Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 110 “Disdain”

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Chapter 110: Disdain

Walking out of the shadows of the cliff was a youth in silver robes. His body did not have any visible marks, just like Ding Ning. His robes even looked new and there were no tears. But for some reason, this youth looked even more tired and weaker than Xu Lianhua.

When he looked up at the blinding sun, this youth’s body swayed. He seemed unwilling to even lift his foot, wanting to sit down on the ground.

But clear footsteps sounded on the path behind him.

This silver-robed youth inhaled deeply. He was not willing to let people see him in a weak state so he forced himself upright and turned to the cliff he had just walked out of.

In the dim light, some blood-like color appeared.

The silver-robed youth frowned. He suspected something was wrong with his senses that he was this tired.

After a long moment, as the footsteps grew close, a thin figure appeared in his sight.

“Gu Xichun?”

The silver-robed youth’s eyes contracted slightly, as he called out in surprise.

Because he did not want to appear too weak, this silver-robed youth’s volume was louder than usual. His words passed far through the valley so Zhang Yi and Xu Lianhua, who were treating their wounds, heard him clearly.

“Gu Xichun?”

Xu Lianhua frowned. This name was not unfamiliar to all young cultivators in Changling. Xu Lianhua could not understand why a realm three first class cultivator from Shadow Mountain Sword Cave would rank third on the Book of Talents, even over Dugu Bai of the Dugu Bai Marquessate Establishment who everyone thought would rank first.

“It is Yi Xin.”

Zhang Yi looked at Xu Lianhua in surprise. Then he felt Xu Lianhua would misunderstand and added. “The spear is Yi Xin of Mind Chamber Sect.”

“Yi Xin?”

At this time, a voice sounded from the entrance of the cliff on the other side of the hut.

“Are you very familiar with Yi Xin?” Xu Lianhua looked curiously at Zhang Yi and asked softly.

Gu Xichun, to Changling, was just a newly rising star so Xu Lianhua and he did not have many interactions. Yi Xin was famous, but Mind Chamber Sect was a sect focused on seclusion and feared that their disciples would be tainted with mortal matters. They were not allowed out of their sect doors. So, while Xu Lianhua recognized Yi Xin, they had not interacted.

Zhou Xieyi said bashfully, “I am not familiar with him. But when the Book of Talents was first published, my junior sect brother Ding Ning fought Zhou Xieyi and Yi Xin spoke up fairly. So I remember him.”

Xu Lianhua stilled. “You can remember his voice after only a few words. You have a good memory.”

Zhang Yi became even more embarrassed and said, “No, no.”

Xu Lianhua frowned and could not help but say, “Since I know you are just being humble, you should not be like this in the future. Otherwise, people who do not understand you will think that you are proud and hypocritical.”

Zhang Yi stilled.

The two of them did not know Gu Xichun and Yi Xin. Zhang Yi, due to Ding Ning, was even at odds with Gu Xichun. So the two of them did not want to take the initiative and give greetings.

“I’ve long heard the Thought Sword of Mind Chamber Sect is unique. Even if one is not yet realm five, they can control the flying sword like it is alive. While I have never seen it in person, it must live up to the rumour. Otherwise, Brother Yi would not be the first to pass.” The voice at the entrance of the cliff sounded again and clearly reached their ears..

Hearing this voice, Xu Lianhua stilled slightly and immediately understood. He said with slight disdain, “Zhang Yi, you found the hut empty and thought we were the last to arrive. This Gu Xichun is so proud that he sees no one and thinks he and Yi Xin are the first to pass.”

Zhang Yi nodded and said softly, “Gu Xichun is somewhat proud.”

The one speaking in front of Yi Xin was naturally Gu Xichun.

Compared to the start of the trials, Gu Xichun’s appearance had not changed much. He did not show any injuries and his presence was extremely calm. However, his eyes were more bloodshot.

Seeing Gu Xichun who looked to be calm and relaxed, Yi Xin’s feeling of strangeness grew stronger.

