Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 46 “Sword Out”

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Chapter 46: Sword Out

With a cold presence, the white flame descended on the peak of Deer Mountain. This mountain, that had been roasting under Emperor Chen of Han’s pill fire sword, suddenly cooled down.

One one hand this brought comfort to all those around, but on the other it threw them into extreme discomfort.

Their comfort stemmed from the feeling of comfort on the surface of their bodies, but their discomfort stemmed from deep within them.

For they all knew that this was the Starfire Comet Tail Sword of the Ba Mountain Sword Field. During the wars between the Qin Dynasty and the Han, Zhao and Wei dynasties, many powerful cultivators had died under the Starfire Comet Tail Sword of the present empress of Qin, Zheng Xiu.

The Starfire Comet Tail Sword’s star energy was different from ordinary primal energies in every aspect, but its extreme speed. Cultivators found it challenging to block it using ordinary primal energies of the universe. However, the most critical factor was the range. Zheng Xiu could cast this Starfire Comet Tail Sword from an extremely far distance. As such, those on the battlefield could discover neither her existence nor the presence of her sword. She could launch a strike at the very moment a powerful cultivator was at their weakest.

Thus, she was forever the fatal insidious thorn on the battlefield.

And now, Emperor Yuanwu, whose cultivation was realm eight, had comprehended this ultimate skill of the Ba Mountain Sword Field that only Zheng Xiu had known!

In the future, in the event that a dynasty’s army faced the Qin Dynasty, there would be an even more fatal insidious thorn lurking around!

Ding Ning’s eyes had originally been closed. But as the starfire fell, and before it appeared in the sight of everyone on the peak of Deer Mountain, he opened his eyes. His eyes reflected the pale white flame, as though his eyes were covered in a layer of frost.

At this time, on Deer Mountain and the surrounding mountains, he was the only one privy to the thoughts coursing through Emperor Yuanwu’s mind.

The Starfire Comet Tail Sword was powerful, albeit not the best tactic to vanquish the Stone-Grinding Sword.

Once the Nine Death Silkworm appeared, all the elites of Changling had speculated about that person’s heir.

It was known to Changling, and several cultivators of the other dynasties that Zheng Xiu once been that person’s lover, and they had been the strongest couple of the Qin.

At this moment, Emperor Yuanwu would be suspecting that that person’s heir would be around Deer Mountain and watching this battle. He would further suspect that Yan Ying had been taught the Stone-Grinding Sword by that person’s heir.

Hence he had used the Starfire Comet Tail Sword in response.

Ding Ning’s eyes reflected the pale white flames like frost. A small cold sneer that no one else could see appeared on the corners of his lips as he thought.

You are so dull … using the Starfire Comet Tail Sword against the Stone-Grinding Sword. Do you want to say that you and Zheng Xiu are extremely close and in love? But Yan Ying has learned the Stone-Grinding Sword on his own. What does it have to do with anyone else?

The multiple streams of white starfire accurately stabbed on the black balls of light revolving around Emperor Yuanwu.

Many tears surfaced on Emperor Yuanwu’s dragon robe.

In the next moment, he gave off an enormous presence.

His body seemed to grow gigantic.

These five spinning balls of black light were unable to stop him from exuding vital energy after the Starfire Comet Tail Sword attack. When Emperor Yuanwu appeared to grow enormous, these five balls of black light were even less able to compete.

In everybody’s senses, these five balls of black light were not like five millstones, but five pitiful small beads.

Yan Ying was not fighting on his own.

When Emperor Yuanwu defeated Yan Ying’s Stone-grinding sword essence, Emperor Chen of Han had finally taken a step forward.

As he stepped out, the ground and air in front of him started to burn, turning into a crimson flame world. His pill fire sword was entwined with many unusual jumping sparks that usually could not be seen. It passed through the curtain of fire and appeared in front of Emperor Yuanwu’s face.

Emperor Yuanwu knew that this sword was probably the strongest force in the world next to him.

His brows raised. He reached out with his left hand and blocked the sword. At the same time, using his right hand as a sword he stabbed a yellow jade-like sword light towards the curtain of fire. All along his expression was calm and emotionless, to the point of eerie.

There was a cracking sound.

The presence unique to a lifebond item emerged from Emperor Yuanwu’s palm, leaving spray of blood through a small rupture in its wake.

The crimson pill fire sword flowed through this wound into his body.

