Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 67 “An Oath To Kill”

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Chapter 67: An Oath To Kill

When the hot air turned cold, Zhang Yi’s body froze. The scabbard by his waist started to vibrate … instinctively, he wanted to act, even while he knew the status of Palace Attendant Rong in front of the carriage was extremely high, so high that she could have many cultivators like him disappear in Changling with a word.

Yet, at this time, Xue Wangxu, who he was supporting, shook his head quietly.

His head shake was not to stop Zhang Yi, but telling him that any movement was useless.

This hand, made from primal energies of the universe, emanated a clean porcelain light, like a porcelain born from the best kiln in the world. The moment it appeared in front of Ding Ning, the air around Zhang Yi and him had solidified. Even if Zhang Yi wanted to pull out his sword, he could not accomplish it.

Ding Ning looked down at this hand. He was also unable to fight back. He said, in a cold tone which other people could not understand, “You are just peak realm six.”

Palace Attendant Rong’s brows showed a hint of coldness. In her view, the things she had done previously was teaching this wineshop youth to follow the rules of Changling. She had not considered whether her actions were just to this youth. She just thought that this youth was obsessed, and moving further on the wrong path.

The black curtain in front of her flickered again in a wave. The hand made from primal energies of the universe landed on Ding Ning.

There was a soft sound.

The seemingly heavy hand disappeared as though it had permeated Ding Ning’s body. The back of Ding Ning’s shirt immediately bulged. The skin on his back seemed to make sounds, like leaking ships. His blue robe lit up, shining with countless lines of light. Each line of light gave off powerful winds, and each wind contained a pure presence.

Zhang Yi and Shen Yi paled in extreme terror and anger, causing their bodies to tremble uncontrollably.

And yet, Ding Ning’s face was calm and cold without any change. But his skin paled. Underneath his pale skin, the five colored lights climbed like colored centipedes that would burrow out of his body at any moment.

The spectators in the surroundings did not know what was happening here, but they unconsciously felt the terror of death, and retreated in shock.

The black curtain trembled minutely. Palace Attendant Rong looked at Ding Ning from within the carriage and slowly said, “Based on Fang Xiumu’s evaluation, if you start cultivating, you may not live to your prime. Using your physical energies like this, you will just live a few years.”

“Fight to live in mortal danger? You think that quickly increasing your cultivation through forcibly generating the physical energies in your organs will let you gain a spot in the trial?”

She paused, shook her head and said even more coldly, “You should understand now. After fighting for your life, are you able to decide life or death?”

“You … how can you do this!”

Out of anger, Zhang Yi’s face turned from pale to blood red. He wanted to curse this palace attendant, but because he had always been a gentleman, so even in anger, this was the only thing he could say.

The hand made from primal energies of the universe did not give Ding Ning much tangible danger, but forced much of the vital energy Ding Ning had accumulated, out of his body.

Ding Ning’s cultivation was realm three first class right now, but his body was extremely empty. He had the cultivation but not much useable vital energy. Even more importantly, the Min Mountain Sword Trials was about to start. Ding Ning did not have enough time to replenish his vital energy.

Palace Attendant Rong’s expression did not change. Her gaze landed on Xue Wangxu who was next to Zhang Yi.

A chill once again appeared among the hot air.

In the sky, there seemed to be a shadow that landed on Zhang Yi, Shen Yi, and Xue Wangxu.

Ding Ning’s breathing suddenly stopped.

Zhang Yi and Shen Yi felt cold all over. Xue Wangxu, who they were supporting, coughed. A hint of bitterness appeared at the corners of his lips.

“You cruel woman!”

Zhang Yi suddenly realized what was happening. Even though he had not said anything ugly in anger just now, he cursed for the first time in his life.

“Having the White Goat Cave students attend the Min Mountain Sword Trials is the greatest of tolerance,” Palace Attendant Rong said with an unchanging expression as she looked at Ding Ning and Xue Wangxu. “We have given you many chances, but you do not know what to regret and change … Xue Wangxu. While you are allowed to see this Min Mountain Sword Trials, your health is too poor, and you will not finish watching this.”

Shen Yi was stunned. He could sense that the chill seemed to reach into his bone marrow, but his body had warmed up. He did not understand what had happened, and why Eldest Sect Brother, usually the most gentle of people, would be so angry. Yet, hearing Palace Attendant Rong’s words, he started to understand what influence that cold, insignificant to him, would affect the already weak Xue Wangxu.

