Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 52 “Demise”

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Chapter 52: Demise

At this moment, among all the cultivators around Deer Mountain, only Ding Ning and Mo Shoucheng knew Emperor Yuanwu’s secret, excluding Huang Zhenwei. So when Huang Zhenwei formed the pill, and Emperor Yuanwu’s empty body was immediately filled with large amounts of vital energy, even Pan Ruoye felt indescribable shock.

The emperor of Chu’s unusual flush turned pale. His lips became even redder, as though all the redness on his face had gathered on his lips.

Then he coughed painfully. He coughed up blood.

The emperors of Qi and Yan’s eyes also dimmed.

Emperor Yuanwu grew strong again. His body grew in their senses until he was as tall as the sky.

Ye Xinhe, who had screamed and found himself in a trap, ignored Song Chaosheng who was between the two mountains and pulled his sword back.

Some people advanced, some retreated. Yet, this was all for the optimal result.

There was an enormous boom that caused many people’s eardrums to bleed and grow deaf.

An enormous pillar of lightning that would need dozens of people to circle it fell. The Peachwood Sword flowed upwards within this astounding pillar of lightning as though it was going to pierce a hole in the sky and escape.

“Come when you want to, go when you want to, would it be so easy?”

Emperor Yuanwu looked with sympathy at the sword light, shook his head and spoke with a powerful and confident expression. His tone seemed like he was speaking to a child.

One of the former heroes of the Ba Mountain Sword Field looked like a panicked child in front of him.

His sword was already swinging.

Flying between the two mountains, Song Chansheng turned pale. He could sense Emperor Yuanwu’s sword coming towards him. He gave a low shout, and numerous curved seal lines appeared in the air in front of him.

He sent out all of his vital energy into these seal lines, attempting to create the strongest tide of his life to block Emperor Yuanwu’s blow.

Yet in this moment, his face grew paler.

The yellow sword flew towards him. The sword essence also came towards him, but the actual sword energy pulled without warning and cut into the enormous pillar of lightning.

The sword like, like a transparent piece of crystal, cut through the terrifying lightning pillar and accurately struck the fleeing sword light.

Crack crack crack …

The lightning pillar gave off constant cracking sounds as though it was truly made out of crystal.

This astounding pillar of lightning shattered immediately like a piece of ice and turned into thousands of dancing lightning snakes in the air.

The crystal sword energy stuck to the other sword light. The scene at this moment created an illusion that time had stilled.

As the lightning disappeared, a yellow wood sword was revealed. It trembled, as though it felt great pain, before shattering into pieces.

Boom! Boom! Boom! …

An incessant roar of thunder emerged through the sky. Each piece of wood contained astounding pressure. They flew miles through the air before exploding ferociously.

The Peach God Sword was undoubtedly one of the best swords of the Ba Mountain Sword Field. Ye Xinhe was undoubtedly one of the strongest master swordsmen in the world.

But Emperor Yuanwu destroyed the Peach God Sword with one blow.

As the Peace God Sword shattered, the peak where the sword had flown out of shook. Trees cracked in unison.

A long-haired man dressed in ordinary cloth, who had originally been ethereal in air, produced a layer of bloody mist out of his skin.

Killing Emperor Chen of Han, killing Yan Ying and destroying the Peach God Sword. All cultivators on top of Deer Mountain were speechless at Emperor Yuanwu’s presence.

But a crazy and angry shout sounded through the air. “Yuanwu! You think you are invincible!”

An enormous figure shining with bloody red light charged out of that ocean-scented mountain and stepped through the air.

Accompanying this angry shout, a deep blue blade appeared in the air behind Song Chaosheng. A mountain of energy fell through the air and smashed onto this blade, its energies overflowed into enormous waves..

An enormous deep blue wave appeared in the sky.

Song Chaosheng did not look back. He sensed the appearance of this enormous wave, the hesitance in his expression turned into solemnity and dignity.

The entwined seal lines before him rose up. In the next moment, he slammed onto the enormous blue wave that had formed later but appeared in front of him!

Another terrifying collision sounded through the air.

The enormous blue wave did not accelerate after Song Chaosheng’s blow, but paused oddly. In the next moment, with a hiss, the deep blue blade hidden inside broke through the waves!

The blade seemed to have perfectly consolidated the power of the two people. A straight line of light appeared in front of the blade which did not seem to be of the mortal world.

At the same time, on the mountain with the destroyed trees, Ye Xinhe shouted once again, his skin covered in blood. He then flew into the air, emitting a blinding light and the attitude of fighting to the death.

You think you are invincible?

Guo Dongjiang’s delirious shout was still echoing through the valley. The presence of the incoming blade light caused many cultivator’s energy to stop flowing.

While Emperor Yuanwu had destroyed the Peach God Sword with one blow, everyone was certain he could not muster a blow like that again.

