Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 140 “Maliciousness Against Shamelessness”

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Chapter 140: Maliciousness Against Shamelessness

The people present all felt that he would say something to have Lin Suixin agree but he surprised everyone.

He smiled, shook his head and said, “Apologies, I refuse.”

Lin Suixin’s eyebrows rose up. He looked at Duanmu Jingzong but did not speak.

Ding Ning looked calmly at Duanmu Jingzong’s back and said, “You do not dare?”

Everyone’s heart jumped. This was pure insult.

Duanmu Jingzong’s smile suddenly disappeared.

He turned around, looking coolly at Ding Ning and said, “I’m not in a hurry.”

Ding Ning looked at him and said emotionlessly, “We may not meet later.”

Duanmu Jingzong was not angry and smiled sweetly. “You are very confident.”

“You feel that you can certainly defeat me.”

Duanmu Jingzong said to Ding Ning and his gaze landed on Li Xixing behind Ding Ning. Then he said with a smile, “I understand your meaning. You feel you are stronger than Li Xixing and I, but that Li Xixing is weaker than I. You fear that I will encounter Li Xixing in the competition, and Li Xixing will have a tragic fate so you want to take care of me beforehand.”

“I have seen your fighting. You are very strong.” Duanmu Jingzong’s gaze moved back to Ding Ning after a moment. He smiled warmly. “I must win in order to become a disciple of Min Mountain Sword Sect again. I will be as careful as possible. Using a bit of energy to take care of easy opponents is much better than using a lot of energy at the start.”

“Shameless!” Xie Rou cursed in fury.

Duanmu Jingzong first came to challenge, and then when Ding Ning extended the invitation, he said such things. This was very shameless.

Many people present felt that Duanmu Jingzong was very shameless.

Yet the more shameless someone was, the harder they were to handle.

To be able to be this shameless in the face of a challenge, Duanmu Jingzong would rise in the eyes of some.

Besides, there was a unanimous skepticism: did Ding Ning really feel he could defeat Duanmu Jingzong?

“You really think so?”

A cold voice sounded. Many people stopped breathing.

The speaker was Li Xixing.

Li Xixing looked icily at Ding Ning.

“He only expressed his speculation,” Ding Ning looked at him and said.

“If that is the case, I thank you for your goodwill.”

Li Xixing turned to Duanmu Jingzong and said coldly, “I will duel you.”

When this stoic youth first spoke, most people thought of what he would say next. But when they heard his words, they could not avoid but inhale sharply.

The old grudge was something many people in Changling knew about, especially when it concerned two marquessate establishments. If this duel really proceeded, the battle between these two youths would be bloodier and crueler than ordinary fights.

Duanmu Jingzong smiled.

He smiled sweetly, no anger on his young features. He appeared extremely innocent.

Yet, seeing this smile, many people felt cold. Their gazes unconsciously landed on the still calm Ding Ning. They began to doubt Ding Ning’s motivations in standing up at the start. They started to suspect if Ding Ning had purposefully wanted to create a situation where Li Xixing would first wear away at Duanmu Jingzong’s strength.

Duanmu Jingzong’s lips opened, revealing white teeth. He was about to speak.

Unexpectedly, Ding Ning spoke first.

“Do not accept.” Ding Ning looked at Duanmu Jingzong, and said.

Duanmu Jingzong stilled slightly and mocked. “Why not?” He added sarcastically after a pause. “Should I fear you will say more things to challenge me?”

“I will not challenge you, I will curse at you.” Ding Ning looked calmly at Duanmu Jingzong and said, “Very ugly cursing.”

The people who had started to suspect Ding Ning stilled. Behind Ding Ning, Li Xixing frowned and opened his mouth to speak.

“Such a joke!” Duanmu Jingzong laughed out loud. “Will I fear your curses?”

“Your mother is a prostitute, who knows if she sold her skills rather than her body or her body rather than her skills,” Ding Ning said calmly looking at him.


Gasps sounded over the entire valley.

The temperature of the valley seemed to tangibly lower alongside the gasps.

All the cultivation teachers looked in disbelief at Ding Ning, their faces stiff.

The curse was too malicious.

The teachers were of some age, and knew of the past events in Changling. They all knew that Duanmu Jingzong’s mother, Zhang Xiaohuan, had come from a brothel, and been one of the most popular singers in Changling at the time.

Many singers back then only sold their skills and not their bodies. Zhang Xiaohuan should be one of them. But the brothels would not have accurate records. At the very least, the history books of the Qin at this time would not waste ink on the lives of singers.

Something without a verdict could not be argued against.

Everyone thought that Ding Ning would attack Duanmu Jingzong with insult, and not to humiliate his mother so maliciously.

“Previously Duanmu Jingzong was very shameless, so he is very malicious.” Hearing the gasps in the valley, Jing Liuli said softly, “He is using maliciousness against shamelessness.”

She seemed to speak to herself but also to Tantai Guanjian. Most people’s gaze had returned to Duanmu Jingzong as she spoke.

Ordinary students would not dare to attack Duanmu Jingzong’s mother maliciously like this. Otherwise, even if they became disciples of Min Mountain Sword Sect, Duanmu Marquessate Establishment would avenge. But Ding Ning was different.

From the start, he showed he did not fear death. He did not even care about the intentions that Palace Attendant Rong had conveyed, so he would not care about the Duanmu Marquessate Establishment. This was why he could say such horrid things. Everyone was sure that he had worse things to say.

Duanmu Jingzong’s smile and calm disappeared. At this time, his young features seemed to be covered in thick frost.

“You are very good,” he said, taking a deep breath and looking at Ding Ning who was not in a hurry to speak again.

Then he turned to Lin Suixin, bowed and said, “Humiliating one’s parents is a great grudge. Sect Uncle Lin, please agree.”

“What, you cannot stand it after hearing just one curse?” Lin Suixin had a mocking expression as he said, “If it were me, even if I heard worse things about my parents, I would consider it a fart. Those that are innocent will be proven innocent.”

Duanmu Jingzong did not stand back up and said coldly, “Of course I am not as good as Sect Uncle Lin.”

“Since you call me sect uncle, I gave you that word of advice.”

Lin Suixin put away his expression, saying emotionlessly, “Since I have spoken, and you are determined, I can agree.”

Duanmu Jingzong smiled, his young smile appearing cruel at this moment.

“You did not want to duel me but were forced to. So, I won.” Ding Ning looked as calm as when he had started and said, “In the following duel, I will still win against you.”

Duanmu Jingzong glanced at him and said dismissively, “Is there any meaning in saying those things now?”

There was an uproar.

Only now did everyone react and realize the duel was proceeding! Before all other fights, Duanmu Jingzong and Ding Ning would have their first fight!

A short period of time ago, everyone thought that Duanmu Jingzong was the strongest pawn in the hands of the perfect woman of the palace!

Zhang Yi’s mind was blank. He was closest to Ding Ning but he was dazed, unable to believe this was true.

In the distance, Huang Zhenwei’s brows were deeply furrowed. His eyes started to flash with an indescribable emotion. He thought of a possibility.

A possibility he did not find likely.

Translator Ramblings: Ding Ning is adept at finding the weak points.

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