Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 102 “Longing”

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Chapter 102: Longing

“Put me down!”

Looking furiously at Zhang Yi’s profile, Xu Lianhua said, “This is not something you can just help with. With my wounds, I was just trying to get lucky. Even if I can pass this event, I cannot win against many people in the next round to enter the top ten.”

Zhang Yi was always gentle and polite. He thought that interrupting someone when they were speaking was rude. So he waited until Xu Lianhua finished speaking before he argued. “This is a matter of mutual aid. Now, I carry you along. At least, I can understand what unusual things lurk in this sea of brambles. In the next round, you may not be hopeless. Perhaps Min Mountain Sword Sect will give us some time to heal… Perhaps there will not be many who pass this test. If there are less than ten, if you pass this, you will already have obtained the chance to study in Min Mountain Sword Sect.”

Xu Lianhua stilled and then said furiously, “Nonsense, that is not possible.”

Zhang Yi continued to swing his sword. He turned his head and said, “A person, as strong as you, is in such a state. Wouldn’t it be more difficult for others? Don’t forget that you were in the top ten on the Book of Talents. If I remember correctly, there were only sixteen people on the Book of Talents who have realm four cultivation or above. You are one of them.”

Xu Lianhua said coldly, “You use me as an example, but you are the best example. Your vital energy cultivation is much lesser than mine, but you have not been seriously injured at all. So this has nothing to do with cultivation.”

Zhang Yi nodded in agreement and said, “You are correct. This really has nothing to do with vital energy, just luck.”

Not waiting for Xu Lianhua to speak, Zhang Yi continued. “Since it only concerns luck, one more or one less person is fine.”

Xu Lianhua’s expression grew uglier. He stopped arguing with Zhang Yi. He said after a moment of silence, “It appears that our luck is not very good.”

Zhang Yi also grew silent. He listened intently for a moment, stopped swinging his sword, and then turned to say, “This may not be due to you. You are coincidentally on my path. I fear that these insects had not gone far at all and were searching for you all this time. So, even if I throw you away and leave, I will still encounter the insects you speak of.”

Xu Lianhua gritted his teeth. He thought, there was no meaning in his nonsense. Just from the cold presence in the surrounding air, that imperial insect swarm must have found their tracks already. They had remained concealed because this imperial insect swarm was scattering and creating an encirclement.

He felt that anything said now would be a waste of words, but clearly, Zhang Yi, who had discovered the abnormality, had many things he wanted to say.

“If you give me another chance to choose, I will not hesitate in helping you. Because you keep trying to drive me away… People like you who think for others are not many. I feel you are someone worth making a friend of.” Zhang Yi turned and said seriously in a soft voice, “In reality, you and my two junior sect brothers are the same kind.”

“Apologies, comparing you to my two junior sect brothers is not elevating them or deprecating you.” Feeling that his example was inappropriate, Zhang Yi added apologetically.

“Zhang Yi, you are saying such things right now, you are too sentimental.” Xu Lianhua felt there was no meaning in being angry but he couldn’t help but become furious. “What is wrong with your head?”

Zhang Yi heard his cursing but was not angry. He actually felt more apologetic. “Maybe you should take the time and tell me more details about these insects.”

Xu Lianhua took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He said coldly, “Just now, I told you that each swarm will have hundreds, and each member will be akin to a realm three cultivator in strength. For details, their bodies are stronger than the realm three cultivators, and even more importantly, you should be able to feel that they are like a well-trained army.”

“A well-trained army?”

Zhang Yi sensed the movements in the surroundings and paled. “How do they fight?”

Xu Lianhua said coldly, “These insects appear the same as ordinary locusts, but they are bigger than us. Their carapace is as hard and thick as armor. Maybe because their bodies are too heavy, they cannot fly, but their rear limbs are astounding in their propulsion. So at short distances, there is no difference between their jumping and flying. Their bodies accumulate a strange cold energy. When they jump and use their rear limbs to attack, the limbs would form ice spears. They are cultivators holding pairs of ice swords jumping around and stabbing.”

Zhang Yi lost his voice. “What kind of insect is this? How come I did not hear of them?”

Xu Lianhua glanced at him and did not answer.

Zhang Yi couldn’t help but continue. “Then do these insects have a leader like a wolfpack?”

Xu Lianhua sneered mercilessly. “If they have an obvious leader like you think and defeating the leader would cause chaos, you think I would be so seriously injured?”

At the same time, Lu Qingli had turned around in anger and refused to look at Zhang Yi.

When one was fighting a war, why would they have unnecessary sentimentality?

In many people’s view, even if Zhang Yi had once displayed bravery and decisiveness, his sentimental personality would mean he would not have great achievements.

Looking down from the cliff, Zhang Yi and Xu Lianhua were completely surrounded by the roaming imperial insect swarm.

The blue bodies gave off cold presences as they slowly approached Zhang Yi and Xu Lianhua like a blue circle of steel slowly contracting.

The palace master of Endless Palace, Pan Ruoye, had been standing near Huang Zhenwei motionlessly like a statue. Even her expression did not change much.

But at this moment, she turned around as though she sensed something odd, and glanced at Huang Zhenwei.

Zhang Yi and Xu Lianhua stopped their conversation.

A hint of white appeared in the red brambles surrounding the two of them. Then the white color intensified, silently winding around the brambles until they formed a heavy frost.

The white frost came like a tide through the deep red brambles. The air around the pair became colder until it produced cold mist.


A ghost-like blue head suddenly appeared in the white mist, followed by many more.

At the sight of these ghost-like heads coming out of the mist, even though one did not feel great fear, one’s injuries would feel more uncomfortable.

Xu Lianhua’s mouth inexplicably dried up, but for some reason, he felt that Zhang Yi had completely calmed down.

“Try to hold me closely and do not fall off my back.”

Just like he was responding to the thought, Zhang Yi’s voice reached his ears. “I am not used to fighting with one hand holding something, so I cannot hold you with my hand.”

The battle immediately started.

With a string of hisses, the surrounding mist was shattered. Zhang Yi’s sight was filled with dozens of jumping imperial insects.

“These insects have a simple combat method of jumping and charging like this.”

Xu Lianhua stopped arguing with Zhang Yi as he took a deep breath, and gritted out.

Zhang Yi nodded slightly to indicate his understanding.

I can only use seven-tenths of my power. Otherwise, the poison will activate.

He reminded himself at the same time.

Then he started to move, his feet exerting great force and powerful energies flowing out of his soles. As his body sped up, his gaze fell onto the burning Zhao Sword Furnace sword in his hand.

His gaze was calm, and filled with an inexplicable desire.

Xu Lianhua could not understand his calmness and peace, but he knew the origin.

The sword essence he obtained in Ink Garden was a skill able to cover a large range. It had a natural advantage against multiple enemies.

But this was not enough!

Just like all the students in the sea of brambles, he could not let himself go in the fight. Also, even if he did not consider the poison inside him and fought at full power, his vital energy may not be enough for such expenditure. He greatly desired for the sword to help him. He was certain that his “little sect brother” Ding Ning would not have him pick a sword from the Sword Furnace for no reason.

He wanted to help Ding Ning.

Help me!

He looked almost devotedly at the sword in his hand, shouted mentally, and then swung his sword.

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