Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 10 “Awesome”

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Chapter 10: Awesome

The younger cultivator was a disciple of a certain hidden sect of the Qi. While young, he had already entered realm six and was a rare once-in-a-decade genius. He had just left his sect a short time ago so he could not avoid being proud, but as an expert, he managed to use full power as he shouted. His entire body seemed to wither like a flower.


Black flames as thick as ink surged out of his hand. Within the black flame was a fist-sized black skull that appeared to have been pieced together from countless small crystal stones.

As he shouted, this black skull seemed to come alive and give a sharp scream.

The insects, birds and animals within the forest seemed to be given a fright. Still unknown of what had happened, they died due to this sharp sound. Their energy naturally left their bodies, and gathered towards the black skull.

Countless sound waves turned into tangible lines in the air and fell towards the flying indigo figure like dancing zither strings.

The indigo-robed cultivator flying in the air wore an aloof expression. Seeing the younger cultivator wither and the lines of sound flying through the air, he gave an extremely dismissive smile.

“Blood Sacrifice Method. Fatal Sound of the Ghost King. You are from the Ghost Sound Sect.”

His body did not seem to move obviously. As he spoke, his breathing turned into tangible sword essences that carried astounding waves of energy which cut through all the sound lines charging towards him.

The younger cultivator’s body shook. He seemed to be smashed by an invisible mountain. The black skull within the flames gave off repeated terrifying screams, and jerked around before hitting his palm.

This black skull had originally come from the palm of the younger cultivator. It clearly had merged with the vital energy of his body already and become a lifebond item of his vital energy. But at this time, for some inexplicable reason, it could not merge with his body. With a snap, this skull collided fiercely with his palm like it was someone else’s weapon. His sleeve shattered into pieces and flew around his arm.

The meridians in the young cultivator’s arm exploded like a piece of rope that could endure the weight.

Before he could even scream, this young cultivator’s body flew backwards. Like a stone shot from a catapult, he smashed into the forest behind him.

Only now did this indigo-robed cultivator, who was faster in the air than ordinary flying swords, finally reveal his sword.

A thick sword shining with black light appeared in his hand. Its surface was covered in uneven patterns that appeared like dragon scales.

The moment the older Qi cultivator saw this sword, he realized this person’s true identity.

He knew that with the power he had just used, he would not be able to withstand this person’s sword blow. So the moment the two strange black flowers that were as tall as him formed, he threw the black bone staff in his hand towards the ground in front of him.


The black bone staff exploded the moment it touched the ground in front of him to become countless triangular-shaped bone fragments. Each piece spun furiously and charged upwards.

Black threads of light flowed in the cracks of these pieces. They criss-crossed to form a black beam of light with countless facets that charged towards the indigo-robed cultivator.

The indigo-robed cultivator was still aloof, but the dismissive smile had disappeared.

His longsword slashed without any finesse. Each scale on the sword lit up in succession like a lantern.

When all the scales were lit, his sword gave off a dragon’s roar.

A light that looked like metal sand appeared on the tip of his sword. A terrifying presence erupted.

The metal sand expanded into a golden dragon.

The golden dragon was enormous. It did not seem like those forms that were usually formed by seal scripts gathering the primal energies of the universe. This one seemed alive. Its scales were as bright as the purest of gold and also slightly transparent, giving off terrifying presence and lines of light.

“This is the Dragon Scale Sword of the Fang Marquessate Establishment … this person is the great Awesome General Fang Xiang … how can he be so strong?”

The younger Qi cultivator who had crashed through more than a dozen trees had just landed. He depressedly sat among a pile of scrap wood, his skeleton shattered. Looking at this golden dragon, he didn’t dare to believe his eyes and senses.

The golden dragon dove down and consumed the black ray of light and the two black flowers.

Its enormous body slide along the ground. The older Qi cultivator was drowned by golden flames. As the golden dragon brushed the ground, there were explosions and two thick balls of smoke erupted.

“To be able to withstand my blow, it seems that you are Luo Chenkai of the Qi Yin Energy Sect.” The indigo-robed cultivator said slowly, as he landed on the ground and looked at the smoke.

The older Qi cultivator’s figure slowly appeared amidst the smoke. Although he still stood upright, there were numerous tears in his clothing with streams of blood oozing out.

As the indigo-robed cultivator’s calm and aloof voice made its way to his ears, the older Qi cultivator wiped beads of blood from his face. Emotionally, in a low voice, he said, “I thought that it may be a marquis or the Awesome General that would come, but I hadn’t expected you to be so strong.”