“While the Thought Sword of Mind Chamber Sect is famed, in comparison, I fear the Shadow Mountain Sword Cave’s sword manual is better,” Yi Xin said slowly after a moment of silence.

Gu Xichun smiled unconcernedly and turned around. He looked at the mountain path he had walked. “No matter what, that person is not first.”

Yi Xin knew that Gu Xichun was speaking of Ding Ning who had consecutively been first. But he held no grudge towards Ding Ning and was extremely tired, so he was not willing to respond.

But at this time, Gu Xichun’s smile quickly faded.

Footsteps sounded behind him.

His gaze grew dark and cold.

He worried that Ding Ning would appear here, but even if Ding Ning did, he would be behind him.

Then his pupils contracted violently, disbelief spread across his face.

A tall young woman appeared in his sight.

Among the students attending the sword trials, women were far fewer than men. This walking young woman towards Gu Xichun evoked more shocks than any other woman.

If Zhang Yi, several huts away, could see this incoming young woman, he would not believe his eyes.

This young woman was Xie Rou.

While Xie Rou was famous in Changling and Guanzhong, it was because she was the eldest daughter of the Xie Family, participating in many of the Xie Family businesses and not because of her cultivation.

Gu Xichun had never thought that she could pass through the sea of brambles, much less appear so quickly.

However, Xie Rou was not walking quickly and seemed to struggle. But Gu Xichun’s face grew stiffer as he saw Xie Rou was not wounded much at all.

His gaze landed on Xie Rou’s hand, he was even more incredulous.


Xie Rou used a large black longsword like a staff to walk, yet she did not have any other sword on her.

“I heard what you just said.”

Xie Rou walked out of the cliff shadow into the sunlight. She glanced at the empty huts and then said with a grieving and furious look at Gu Xichun, “Even if he did not pass this event, you are still lesser than him.”

Gu Xichun’s eyebrows rose slightly and his face grew cold.

He could not help but think of Xie Changsheng. That person liked to mock him the most.

But that was before.

Impossible before did not mean impossible now.

“I do not understand your meaning,” he shook his head and said coldly to Xie Rou.

Thinking of the result if Ding Ning could not pass the sea of brambles and win the sword trials, she gritted her teeth. She wanted to say more, but Gu Xichun got in front of her.

“A cultivator’s abilities are in many aspects. If you want to say that I am lesser than him in some areas, I have nothing to say.”

Gu Xichun’s smile turned mocking. “If you say that I was behind him in the previous events, I have nothing to say. But the trials only care about the ending result. No matter how bright a meteor is, it is just a meteor.”

Xie Rou’s body uncontrollably trembled.

She could not see Ding Ning’s figure in sight and her mind was in chaos. She did not know what to say to argue against Gu Xichun’s mockery.

Gu Xichun and Xie Rou’s conversation passed clearly to the rear huts.

Looking at Zhang Yi who wanted to speak but was hesitant, Xu Lianhua could not help but sneer. “Zhang Yi, are you deaf? Even now, you still endure. You want to wait until Xie Rou starts fighting him before you say that Ding Ning is here?”

Hearing Xu Lianhua’s words, Zhang Yi, who had been considering the matter of politeness, immediately woke up. His breathing paused and he prepared to speak.

But at this time, there was a muffled sound in the silent hut like someone was tapping the walls.

Gu Xichun, Yi Xin, and Xie Rou all froze, instinctively turning to look into the hut.

Zhang Yi and Xu Lianhua were stunned, their eyes flashing with disbelief.

Was there someone in the hut?

A red figure slowly appeared in the eyes of Gu Xichun and the others.

Xie Rou was stunned. Yi Xin was astonished.

Gu Xichun’s frozen expression eased. “So it is just …”

“Why is such a worm here!”

An exclamation sounded from the rear hut at this moment.

“Zhang Yi?”

Xie Rou was stunned and then shouted in surprise.

Yi Xin’s expression became spectacular.

Gu Xichun’s heart sank to the bottom and then into hell.

“Don’t be nervous, this worm is mine.”

A familiar voice sounded, turning his body stiff.

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