Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 96 “Fight Together”

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Chapter 96: Fight Together

This was a battle tactic unlike those of Changling swordsmen. Shen Yi had no time to dodge these pieces. Mind ice-cold, he prepared to welcome the sharp pieces falling into his flesh.

Yet, to his surprise, in the afterimages created by his powerful swing, a strange power formed.

With hisses, the sword pieces tore apart the clothes on his back and created bloody gashes. But they did not penetrate into his body and were pulled by this strange power into the black sword in his hand.

The master of the silver sword light could not see what was happening, but he could clearly sense the strange power in the afterimages were affecting his silver sword light like countless green vines.

He had never heard of a sword art like this and was naturally puzzled. But his mind was clear. He took several steps back, until he moved into the stream behind him and made two splashes.

Shen Yi froze slightly. He looked towards the sword in his hand with a complicated expression.

Four light blue sword pieces were stuck to the inky jade blade like four beautiful butterflies.

He knew very well that the strange power produced when he swung his sword had not been created by his sword move but the sword itself.

Previously, when Jing Liuli appeared, she had told him that this inky jade sword with the pattern of twisting branches was called the “Twining Branch of Hate.” It had belonged to the Thousand Lotus Palace’s sect master. But he, Zhang Yi and the others did not know what was special about this sword compared to other swords.

Shocked and delighted, he also could sense that the power of this sword seemed to be complementary to the sword essences he was most skilled in. He immediately felt great admiration towards Ding Ning.

When facing a strong enemy, one should have no stray thoughts and only think of the enemy. But in this moment, his mind was filled with the figures of Ding Ning, Zhang Yi and Xue Wangxu.

His back felt wet. He knew that it was the blood soaking through his clothes. But his mind was filled with an unspeakable calm joy.

After coming to Changling, his greatest achievement was becoming a disciple of White Goat Cave. There were numerous cultivation places in the world better than White Goat Cave. But at this moment, he could not find any senior sect brothers better than Ding Ning and Zhang Yi, or a better master than Xue Wangxu. Being able to fight together with Ding Ning and Zhang Yi brought him joy and pride.

“It is not the power of the sword form, it is the sword itself.”

The master of the silver sword light spoke. There were sloshing sounds as he moved around, and his voice appeared mixed.

“You are Lie Yinghong.”

Shen Yi saw the other’s figure and features, speaking the other’s name.

While Lie Yinghong had been low-key before this, because he was ranked first on the Book of Talents, he naturally had noticed the existence of this person.

“Why are you ambushing me?”

After recalling how this person came from Jiaodong Commandery that the empress’ clan controlled, Shen Yi knew why Lie Yinghong was attacking. He was asking this question while knowing the answer, so his tone was harsh.

Lie Yinghong’s gaze moved away from the sword pieces stuck on Shen Yi’s longsword, his eyes emotionless.

“I had not expected you to be able to stop my attack,” he said, and looked at Shen Yi.

He had a clear Jiaodong accent, so heavy that it was hard to understand, even so, people could easily feel the sincere admiration in his words.

And yet, he did not make any extra moments before he pulled out his sword.

As he started to swing his sword, before the sword move had even formed, a thunderous roar dissipated in the air in front of him.

Shen Yi’s face paled immediately.

In a brief moment, he had clearly observed the silver longsword in Lie Yinghong’s hand.

This silver longsword appeared extremely thin, and a silver blue seal script was inscribed deeply into the spine, so deep that people would worry that this sword would split apart under an attack.

In his sight, the air in front of him became two visible waves that split to the sides as Lie Yinghong’s silver longsword seemed to crash towards him like a giant armored ship.

This was a strike without any finesse.

After failing in his previous attack, Lie Yinghong’s attack this time focused on pure power.

The power of this blow constantly reminded Shen Yi that in the Book of Talents introduction, Lie Yinghong’s cultivation was realm four second class, a full realm higher than him. At the same time, with this strike Shen Yi realized that Lie Yinghong intended to use the fastest method to finish this battle.