These three grandmasters flying in clearly had put life and death aside. Disregarding the power they could muster when they did not fear death, just from Ye Xinhe’s retreat and advance, these three grandmasters felt that they had a likely chance of killing Emperor Yuanwu by sacrificing themselves.

But Emperor Yuanwu’s face showed no fear.

He held his sword across his body, narrowing his eyes at the blade light, and said, “Wang Jingmeng died, Yan Xinlan died, Mo Libie died … so I am invincible.”

These three names had been the strongest of the former Ba Mountain Sword Field, the cultivators who had walked ahead of him. Similarly, he wanted to erase these three names, and would not mention them ordinarily.

But Yan Ying had spoken the name of the person he feared, so when he said it now, he was telling everyone he was strong and fearless.

The blade light was ahead, and the sword light from Ye Xinhe was behind.

The blade and sword light burned with the brightest light and murderousness of the last decade as they shot towards Yuanwu.

At the same time, the wild peach trees on all the mountains, except Deer Mountain, bloomed. Suddenly, the mountains were deep red.

A serene white cloud appeared in the murderous sky.

The flowers had bloomed. This was naturally the Unimportant Marquis Li, the grandmaster of the Qi Dynasty, while the flowing cloud represented that nameless Daoist from the Dao Scroll Sect.


These two revealed their cultivation, but did not attack in order to announce their existence, and intimidate the people on other mountains who wanted to help Emperor Yuanwu.

These were all grandmasters above realm seven. Now, these grandmasters wanted Emperor Yuanwu to die.

On the mountain where Ding Ning was, Mo Shoucheng was also acting.

Mo Shoucheng’s vital energy charged out of his body, not violently, but in a thin and exceptionally distant presence like steam evaporating into the world.

At this moment, Ding Ning looked at Mo Shoucheng’s back and felt the impulse to attack. He wanted to change the result. Perhaps, if he killed Mo Shoucheng here, he may be able to change the result. But Pan Ruoye was next to Mo Shoucheng.

If his cultivation were realm five now, Pan Ruoye, who had almost no vital energy left, could not stop him from killing Mo Shoucheng.

But his cultivation was insufficient…Pan Ruoye could easily kill him.

The best opportunity had arrived, but his cultivation was two realms too low … this was fate.

He looked at the scene in front of him, his body cold, unable to breathe, and had no time to breathe.

Ye Xinhe’s sword light flashed past the sky above Guo Dongjiang and Song Chaosheng but suddenly changed.

The sword light condensed, and then abruptly fell like a meteor.

Everyone’s hearts fell as well.

Guo Dongjiang trembled in anger and shouted madly. He held his hands up and slapped towards Ye Xinhe’s body.


The sword light cut through his body, and his body gave off a cracking sound. His hands could not touch Ye Xinhe’s body, but palm marks appeared on Ye Xinhe’s chest and the side of his face. With a muffled shout, Ye Xinhe’s body flew backwards like a rock.

Song Chaosheng also shouted in anger.

Ye Xinhe had been the one to plan this trap. Ye Xinhe of Ba Mountain Sword Field had been the one to secretly set this up. If not for Ye Xinhe’s invitation, he and Guo Dongjiang might not have appeared here.

If not for this trap, why would Li Caitian, Emperor Chen of Han, and Yan Ying die one after another here?

But Ye Xinhe, who had planned this trap, betrayed them all. How could he not be angry?

As he howled angrily, Emperor Yuanwu calmly pushed the sword in his hand to face that blade light.

All he cared about was this blade light and nothing else.

The white flowing clouds in the sky moved to fall.

But an invisible wall suddenly formed below the flowing clouds.

Someone let out a quiet sigh.

An endless sword energy flooded up from another mountain.

This sword energy was not strong, and did not seem to influence the battle. But this sword seemed able to surround all the mountains around Deer Mountain.

When this sword energy appeared, people at the peak of Deer Mountain finally had an answer. The faint sword marks around that mountain had been made by the prime minister who had accompanied Emperor Yuanwu from Changling but had not revealed himself.

All the peach flowers around Deer Mountain instantly dimmed and withered. The sky was empty.

Everybody could sense two presences leaving.

A soft sound occurred in front of Emperor Yuanwu. Crystal-like cracks appeared in the air before him. There was a faint shallow wound between his thumb and forefinger. Then he put his sword away.

The deep blue blade fell in front of him, inserting into the ground at an angle.

“Long Wind!”


Sharp military orders sounded again. Countless blue winds charged into the sky and started to burn.

Song Chaosheng stopped howling, looked at Emperor Yuanwu and sighed. He no longer possessed the power to stop these seal weapons and his body disappeared into the burning flying flames.

Guo Dongjiang had died.

Song Chaosheng had died.

Other than that Unimportant Marquis Li and the unnamed Taoist, almost all of the great grandmasters in the world were dead.

Translator Ramblings: Having an army with good weapons is really advantageous.

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