His body uncontrollably trembled.

“We will let you see the Min Mountain Sword Trials, but not all of it.” Palace Attendant Rong’s expression turned cold. “I have come personally to teach you to follow the rules of Changling. Do you still not understand?”

Zhang Yi’s hands trembled, his knuckles growing white. He was about to pull out his sword.

“I understand.”

At this time, Ding Ning took a step forward.

Ding Ning took a step forward and blocked him from the sight of the black carriage.

Palace Attendant Rong’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

She did not release any primal energies of the universe, but the air in front of her filled with cold again. What made her feel colder was the calm murderousness on Ding Ning’s face.

Ding Ning’s face seemed to be covered with countless flakes of ice cut by swords. The edges were sharp and layers that she could not see through.

“I understand. Because the Deer Mountain Conference is finished, everything is settled. So you can ignore the thoughts and actions of many people,” Ding Ning looked at her through the black curtain and said.

“But you should know, some things, because of me, did not change.”

“I do not need any reward. I only want to use my own strength to attend the Min Mountain Sword Trials and let Cave Master finish watching. Am I wrong?”

Palace Attendant Rong’s face grew dark.

She did not need to think whether Ding Ning’s words made sense, because to her, the ‘you’ Ding Ning spoke of was not her.

“You have gone too far.”

Ding Ning took a deep breath. He did not disguise his murderousness and said seriously, “If you only target me, then never mind. But you ….”

“Ding Ning!”

Xue Wangxu seemed to know what Ding Ning was about to say. His expression changed, and he shouted.

“You are only a palace attendant, a palace attendant whose cultivation has only reached peak realm six, and not even realm seven. Who do you think you are?” Even so, Ding Ning did not stop. He looked at the black curtain and deepend his voice. “After the Min Mountain Sword Trials, I will challenge you … I will kill you!”

A realm three first class cultivator saying such a thing to a peak realm six cultivator was very laughable.

But no one found it amusing now.

Palace Attendant Rong’s eyes narrowed like a tiger seeing blood.

“How long can you live?” She laughed coldly and said darkly, “If you have the courage to challenge me in the future, I will give you a chance.”

“You cannot refuse. Refusing to fight in Changling is extremely shameful. You will not allow shame from someone like me. Also, you definitely have relatives.” Ding Ning looked at the palace attendant and emphasized each word. “You are just a palace attendant.”

“You are threatening me?” Palace Attendant Rong laughed in ridicule.

A low level Changling cultivator like Ding Ning was insignificant to her. So in front of such words, she did not have much anger.

“Cave Master …”

Zhang Yi gave a sad wail.

Xue Wangxu’s health had always been worsening, but at this moment, the rate of deterioration was one that even he could feel.

Xue Wangxu sighed softly.

He looked at Zhang Yi and Shen Yi, and then at Ding Ning and the gates to Min Mountain Sword Sect. At this time, he felt content, but helpless.

“You can beg me now.”

Ding Ning looked at the black curtain and said coldly, “All of the students attending the Min Mountain Sword Trials have entered. Following will be the emperor worshipping the heavens and establishing the crown prince. They will not wait for anyone. If I do not enter now, everyone will think you are stopping me. You stop me from entering. In everyone’s view, you have done too much. Even if you really do not care about other people’s views, your conduct should at least be acceptable … so you can beg me now, beg me to enter the Min Mountain Sword Sect.”


Palace Attendant Rong shouted. Her expression changed multiple times, and then she tapped softly on the walls of the carriage.

The carriage carrying her sprinted away from Ding Ning and the others.

She naturally did not think that Ding Ning and the others would really not enter Min Mountain Sword Sect, so she would not beg Ding Ning.

But being forced to drive away from Ding Ning to express that she did not want to block the path was a defeat and humiliation was hard for her to tolerate.

“Little Sect Brother …”

Zhang Yi’s mouth jerked. He called the wrong label yet again. He really wanted to cry now.

Because after this trial, he may lose not just a teacher, but also this junior sect brother.

“We will enter the gates.”

Yet, Ding Ning just calmly turned around and walked towards him. “Eldest Sect Brother, I will support the cave master. I have some words to say to the cave master alone.”

Translator Ramblings: In Palace Attendant Rong’s view, Ding Ning should be thankful that he was “rewarded” after saving Fu Su’s life and that debt has already been repaid. In response, Ding Ning is threatening her with public opinion.

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