Before this, Shen Yi had never truly fought with a cultivator of a realm higher than him. He had no confidence, but for some inexplicable reason, he felt great courage and did not want to give up.

He struggled to inhale as he quickly lifted the inky jade sword in his hand. With a hiss, a twisted sword light, shaped like a thick goat horn, locked with Lie Yinghong’s blow. This was the White Goat Hanging Horn of the White Goat Sword Manual.

This was the most capable move in the White Goat Sword Manual to use against a stronger opponent. Shen Yi was akin to Xue Wangxu’s last student and naturally had mastered the true meaning of this sword move. Yet, his sword still couldn’t completely fend of Lie Yinghong’s sword.

Amidst a muffled thunderclap, Shen Yi couldn’t contain his scream. His feet seemed to be on fire as they brushed against the ground and created wisps of smoke. He slid back rapidly, his body immediately tangling with countless brambles that inflicted many wounds.

The long thorns stabbed into his bloodied flesh, and gave him great pain, causing his arm to convulse as he held his sword.

Even after driving Shen Yi away with a blow, Lie Yinghong did not stop at all. His vital energy continued to surge, his sword not stopping as he continued to slash down towards Shen Yi.

Shen Yi’s longsword had been pushed above his forehead. He saw that he could not stop this attack. But as he screamed, a glowing water flow appeared in front of him.

Following this water flow, Shen Yi’s sword suddenly accelerated and he completed this sword move that originally was going to be late.

Several clear inky lines appeared in the flow of water. The black color of the inky jade sword in Shen Yi’s hand seemed darker.

Lie Yinghong’s eyebrows rose slightly. At this time, he once again felt the tangling power that Shen Yi’s sword gave off. But he did not resist, and allowed his sword move to be attracted. His sword move sped up and collided with Shen Yi’s sword without any finesse.

The two swords created a muffled explosion again. The energy shot outwards like arrows. Blood sprayed out of Shen Yi’s palm. The dark light from his inky sword was destroyed.

The inky black lines that had originally been in the water flow turned into a seal-like white light. As the scattered black light fell into this patch of white light, it gathered again around Shen Yi’s blade. The sound of brambles scraping flesh once again sounded in the air.

Shen Yi’s painful scream started again. His body was driven back almost a hundred feet and became more bloodied.

Yet, he managed to fend off this blow and his sword hadn’t been torn out of his hands.

“This sword is interesting.” Witnessing this scene, Jing Liuli could not help but say.

“The Shen Family and White Goat Cave do not have sword moves like this. This sword seal must come from the Remnant Scroll of the Zhou Family Ink Garden,” Tantai Guanjian said calmly. “But he is very good to be able to use the Cloud Water Palace sword move he comprehended from the sword nucleus in such a brief moment.”

Gasps and low murmurs also rose on the cliffside where the teachers of the cultivation places were watching. Many were shocked at Lie Yinghong’s strength and astounded that Shen Yi had been able to fend off the blow.

Lie Yinghong frowned slightly but his eyes did not show much special emotion. His growth experiences had been different from most students. Combat… especially hard combat was something he had experienced too much. But even though the other’s performance surpassed expectations, he was certain the other could not fend off his next attack.

Shen Yi gritted his teeth as he touched his right arm with his left hand. He was sure that he could not stop the next attack.

But at this moment, Lie Yinghong suddenly turned around.

In the stream behind him, a muffled sound suddenly occurred in midair as though someone had rung a large bell.

Lie Yinghong’s eyes flashed, and he lifted his sword upwards.

The surrounding air around him seemed to free. There was a bang like an invisible hammer had struck.

His body swayed slightly. He took a step back and looked towards the sound.

An exhausted looking figure was walking out of the stream.

“No matter who has directed you to attack Shen Yi and the benefits promised, I will double it.”

An unusually familiar and wealthy-sounding voice reached Shen Yi’s ears.

Translator Ramblings: Shen Yi’s personality really shines in his thoughts. He came to Changling to get strong and pursue Xie Rou, not to get caught up in the mess that Ding Ning and White Goat is in, but he’s happy and he’s learned a lot without putting any blame on anyone.

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