Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 29 “Body Split”

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Chapter 29: Body Split

No one answered his question. Once the astounding wave had passed and the dust settled, the figure of a youth slowly appeared.

“Ding Ning?”

Fu Su’s dislike immediately turned into an expression of joy as he shouted in surprise.

Ding Ning’s demeanour was still calm. Those invisible little silkworms had hidden back into his body and his presence was as normal as usual. However, in Forefather Zhou’s thoughts, he should have died long ago.

But, he was still hale and unharmed.

Just from this, Forefather Zhou felt terrified of Ding Ning’s figure, as if he were a ghost.


Almost unconsciously, a black sword light appeared in front of Forefather Zhou’s body and then accelerated to charge at Ding Ning.

The sword light was extremely thin, but had the power to subdue ordinary realm sevens. All the green crystals along the path cracked in the ground, their surfaces covered in black frost. The sword light was like a black comet carrying an unauspicious presence.

The sword move was fast. Black ice formed on Ding Ning’s brow, but he did not move.

More than a dozen black tentacles suddenly appeared from the dried leaves under him. It appeared like he had suddenly grown more than a dozen black tails.

These tentacles seemed to fear the cracked green crystals in the surroundings, their movements slightly hesitant and timid, but the energy they gave off was powerful.

Pew pew pew pew …

A string of cracking sounds occurred in front of Ding Ning.

A dozen straight marks appeared in front of him, with a dozen dirt yellow waves of energy forming and easily shattering the black comet heading towards him. In the next moment, the energy even easily destroyed the black fiendish sword within.

Forefather Zhou’s body convulsed in pain.

He saw a mountain-like black head slowly rise from behind the dozen black tentacles.

He had undoubtedly seen this before!

This was the blind dragon that was imprisoned here. How could this have happened?

“How is it possible? It has been starving for so many years. Why did it not eat you and fight for you?” Forefather Zhou couldn’t help but shout.

Compared to freedom, starvation is secondary.

Although that was his thought, but Ding Ning did not feel the need to explain anything. So, he only looked coldly at Forefather Zhou while keeping his silence.

Ding Ning’s silence made Forefather Zhou feel even colder. He seemed to feel that Ding Ning’s gaze was slightly familiar. Suddenly, he thought of the scene where a sword had cut into his abdomen and he had fled in tears.

With the medicinal power of the flesh bodhi he had just absorbed into his body, his body had some feeling. An enormous pain charged into his mind causing him to scream uncontrollably.

In this moment, Ding Ning acted. His body accelerated and charged towards Fu Su.

Forefather Zhou was hallucinating, he felt his body was sinking. The people he had once killed all appeared under him, reaching out and pulling his nearly numb body into hell.

“Even if I have to go to hell, you have to come with me.”

He screamed, his body flying backwards. The remaining fiendish swords in his body all came through his body and shot towards Ding Ning and Fu Su.

Xue Wangxu might not be able to even block one of Forefather Zhou’s swords made with his cultivation and the fiendish energy, much less Ding Ning. Yet, looking at these countless fiendish little swords, Ding Ning’s eyes flashed immense scorn.

For oft, one’s opportunities are not due to luck, but one’s own personality and choice.

In the past, Forefather Zhou wanted to force surrender through abusing and killing women and children. That caused him to receive a sword in his stomach.

Today, if Forefather Zhou had just wanted to escape, the blind dragon might not have chased him. But he wanted to kill Ding Ning, so the blind dragon would fight at full power. After all, it needed to rely on Ding Ning to escape this cage.

The entire top of the blue structure started to vibrate. This kind of vibration was caused by the terrifying presence vibrations of the blind dragon.

The blind dragon suddenly dropped to the ground like a hammer.

The purple fig tree also shuddered, and at the same time, pieces of earth levitated.

These pieces of earth did not have any great power and did not attack Forefather Zhou. They only concealed the energy movements of the blind dragon.

At the same time, the blind dragon’s blind eyes suddenly shot out deep yellow rays of light. These rays of light gathered into one big ray that swept towards the fiendish swords and Forefather Zhou’s body.

The air suddenly blossomed with minute rays wherever the ray of light and the black fiendish swords made contact. In the next moment, the black fiendish swords completely collapsed, shattering into countless pieces like exploding black stars.


The black light and the dark yellow lights wove together, forming an enormous red ball of light in the air.

