Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 105 “Whose Death Warrior”

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Chapter 105: Whose Death Warrior

In the rivers of history, no one knew how many talented and exceptional cultivators died prematurely. Also, the trials had their own rules. Tantai Guanjian, regardless of the pity he felt, knew that this black-robed youth would bring changes after passing this event.

“Who is he?”

As this black-robed youth waded through the water and got closer to the exit, many teachers on the cliff finally noticed his existence. They finally discovered he would be the second to pass after Ding Ning.

“Who is that youth?”

In the tent, Palace Attendant Rong looked with raised eyebrows at the yellow-robed middle-aged man who came back to report and asked irritably.

The yellow robed middle-aged man said respectfully, “Ye Zhengnan, taking the spot of Sandalwood Heart Monastery.”

“Sandalwood Heart Monastery?”

Palace Attendant Rong looked at the yellow-robed middle-aged man who left at her orders and sneered.

This was a cultivation monastery that belonged to the Ba Mountain region. While it possessed the qualifications to attend the Min Mountain Sword Trials, it had been in decline long ago. For many years, no one from there had come to Changling. She did not believe that such a genius, not noticed by the wider world, would suddenly come from a cultivation place like that.

She only cared about whose person this Ye Zhengnan belonged to.

The black-robed youth moved closer to the green palace exit. All of the teachers on the cliff felt very complicated.

Sandalwood Heart Monastery had no teachers that had come to Changling. If they had known of the youth’s strength and had hopes for the youth, someone must have accompanied him. Especially, when this Ye Zhengnan passed multiple events far ahead of the other geniuses of Changling. This would be a great glory to small cultivation places. So this matter was extremely odd.

The teachers of the cultivation places here were not very skilled in medicine. They did not know why this black-robed youth could safely pass this event. However, they knew that this black-robed youth was like Lie Yinghong, and was on a certain mission.

In their sight, the black-robed youth Ye Zhengnan floated towards the green palace like a shadow. Guarding the entrance to the palace was that elegant man who did not look like a swordsman but a teacher.

When Ye Zhengnan’s figure appeared in front of him, he was intently reading from the bamboo scroll in his hand, his expression peaceful and tinged with joy. Yet the moment the elegant man in green robes saw Ye Zhengnan, he quickly changed his expression. He did not even say much, just moving quickly to the side and pointing at the stairs behind him, saying, “There is the exit.”

Ye Zhengnan bowed in thanks and moved past him onto the breezy stairs without a word.

It was already sunrise in the mountain valley.

Ding Ning had just finished treating the wounds on his body. He was extremely tired and wanted to search for a spot to rest for a moment. Yet, he quickly sensed an unusual presence. Then the numerous little silkworms in his body started to move!

The invisible little silkworms started to tremble madly deep in his flesh, flooding out. Ding Ning’s body uncontrollably started to tremble.

Ding Ning took a deep breath. The little silkworms that wanted to charge out of his body were forced back down as he breathed and they quickly quieted in his body. He leaned against a pillar with a calm expression. His gaze did not immediately move towards the stairs, but on the ground next to him.

There was an ugly deep red worm next to him. This was the black ice worm that Qing Yaoyin had gifted him.

This black ice worm had been seriously injured in the sea of brambles and then given a great fright by him. It had never seen the dark night before, and had fainted. Yet, at this time, as Ding Ning’s little silkworms erupted, this black ice worm woke up in fright. Its body trembled on the ground and then it did all it could to escape Ding Ning’s side.

Ding Ning’s gaze landed on it.

Ding Ning did not move at all. His gaze flashed and he released some of the invisible little silkworms in his body.

When those invisible little silkworms moved again in Ding Ning’s body, the black ice worm trembled even more. Even its resolve to flee was completely destroyed and it quickly curled into a ball.

Ding Ning put away the invisible little silkworms and ignored this deep red ugly worm curled up by his feet. It was not that he did not care about this ugly worm. This ugly worm had power near a realm three cultivator. Being able to tame it would mean he would get a very good attendant. Also, from its display, its senses surpassed powerful cultivators.

Qing Yaoyin was one of the top people in the Min Mountain Sword Sect, and this sect was an existence the world had to look up to. The gift he had given would have endless potential and would not be as simple. Ding Ning was also not an ordinary cultivator. He faintly felt that this ugly worm’s use in his hands would be greater than Qing Yaoyin imagined. So he looked uncaring only because he knew the process of taming a beast.

The hardest part of taming a beast was to make them feel terror.

The hardest part of taming a beast was to make them feel terror. And although this was the hardest step, he easily accomplished this now. This black ice worm was different from the naturally born beasts in the world, but it had considerable intelligence. So he did not need to deliberately do anything. He only needed to take along this ugly worm, and over time, it would slowly comprehend his intentions.

The Min Mountain Sword Trials was a great gamble to him. And this ugly worm was an unexpected gain. Would he have other unexpected gains in this great event?

Or, would he lose and die?

A black shadow appeared in his sight.

Ye Zhengnan walked in the sunlight and came close to him.

Ding Ning looked calmly at this black-robed youth of similar age to him. He found the black-robed youth was dripping water, and left behind a clear water trail. The water marks rippled with faint black oily lines people would not see if they weren’t attentive.

These black lines came from Ye Zhengnan’s clothes, like how his black robes were fading in color after being soaked.

But Ding Ning knew that the black color had come out of the skin. Ye Zhengnan’s skin pores were seeping threads of black oily water.

Ding Ning’s expression was still calm. Not even his gaze visibly changed. However, his thoughts changed rapidly.

He slowly sniffed and carefully scented the smell in the water. Then he caught a complicated scent.

The black lines rippling through the water carried a faint rose fragrance, then a sweet cool milky fragrance and then quickly changed into a strong spicy scent.

He frowned. He could not recognize this kind of medicinal power. At least, in his memories, he had never encountered such medicines. But he was certain that the power of the medicines was something this black-robed youth could not withstand.

Tantai Guanjian could not immediately understand why Ye Zhengnan had easily passed through the sea of brambles without any harm. But he, like Qing Yaoyin, immediately recognized that this black-robed youth was a medicine person.

“You are a death warrior.”

People would be wary of things they did not understand. So Ding Ning spoke without hesitation towards Ye Zhengnan who walked under the eaves. “Whose family do you come from?”

Ye Zhengnan raised his head.

His features were ordinary, but his face was not large so he appeared delicate. His expression was calm and had a clear hint of surprise.

“Thank you.”

He did not answer Ding Ning’s question, and bowed seriously, stating his thanks.

Ding Ning raised his eyebrows and said, “Why thank me?”

“Because I thought I would be the first to pass through the sea of brambles. I thought I would have to wait here for you, or I may not be able to wait for your arrival. If I wasn’t able to wait for you, then my death would become worthless.” Ye Zhengnan looked at Ding Ning and said sincerely. “I had not expected you to be here… you are more exceptional than I thought.”

Ding Ning gazed into his eyes and said slowly, “You did not come to kill me?”

“This is Min Mountain Sword Sect. Even if I came to kill you, I will die faster than you if I act here” Ye Zhengnan laughed and said softly, “Of course I did not come to kill you, I came to help you.”

“Thank you,” Ding Ning nodded and then said softly, “Then we return to the question. Whose family do you come from?”

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