Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 80 “You Must Give Me An Explanation”

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Chapter 80 You Must Give Me An Explanation

“I want to see what kind of sword he will choose, ” After saying this, her expression grew icy like the hard winter ice on the surface of the river.

Ding Ning looked calmly at this sea of swords, the grave of ten thousand swords in silence. There were countless good swords here, and many of them could be described as “peerless” in quality. they definitely were not any less than the swords in Min Mountain Sword Sect’s own hoard. However, because of their origins, they were put here.

Why would war never stop?

Because all the warlords chase the deer, and there are seven dynasties in the world.

There would only be peace once the world is unified.


Ding Ning looked silently at this sea of sword corpses as he heard these words in his ears. It was like these tens of thousands of swords were speaking to him. The voices were filled with fury and disdain. They grew more noise as though the masters of these swords had come alive and were laughing at him.

“One person’s thoughts cannot represent the thoughts of all people in the world. War under the pretext of stopping war is never correct.” Ding Ning took a deep breath and said softly to these swords. Then he bowed shallowly and turned to walk away.

In the green jade hall, the young woman immediately froze.

“What does he mean? He doesn’t want even one sword?” The man next to her also froze.

The young woman looked at Ding Ning who had walked out of the Sword Valley. She started to feel that her speculation had been incorrect.

“I want to see them more closely,” she took a deep breath and said to the young man.


The tens of thousands of swords formed a sea in the valley. The sharp killing energies and sword energies turned the ground lifeless. When one looked from the outside, however, there were rampant weeds and the green hall stopped in the mountain valley without any figures to be seen.

The green weeds at the perimeter of the formation swayed slightly. A footprint appeared, and then Ding Ning appeared out of thin air. He had not picked any sword, only went in to look. So he was still the first to come out of the sword selection event, and he was still the first.

When everyone is here, call me. He used his Last Flower remnant sword to write on the ground next to him. Then he sat cross-legged on the ground, closed his eyes and started to cultivate.

Many breaths later, another footstep appeared on the green weeds near him. A tall female figure appeared out of the air. It was Xie Rou. Xie Rou’s eyes were filled with disbelieving shock. When she saw Ding Ning sitting on the ground, she was slightly reassured, and her gaze moved instinctively to her right hand.

She was holding a pure black sword in hand. From the appearance, the style, and the weight, this sword was almost the same as the commonly seen black swords in Changling. If someone had walked into the Sword Valley and seen the sword she held, they would have felt she picked the most ordinary sword.

But there was a row of thin holes at the tip of this black sword. Just like Ding Ning had said, if one was not looking directly at the sword tip, they would not have been able to see it. She did not know what kind of sword this was, but this sword was one of the two that Ding Ning had specifically mentioned to her.

In a sea of extraordinary swords, a pure black ordinary sword was one of the easiest to recognize. So she saw the sword at a glance. There was the row of holes that Ding Ning had spoken of at the tip, and she did not hesitate in choosing this sword. So she had not taken long and was the second to come out of the sword sea.

She sat down next to Ding Ning to rest. A while later, a hot presence suddenly appeared in the air. Zhang Yi, holding a sword from the Sword Furnace, appeared in front of her. Zhang Yi’s disbelief also had not faded but he was the most polite. He first bowed to Xie Rou who had stood up before he looked closely around Ding Ning.

He even carefully sensed Ding Ning’s sleeves first and then he looked in disbelief at Xie Rou. He asked, “He did not choose a sword?”

“Apparently not.” Xie Rou shook her head and whispered, “He was already meditating when I came out.”

Zhang Yi grimaced. He was a person who liked to use his mind, but when he was with Ding Ning, there were too many things he did not understand.

“There really was a sword from the Zhao Sword Furnace,” Xie Rou couldn’t help but say when she saw that half of Zhang Yi’s body was dyed red by the burning sword light.

Zhang Yi’s expression suddenly grew grave. He whispered, “Most of the famed swords from the Han, Zhao and Wei dynasties are in there.”

At this time, a strange sound came from the grass next to him. Someone else walked out of the formation. Zhang Yi turned around. He saw the incomer was He Zhaoxi. He Zhaoxi held a broad sword in his hand. It was so broad it was more like a horse-chopping sabre.

