Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 137 “Not Lacking”

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Chapter 137: Not Lacking

In the previous battles, He Zhaoxi had been fighting using this wide sword. Yet this sword appeared very ordinary, it did not leave an impression on people.

Since there had been the sword selection event in the Sword Valley, no matter how stupid He Zhaoxi was, he could not have chosen a sword that was just wide and nothing else.

Lu Qige shouted, and the crimson-copper sword in his hand sprouted crimson red ice and snow. His figure immediately landed in front of He Zhaoxi. With a boom, the crimson sword in his hand smashed down on He Zhaoxi’s head.

He Zhaoxi raised his sword to block.

Amidst the explosions, the ground under his feet seemed to ripple. The mountain smashing down towards him was a mountain of ice. Waves of energy spread outwards. Crimson pieces of ice stabbed his body, many bleeding wounds appeared.

As the scene unfolded, Zhang Yi’s worries reached a peak. His mouth opened wide, he forgot to breathe, unable to make any sound.

He Zhaoxi sprayed a mouthful of blood. He grunted but did not bounce like he had from the previous attack. His body bowed slightly like a curved bow. His sword was still raised, and managed to push Lu Qige and his sword back.

At this moment, He Zhaoxi’s left hand fell onto his sword hilt. Vital energy flowed on the fingers of his left hand, lighting up a seal script on the sword spine.

The spine of the sword was a small narrowed, embedded sword. However, it could not be seen from far away.

As the seal script lit up, this small sword flew out along the blade.


The air split.

Lu Qige dodged in shock. A small blue light within a vortex brushed past his body at terrifying speed.

He Zhaoxi started to fight back. He used all the power in his body to swing his sword towards Lu Qige.

He was stronger than most of the students, and when he swung his sword, the air poured into the empty gap in the middle of his sword, creating a great roar and an intimidating presence.

Yet, to Lu Qige, the greatest shock was not the presence and power, but that He Zhaoxi’s heavy and large sword appeared to suddenly lighten and speed up!

The air that inundated the empty groove of the sword supported this sword and made it appear to fly.

Lu Qige swung his sword backhand to fend it off.

He Zhaoxi’s sword move changed again. The sword that had been swinging down on his head darted towards his right wrist.

In previous battles, his sword moves had been heavy and ferocious, but now, his sword moves were light and quick.

Lu Qige had a hard time breathing. His sword drew back to defend, but at this time, he heard the roar of the sword behind him to the right.

He instinctively turned around.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a narrow and thin sword light fly over like mist.

“What kind of sword is this?” Someone among the spectating students voiced his thoughts.

The narrow sword was returning to He Zhaoxi’s wide sword after flying out.

Lu Qige could not deal with two swords that were attacking him from the front and back. Vital energy seeped out of his feet. Two pillars of smoke seemed to support him to fly to the side.

He Zhaoxi gave chase, the narrow sword returning to his blade. In the next moment, the narrow sword flew out of his blade again and stabbed at Lu Qige.

Lu Qige paled. He looked at the narrow little sword with fury, shock and confusion. He took a deep breath, his sword stabbing towards this sword at his fastest speed.

Then, there was a loud bang. A powerful ripple surged in front of him, the spray of energy echoing his furious scream.

He had accurately struck that speeding little sword which flew out like a leaf in the wind. Yet, he saw the small sword did not fall to the ground and returned to He Zhaoxi’s wide sword instead. This narrow little sword was eerily attacking his abdomen again!

He Zhaoxi was only using one sword.Yet, at this time, he felt he was facing two swordsmen, and two with quick swords!

It was silent.

This was definitely a shocking and unexpected battle.

The moment Lu Qige revealed his Blood Fiend Demon Art, almost everyone thought victory belonged to Lu Qige. And yet, He Zhaoxi’s sword started to show its power, and the situation reversed.

“It’s the Palace Sword?”

In the clearing where the court officials stood, Pan Ruoye looked at He Zhaoxi’s sword and could not resist asking Huang Zhenwei.

“Mother-son swords are rare. Only Ba Mountain Sword Field’s mother-son sword would have such abilities.” Huang Zhenwei nodded emotionally and whispered.

A fierce and sharp roar sounded again.