The Qin Dynasty only had one Awesome General, Fang Xiang of the Fang Marquessate Establishment. This indigo-robed cultivator was naturally Fang Xiang.

Fang Xiang looked at this older Qi cultivator and said coolly, “The Fang Marquessate Establishment has been the leader of the thirteen marquessate establishments in Changling for many years. We did not rely on my younger brother who sat there for more than a decade.”

At this explanation, this older Qi cultivator stilled slightly and seemed to have a realization.

“I received imperial orders to travel through here to Deer Mountain. This is a secret.” Fang Xiang looked at him and said, “I want to know whence your information came.”

After a pause, Fang Xiang looked at his eyes and said seriously, “It is not easy for you to possess such cultivation. I am not greedy. If you reveal the source of your information, I will let you leave.”

The older Qi cultivator smiled slightly. The smile was exceptionally proud and determined.

As a realm seven cultivator, he naturally possessed his own pride. Even though, due to some reasons, he had underestimated the strength of the incomer, he was well-aware of what the Qi Dynasty needed the most.

For people like him, his own life was not as important as the glory and prosperity of a dynasty.

“If you want to kill me, you will also pay a great price.”

The older Qi cultivator smiled as he looked at Fang Xiang and said, “You also know that since I came here, it is not just a simple test. The Deer Mountain Conference is about to start. Your emperor doesn’t need a general who cannot be at full power. He needs your support at your peak. So it is not a question of whether you will let me leave, but if I will let you leave.”

Fang Xiang nodded. Seeing this Qi cultivator who treated death as his home, he said calmly, “You speak some truth. But you are wrong about one thing. If I want to keep you here, I do not necessarily have to be the one to fight.”

This Qi cultivator seemed to suddenly sense something and looked in disbelief at the mountain path behind Fang Xiang.

Fang Xiang had flown through in moments, but now the carriage that had carried him was on the mountain path not far behind Fang Xiang.

The two racing horses had eyes shining with blood light. Their hooves started to burn with blood red flame.

Even more shockingly, they were still dragging the carriage.

There were countless black insects on the two charriage wheels. The wings of the black insects vibrated powerfully, their power enough to support the weight of the carriage.

This carriage was completely floating in the air, several inches off the earth and racing ahead.

“Peculiar Insect Path!”

At the sight of the scene before him, the older Qi cultivator finally sensed the power source behind the unusual change of the carriage – the carriage-driver.

The younger cultivator who was sitting among the pieces of wood shouted in pain.

He watched in tears as his chest erupted like a split watermelon. A dark red insect buzzed out of his split flesh and charged towards the back of the older Qi cultivator like a flying sword.

The older Qi cultivator furiously inhaled.

As he breathed, the air around him suddenly produced black yin energy visible to the naked eye.

The black yin energy furiously flooded his body. His body did not expand, but turned even more compact. His flesh shrank back, turned black, and wrapped tightly around his bones.


The large dark red insect attacked his back, but he did not move at all. Instead, the dark red insect that had the power of a flying sword was crushed into powder.

At this time, the two mutant horses whinnied as the entire carriage flew over his head.

Thunder seemed to roar through the air. Suddenly, the driver wrapped the whip around the older Qi cultivator.

The black energy outside the Qi cultivator’s body vibrated and the black whip shattered into pieces.

However, the pupils of the Qi cultivator contracted. He saw that the split pieces of the whip were long black insects the thickness of a finger.

“Corpse Feeding Demon Insects!”

The Qi cultivator recognized these long black insects, but had no time to make any movements. Dozens of long black insects leapt towards his body that was stronger than metal. In a flash, many holes appeared on his body as black energy burst out.

He looked in disbelief at the holes in his body and slowly fell forward.

Fang Xiang’s body had already landed back on the carriage.

A genius that reached realm six at such a young age, and a realm seven grandmaster. Does the Qi Dynasty have so many powerful cultivators that they will not run out? he said, coldly to himself as he entered the cabin.

Translator Ramblings: Sometimes this third-person limited pointed of view narration really confuses me because the author refers to characters by physical appearance and not the names. It makes sense not naming people if they are going to die within 5 chapters or so, but then you get into situations where there is “Qi/Chu/Qin cultivators” in different chapters referring to different people.

Also, I usually wouldn’t translate a general’s title but … awesome.

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