Zhang Yi thought of what Ding Ning had said and asked curiously, “This is a mother-son sword?”

The Qin Dynasty swords were rarely made in strange shapes and he had never seen a mother-son sword before.

He Zhaoxi took a deep breath, and nodded. He presented this sword horizontally in front of Zhang Yi and Xie Rou.

“What is the use of this small sword?” Zhang Yi looked closely. Then he realized that the spine of this sword was a slender long sword, and what appeared to be two seal scripts were actually two grooves. This caused him to feel that this smaller sword could separate from the larger sword along the grooves. But this smaller sword did not have a hilt, and could not be gripped in hand.

Then was the use of this small sword to fly out and injure the enemy at one moment? But if so, then this sword was too ordinary.

Before He Zhaoxi could respond, a depressed voice sounded behind him, “What kind of damned formation is this. You can’t even test the sword in there, how can I pick!”

With a fierce expression, Xie Changsheng appeared in their sights.

“Quiet!” Fearing that Xie Changsheng would disturb Ding Ning, Xie Rou immediately scolded in a low voice. Then she asked with a cold expression, “What do you mean test?”

Xie Changsheng saw that Ding Ning was cultivating again and visibly stilled. He instinctively lowered his voice, looked at Xie Rou and the others, and said in puzzlement, “Did you not want to test the swords you picked in there?”

Xie Rou shook her head and then looked at Zhang Yi and He Zhaoxi.

Zhang Yi shook his head and then He Zhaoxi shook his head.

“Even if you do not doubt Ding Ning … you aren’t curious at all?” Xie Changsheng shook his head helplessly and said, “In there, you can channel vital energy into these swords, but the energies cannot come out. It isn’t possible to test them inside.”

Xie Changsheng paused and then said in discontent, “I originally wanted to take out both of them. But thinking of how the sword nucleus said you can only pick one, I feared that I would be disqualified if I took out two, just like if I broke the rules of a casino by cheating. In the end, I gave up on my idea.”

“You found the two swords Ding Ning told you about?” Xie Rou heard Xie Changsheng’s words and her gaze focused on Xie Changsheng’s sword.

This was a standard-shaped sword but made from a special crystal. The entire blade was crystal and transparent, but there were natural golden threads inside. The golden threads of the hilt seemed to be on the surface and formed the diagram of a three-legged toad.

“The two swords are not far, and I found them almost at the same time,” Xie Changsheng nodded and answered.

“So you had a hard time choosing between the two swords?” Zhang Yi looked in shock at the sword in Xie Changsheng’s hand. He asked. “Why did you choose this one?”

“You did not see that short sword. At any other time, if I put that short sword and this one in front of you, you will definitely pick the short sword. That short sword is so sharp even the sword energy can wound. In comparison, this sword looks too fragile as though it can be cut off by that sword.” Xie Changsheng spread his left hand towards Zhang Yi and then said, “If Ding Ning had not mentioned this sword to me first, I would definitely have not picked this sword.”

There was a bloody mark on Xie Changsheng’s left palm that was still beading with blood.

“The sword energy can wound?” Zhang Yi, He Zhaoxi, and Xie Rou all inhaled in shock.

Xie Changsheng sneered and said, “When my palm was still an inch from the sword blade, I was cut.”

“What kind of sword is that?” Xie Rou couldn’t help but suspect if what Xie Changsheng said was true.

“The sword name isn’t important.” Xie Changsheng shook his head, looked at Ding Ning and said, “Right now, what I do not understand is why Ding Ning felt that these swords would be in there. Had he known there was a sword sea inside?”

A female voice sounded from the rear. “The sword is the Horned Lion Sword, and made from the single horn of the horned lion. It came from the former Zhao. I also do not understand why he would know that a sword like this would exist in there and how he knew that a sword sea like this would exist. So he must give me an explanation.”

Everyone immediately knew this was not Nangong Caishu. Nangong Caishu’s voice would not be so cold and authoritative.

Zhang Yi shuddered, turned around, and saw a young woman in green robes appear in his sight. Then his eyes felt a stinging pain.

Because at this time, a young man whose hair seemed to give off sword energy appeared behind the young woman.

Translator Ramblings: And now the time comes when questions have to be answered.

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