strange manner, this water ball flew along with the inky green sword and smashed towards down

“Zhao Si? I said I am Zhao Yi.” 1

Hearing Lian Bo’s shout, and looking at his sword, Zhao Yi laughed enthusiastically.

In the past years, he travelled the world with Zhao Si. Zhao Si purposefully wore him down. He saw much, but had few chances to fight. Seeing Lian Bo swing his sword so freely, he also felt free.

He carried a large worn umbrella on his back. As he laughed, he reached back and pulled a large black sword from the umbrella handle.

Without any finesse, he swung this large sword like it was an enormous hammer towards the inky green sword heading towards him.


Just like how he had smashed the true fire serpent from the Yan cultivator in the Changling suburbs in the past, he even managed to destroy the energy surrounding Lian Bo’s sword.

The enormous water ball that had formed on the sword was rendered useless. It shattered, turning into flows of water that splashed back.

However, Lian Bo was one of the thirteen Qin marquises. A full-powered strike from him in rage, naturally, was not so easy to deal with.

He was still dozens of meters away from the shore, but as he reached out with his hand, the flying streams of water wrapped around his arm.

These water flowers seemed to be an extension of his arm. He seemed to grip the inky green sword, let out a frenzied shout and pressed sword forward, like a mountain.

Zhao Yi’s eyes burned with fire.

Lava-like flames surfaced between his feet and the ground.

His body seemed unable to endure this power and was about to fly backwards.

But he had another sword.

He had two swords. When fighting enemies, he would also smash with one sword and have another fly.

A wave of fire burst out of his sleeve. The small sword, so red it was black, cut on the flow of water behind the inky green sword


The water flow was cut off, and the inky green sword shook and flew backwards.

Zhao Yi also let out a frenzied laughter. “The thirteen marquises of the Qin are just so!”

Translator Ramblings: The battle is still not over …

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  1. “To seek death” if mangled in pronunciation sounds like Zhao Si. 
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