Ding Ning had reached Fu Su’s side. Sensing the terrifying power in the air, he immediately frowned. With Last Flower remnant sword, he drew a sword seal in the air in front of him.

He gave a muffled grunt. The powerful force directly crushed the power of his sword seal and sent him and Fu Su flying out.

Once again, blood dripped from Ding Ning’s mouth, but his gaze was still extremely calm.

His elbow hit Fu Su in the chest without the other even being aware of it.

Fu Su’s energies had already been restless, and his sight filled with golden light. At this blow from Ding Ning, he felt suffocated, and immediately plunged into unconsciousness.

Ding Ning coughed softly and caught Fu Su from falling to the ground.

A furious and deep roar sounded in the air.

The blind dragon, who had sensed that Ding Ning was injured again, became furious.

The yellow rays from its blind eyes fell to the ground. More than a dozen straight tracks appeared on the ground and reached the rapidly retreating Forefather Zhou.

Forefather Zhou was powerful in cultivation, but his energy sea was almost frozen. His slowness in releasing vital energy was his greatest weakness at this moment.

Facing the terrifying cutting force heading towards him, he could not gather the power to defend in time.

More than a dozen cracks immediately appeared on the surface of his body. The strong forces cut deep into his body. Forefather Zhou heard the sound of tearing inside his body. He felt that several organs and important blood vessels in his body had been cut.

He sank into great pain.

Yet, in the next moment, he discovered he had not died.

He sensed something. The despair and unwillingness in his mind disappeared as he looked down in shock at his body.

The cracks in his body flashed with purple light. Those cracks made people think of newly harvested purple carrots. They flowed with a strange glowing liquid, and not the blood he was familiar with.

“Already? …”

His gaze instinctively turned to his left hand.

In the next moment, he saw the flesh bodhi in his hand had withered halfway. Just half was enough to cause such a change in his body.

His perception sank into his body. He sensed that his energy sea had split under the blind dragon’s attack but the vital energy in his energy sea was no longer frozen.

Zzt zzt zzt zzt …

In the time of a thought, vital energy and scattered primal energies of the universe surged through the cracks in his body flung his body into the air. Under the impact of the vital energy and primal energies, the cracks in his body grew larger, but he had a loony smile on his face.

He sensed a long-missing feeling of pleasure and power.These cracks in his body seemed to have opened new energy flow pathways in his body.

“One step into hell, one step into heaven.”

Forefather Zhou burst into delirious laughter as his gaze landed on Ding Ning.

“Who would have thought something like this would happen?”

“Since I am not dead, then you are the one to die,” he said, as he looked at Ding Ning.

Ding Ning also looked up.

His calm face wore a strange expression.

He then gave a low shout towards the blind dragon next to him and attacked with his sword again.

The Last Flower remnant sword bloomed into flower again.

In the next moment, the blades turned into threads going along minuscule paths.

The blind dragon reacted, and its tentacles flew again. Waves of energy surged out of its body and entered those paths.

The seal scripts on the blue structure suddenly shone with light. Blue lightning immediately covered the ceiling and started to flow.

Forefather Zhou, who had survived the calamity and whose body had transformed, had originally reached his proudest moment. Yet, when he saw this terrifying lightning, and saw that the inside of his body was illuminated blue by the lightning, his eyes filled with terror. He screamed once again.



The blue lightning landed in a curtain.

Ding Ning frowned deeply as he moved in front of the blind dragon.

The pillars of blue lightning landed less than a foot in front of him. No lightning came down on the half where he and the blind dragon were at. The two sides were completely different worlds.

Countless pieces exploded out of the lightning.

One of them was a seductively purple piece, the half withered flesh bodhi.

At the same time, all the seal scripts in the blue structure gave off cracking sounds. Dust fell down like snow.

The blind dragon, almost out of strength, sensed something. It suddenly looked up.

A blue piece of stone fell.

Then a second piece, a third piece.

The ceiling of the blue structure collapsed and exposed large patches of sky.

“Go die as well!”

An unusually shrill scream came out of the lightning at this moment.

Forefather Zhou’s figure charged out.

His body was broken to an unimaginable degree. His limbs were all broken and he had countless holes from the lightning, but he had not died.

With power that seemed to come out of nowhere, as he screamed, the stump of his arm aimed towards Ding Ning’s chest.

Translator Ramblings: There’s no cultivator police in the world … otherwise, Forefather Zhou would be sentenced to life.

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