Many, who could sense what had happened, brightened. But then their breathing stopped. Emperor Yuanwu’s body was like an unimaginable container.

When the rolling pill fire sword energy entered Emperor Yuanwu’s meridians, Emperor Yuanwu only flushed slightly. But the energies disappeared deep into his body.

His body was extremely stable, and his output of vital energy was also extremely stable.

The curtain of fire in front of him was forced back by the sword light coming out of his right hand. The yellow jade-like sword accurately stabbed into Emperor Chen of Han’s chest, and came out his back.

Emperor Chen of Han gave a muffled grunt and retreated backwards.

Many faces turned ashen, especially the cultivators of the Chu Dynasty.

Who could endure the sword of Emperor Yuanwu penetrating through their body?

In their view, Emperor Chen of Han would die in the next breath.

With a snap, Emperor Chen of Han’s feet landed back on the ground. Countless cracks appeared on the hard stone in a spiderweb.

To everybody’s utter shock, Emperor Han of Chen did not die, and his presence did not weaken at all.

Blood did not ooze out of the sword wound on his chest and his back, only surging red pill energy sprayed out. The sword wound did not expand due to the spray of pill energy, but contracted instead.

Emperor Yuanwu looked towards his palm.

The wound on his palm was also shrinking, but not as fast as Emperor Chen of Han’s wound.

He frowned slightly, his authoritative and deep eyes showing even more coldness.

“The Heaven Stealing Pill is really the strongest spirit pill in the world,” he looked up at Emperor Chen of Han and said.

All the cultivators on the peak of Deer Mountain realized that Emperor Han of Chen had not died due to the Heaven Stealing Pill. The speed with which the medicinal power of the pill replenished Emperor Han of Chen’s body exceeded the speed of his diminishing vitality.

At this time, Emperor Chen of Han was likely the being with the best recovery abilities in history.

However, the spectators were even more shocked about the shrinking of Emperor Yuanwu’s palm wound.

Realm eight body … so a realm eight possessed such terrifying recovery abilities!

As Emperor Yuanwu spoke, his body did not stay motionless and swayed strangely. With each movement, there seemed to be a patch of black light and a bright flame flashing around him.

There seemed to be a black shadow and a bright figure chasing each other, but neither could touch the other.

Emperor Yuanwu’s words seemed to have won him enough time. As he lifted his head, a vast power coming from the sky descended on the peak of Deer Mountain.

There was light, the darkness had no place to hide.

Yan Ying’s figure appeared clearly in the light. A presence that no one present could defeat fell from the sky onto his body.

Yan Ying’s body kept on ringing, threads of black smoke was being pressed out of his body by the terrifying power, as though he was on fire.

The emperor of Qi clenched his fists and could not help but stand up.

But Yan Ying shook his head towards him.

The emperor of Qi stopped breathing. He thought of what Yan Ying had said to him at the start- he has asked him to watch the spectacle, to remain quiet and do nothing except watch.

He lowered his eyes and sat down.

Emperor Yuanwu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

More black smoke emerged from Yan Ying’s body, not dissipating in the least. In a brief moment, the smoke formed a black pot around him, thoroughly concealing him.

This was a black pot that looked like an ordinary black earthen pot.

Emperor Yuanwu’s left hand opened slightly. Enormous presences criss-crossed in the air to form an enormous seal.

Another invincible presence fell from the sky onto the black pot.

The surface of the black pot grew brighter. Bright flames appeared and it truly started to burn.

Yet, the black pot did not melt, nor did it burn.

Under such incineration, the earthen surface of the pot seemed to emit a clay-like light, and even a bone-like lustre.

The emperor of Yan and several important Yan Dynasty officials felt a bitter taste.

A black pot like this had forced the Yan Dynasty army to retreat in the past.

Emperor Yuanwu’s eyes suffused with genuine surprise.

This was a tactic he had never seen before and could not understand completely.

“When yin is at the extreme, yang forms. The change of yin and yang is the essence of rebirth.”

He was the strongest cultivator in the world and in a flash, he had understood.

“Receive my sword,” he said and reached out with his right hand.

Since the commencement of the battle, this was the first time he was using a sword attack.

He used his own sword.

Taking a deep breath, Ding Ning icily thought to himself, So you did succeed in cultivating it.

Translator Ramblings: Does anyone feel the emperor of Qi is very good at self-control to keep to Yan Ying’s advice constantly in his mind?

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