Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 145 “Break”

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Chapter 145: Break

The Min Mountain Sword Trials was the focus of the world’s attention. Due to Ding Ning, the trials became much more spectacular.

Once his identity as a hidden pawn was exposed, He Zhaoxi, this unknown youth compared to others attending the trials, was fated to leave his name behind in some history books. He truly amazed the people with his single feat.

With the piercing scream of a cicada sounded, He Zhaoxi did not advance but retreated. His fatigued posture completely disappeared. He gave off the feeling of power and vitality.

With a step, an oval hole appeared under him. He was thrown back into the air like a stone from a catapult. At the same time, his thick sword gave off thin glowing sword energies that sliced towards Ding Ning like cicada wings.

Many students felt admiration and even shame at themselves upon this scene.

He Zhaoxi’s swing was extremely steady and confident. Ding Ning had chosen this mother-son sword for him, yet he did not have any doubts in the attack and was not in any hurry.

His opponent did not appear to be someone who could make him famous in the world, but an ordinary opponent.

These students thought if it were them, they could not be as calm at this time.

Even more importantly, He Zhaoxi had abundant vital energy and physical endurance right now.

Everyone could see that He Zhaoxi had purposefully hid his strength previously. Yet, in order to hide his strength, he had paid a great price, spilled a lot of blood, and fought for a long time with his opponents.

To be able to maintain abundant vital energy and endurance of successive injuries and fights was his greatest advantage and most terrifying trait.

He Zhaoxi was not in a hurry at all.

He had time to slowly waste with Ding Ning but felt that Ding Ning would be in more of a hurry.

Due to Ding Ning’s intentions, he did not just have to defeat one person, but save strength to defeat Gu Xichun and Ye Haoran. So this first attack he used was the “Heavy Cicada Curtain.”

Each sword energy was as thin as a cicada’s wing, light and fragile, but if Ding Ning were to advance, these sword energies would layer together and grow heavy.

Jing Liuli narrowed her eyes and watched He Zhaoxi attack like a cat eyeing a mouse. She thought that He Zhaoxi’s attack and strategy had no problems, and wanted to see how Ding Ning would respond.

The cicadas continued to cry.

Ding Ning stood motionlessly and just stabbed his sword forward.

Gasps sounded.

Zhang Yi and Xie Rou were as white as snow.

His body was immediately surrounded by sword energies like cicada wings. When the sword energies moved by, beads of sweat flew into the air. Ding Ning’s body was cut in many places, and bright and hot blood spilled.

Why is it like this?

Many students stilled, and could not help but think.

They previously had not believed in Ding Ning’s strength. Now that they had accepted Ding Ning’s strength, they could not believe how such a powerful Ding Ning could be injured by He Zhaoxi’s attack. They were unable to believe because they could not understand Ding Ning’s response and the attack he returned.

However, what the students failed to understand, the Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivators and cultivation teachers present could.

“Amazing!” Geng Ren shook his head and said softly.

Jing Liuli’s brow furrowed slightly. Once again, Ding Ning’s strength caused her to feel nervous and discomforted. At the same time, she admired him.

Many bloody cuts appeared on Ding Ning’s skin, causing him to appear miserable. But the wounds were extremely shallow and would stop bleeding very soon without needing treatment.

Just now, Ding Ning had used his sword to pick out the sword energies that could truly threaten him. His attack had not used up much vital energy.

This attack was like an army shooting in unison at him. Ten thousand arrows shot towards him, but he immediately saw the ones of threat to him, and ignored the others. At a paltry price, he had caused the entire round to be used up.

He Zhaoxi did not understand Ding Ning’s attack. Seeing the blood fly in the air, he was confused, but he still attacked.

He started his second attack as he flew through the air and before his feet landed on the ground. Dozens of green sword lights flowed out along his blade at rapid speed. They twisted and curved in the air so that each energy was slightly different.

These dozens of green sword light wound towards Ding Ning like twisting vines.

This was one of the famed sword forms of Green Vine Sword School, “Tangling Green Vine.”

Ding Ning advanced in a natural manner. Then, he attacked with his sword.

This time, he moved his sword even more simply.

His Last Flower sword did not even give off the presence of a sword form. It just tapped on a vine like a short stick. Then he walked through the green vines which hissed. The dozens of vine-like sword energies fell behind him.

In this moment, uncontrolled gasps sounded in the air. Many students had finally understood.

The Green Vine Sword School teacher who had led He Zhaoxi and Nangong Caishu to attend the Min Mountain Sword Trials could not help but take a step forward, his expression full of disbelief.

Ding Ning had easily defeated this “Tangling Green Vine”.

Every sword form had flaws that could be found and defeated. But even this teacher of Green Vine Sword School could not have thought that the “Tangling Green Vine” could be this easily resolved!

Ding Ning seemed to have only needed a glance to see the weakest part of this sword form. Thereon, he did not even need a sword form. He just tapped the weak spot, and walked out of the web of sword energies.

Just a normal stab at the right timing and speed. So natural!

This Green Vine Sword School teacher could not even help but feel that this Tangling Green Vine was so weak, and started to doubt the moves in the Green Vine Sword Manual!

He Zhaoxi changed his expression. His breathing completely stopped. He did not dare to believe. Almost instinctively, his body attacked again.

Leaf-shaped green energies appeared in front of him and drifted towards Ding Ning.

This was the “Thousand Falling Leaves” of Green Vine Sword School, appearing like numerous green leaves falling through the air. These sword energies were closely packed together, and harder to track.

All gasps suddenly stopped. All gazes gathered on Ding Ning.

Ding Ning’s figure still did not make any violent movements.

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, he walked like he usually did and then moved his sword.

Under the sky full of green leaves, his posture was natural. With flicks, stabs, and chops, he seemed to casually bring down the green leaves.

A hissing sounded on the ground around him. Fine blood drops flew from his body, yet he quickly walked through the green leaves. The fine white flowers on the Last Flower sword had not even bloomed.

The Green Vine Sword School teacher was so shocked he was speechless. His body uncontrollably trembled.

He Zhaoxi forgot to retreat, his face snow white.

Seeing Ding Ning come closer, he finally understood he could not use long-range attacks to wear down Ding Ning. He gave a violent roar.

His arms seemed to expand, the muscles rising up. The exceptionally thick sword in his hand shone with green light, the entire sword held high. At the same time, he jumped into the air.

He seemed to be wielding a great axe, about to chop a gully into the ground as he smashed towards Ding Ning!

This was the “Mountain Opening Axe.” Many of the military swordsmen would use this sword move for purely immediate and explosive power.

Since he could not use his previous strategy against Ding Ning, He Zhaoxi immediately changed to using pure strength to suppress Ding Ning.

Yet, in this moment, Ding Ning stopped moving, and then took a step back and to the side.

The enormous sword light landed just a foot in front of him. The exploding pieces of earth even hit him, but he just simply raised his sword, and stabbed it sideways.

This time, his Last Flower sword gave off the sound of sword energy breaking through the air.

He Zhaoxi screamed. His body, which had not landed steadily, flew back out with lingering afterimages.

Blood flew through the air.

A faint bloody wound appeared on his abdomen.

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