A crimson energy surged in front of Lu Qige, dozens of feet long like the tail of a comet. Yet, he still could not fend off the combined attacks from the two swords. His body continued to rise and retreat repeatedly.

A string of energy waves collided. A long string of holes appeared in the ground in front of him. Even when he was a dozen feet away from the lines marking the battlefield, he was still unable to fight back. His body started to feel cold again.

The primal energies of the universe he had gathered using the Blood Fiend Demon Art were about to be used up. His strength was still above He Zhaoxi. Using his power, he could face a sword faster than him, but not two swords faster than him.

“I did not lose to you, I lost to the sword in your hand.”

Lu Qige knew he was about to lose. Yet thinking that he was just a step away from entering Min Mountain Sword Sect due to this sword, he was extremely unwilling. Seeing the sword light surging towards him again, he gave a harsh scream. He lifted his sword, not to clash with He Zhaoxi’s sword, but to cut his own throat.

Even so, his sword was not as fast as Tantai Guanjian.

Just as the crimson sword light flashed, a sword essence landed on his sword.

The power of the sword essence completely dissipated the power in his blow and caused his sword to softly fall to the ground.

He Zhaoxi suddenly stopped in his advance as Tantai Guanjian appeared between him and Lu Qige.

Tantai Guanjian nodded slightly at He Zhaoxi and then turned around. He looked at Lu Qige who was starting to tremble and said seriously, “In a cultivator’s life, when a door closes, other doors will open. The worst result is if you close all the doors yourself.”

Lu Qige’s mind was completely blank. He was unable to ponder over the meaning in his words, but the will to die that had filled him started to dissipate.

He bowed his head.

“He won?”

Zhang Yi was stunned for a long time before reacting in joy and admiration.

“Little Sect Brother, you are divine.” He could not help but look at Ding Ning and say.

Ding Ning frowned slightly, thinking of something and did not respond.

The last fight finished. Lin Suixin was very happy with this result. He did not disguise his satisfaction, and a rare hint of a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Then he spoke, “Ding Ning, Zhang Yi, Yi Xin, Xie Rou, Dugu Bai, Ye Haoran, Gu Xichun, Li Xixing, He Zhaoxi, you have fifteen minutes to rest.”

There were nine students remaining, and he had just announced nine names.

The students who had been eliminated were filled with mixed emotions. Some were extremely sad. Seeing one spot remaining, they wanted to have it. Someone finally could not help but shout.

“The top ten can enter the Min Mountain Sword Sect to study, who is the one missing?”

Lin Suixin smiled faintly and said, “Not missing.”

“Not missing?”

The students looked in disbelief at LIn Suixin and could not understand.

“Adding on Xu Lianhua, that’s ten,” Lin Suixin said flatly.

“Xu Lianhua?”

At these words, even Zhang Yi and the others were stunned.

“How could it be Xu Lianhua!” A student shouted.

Lin Suixin looked at the student and said, “He won against Chen Liqiu, and then had a bye in the next round. Of course he entered the top ten. But because his wounds are too severe, he just cannot compete in the following competition.”

The student was stunned speechless.

The students on the other side of the hut were unable to speak as well.

The last vacancy was for Xu Lianhua.

In the top ten, other than Ye Haoran and Gu Xichun, the rest were all people on Ding Ning’s side.

All these students had complicated emotions. Their faces felt hot, shameful, like they had been slapped on the face.

Many of the cultivation teachers grimaced.

This was an incredible result which appeared in front of them.

Xie Rou’s body started to tremble again.

She had only wanted to help Ding Ning, and never thought she could enter the top ten to study in Min Mountain Sword Sect.

But at this time, she saw that Ding Ning’s brows were still furrowed.

“What is it?” Her joy and excitement faded like the tide as she asked softly.

“Nothing.” Ding Ning’s gaze flashed as he spoke.

“Who is the final pawn from the palace?” Jing Liuli, who had been standing inside the hut said in a cool voice to Tantai Guanjian next to her, “Sect Uncle Lin should have found them, but I cannot see.”

Tantai Guanjian was about to speak when he sensed an unusual presence. His brows furrowed, and he looked towards the rear mountain paths.

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