Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 149 “Do Not Dare”

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Chapter 149: Do Not Dare

“I do not have to be faster because you want me to. A fast sword is not something that has to be defeated by a faster sword.”

Ding Ning spoke aloud.

At the same time, a new sword essence formed in front of him. This was no longer the Aurora sword essence.

This new sword essence formed at a unique time, right when Gu Xichun’s Red Mercury Sword seemed to turn into a small flying carp and started to accelerate.

Dampness once again started to ripple in the dry air between him and Gu Xichun.

As he spoke, the humidity produced by his sword essence rippled forward in transparent waves.

Then, he put his sword away.

No one dared to believe their eyes.

Ding Ning clearly did not want to attack again.

Since he had put his sword away, he would not be able to attack again due to the speed of Gu Xichun’s sword.

Did he feel this once attack was sufficient to defeat Gu Xichun?

How was that possible?

In their perception, Ding Ning’s sword essence was extremely faint. Ding Ning had not used a large amount of vital energy when he attacked. This layer of transparent ripples did not contain much power.

How could this block Gu Xichun’s sword?

Even if a miracle occurred, why would he not need to attack again?


At this moment, only Tantai Guanjian, Jing Liuli and a rare few thought of something. Their eyes lit up.

The timing was too fast.

Gu Xichun had just heard the first few words from Ding Ning, detecting nothing amiss, when there was a cracking sound.

His sword broke through the air.

In this moment, the Red Mercury Sword shattered the layers of water, not detecting any resistance at all. The transparent layers were crushed. Minuscule beads of water were attracted to the dry Red Mercury Sword, and flew towards the dark red blade.

These extremely fine beads of water quickly permeated the dry mercury. At this time, as the quick little sword collided with the layers of water, great pressure was created in this small space.

The water permeated faster, surpassing even the speed of Gu Xichun’s vital energy flow.

The small sword absorbed water like a whale. As the layers were shattered, all of the water was sucked into the blade.

The extremely dry red mercury immediately became wet like a small stream appearing on the dry earth. The water seemed to flow like a net in the blade.

The small sword swelled up like a wet bun. The blade completely changed in substance, becoming extremely unsteady, swaying and shaking, vibrating multiple times so fast no cultivator could see it.

Other than Tantai Guanjian and a rare few, none of the spectating cultivators could sense the changes in the sword. However, the master of this sword, Gu Xichun, finally sensed something was wrong.

But it was too late to make changes.

This sword had reached Ding Ning.

Ding Ning had not yet finished speaking. His Last Flower sword had just been put away by his waist.

This Red Pill Sword was targeting Ding Ning’s throat.

When Gu Xichun sensed something was wrong, this Red Pill Sword was less than three feet from Ding Ning’s throat.

When he was feeling inexplicable panic, the tip of the Red Mercury Sword was just inches from Ding Ning’s throat.

The sharp wind created by the sword energies caused a red dot on Ding Ning’s throat. Then blood oozed from the dot.

The red dot quickly expanded, and became an open wound. Yet, in this moment, this Red Pill Sword produced its greatest vibration and then collapsed.

The Red Mercury Sword, as strong as metal, exploded like rouge washed away by water.

The sword energies scattered, creating the prettiest explosion that the Min Mountain Sword Trials had not seen until now. The rouge-like mercury powder was sent flying by small flows of energy, growing into masterful deep red branches and then the scattered mercury bloomed like peach blossom on the tip of these branches.

A peach tree more beautiful than any in the world formed and bloomed. These flowers landed on Ding Ning, he was covered in powder.

But he was still standing. His sword was back by his waist. He just closed his mouth and paused in his words.

His sentence became two sentences as a result.

Ding Ning’s second sentence only reached everyone’s ears when this deep red peach tree collapsed and the damp mercury powder fell in strange lines onto the ground.

He was still speaking but Gu Xichun’s sword had disappeared.


People were so used to the previous speed that they were not used to the sudden slowness. Someone only moved long after Ding Ning’s voice faded. Then there was a wave of gasps and inhales.

“It’s just the ‘Rising Mist’, the beginning move for Cloud Water Palace’s ‘Wind and Rain’.”

Jing Liuli was among those who had inhaled sharply.

She slowly said, “This cannot even count as a complete sword form.”

Tantai Guanjian was still immersed in his stunned emotions.

This “Rising Mist” was just to gather moisture for the “Wind and Rain”. It was used between sword forms. Yet, Ding Ning used a move like this to destroy Gu Xichun’s Red Mercury Sword.

Before Ding Ning faced the attack, he had thought of many possibilities, yet never this one.

Jing Liuli spoke once again, this time in all seriousness. “I am lesser than him.”

Lin Suixin’s smile disappeared from his face. He frowned and looked at Ding Ning covered in rouge. He hesitated, shook his head, and said, “Amazing!”

Then he felt he could not settle the strong emotions he felt and said, “A true monster.”

More and more people woke up from their extreme bewilderment and shock.

“What kind of comprehension and sword-using ability is this? The Dugu Family is said to be skilled in using sword forms as they are originally intended. Compared to him, they are a joke,” Dugu Bai looked with admiration at Ding Ning and said.

Then he looked at the still dazed Zhang Yi. “How did you know he would win?”

“Because my junior sect brother is smarter than us. Even we guessed that Gu Xichun would not be able to reach the top three just with the Aurora Sword. He must have guessed long ago that Gu Xichun was hiding stronger sword forms.” Zhang Yi’s gaze was locked onto Ding Ning as he struggled to answer Dugu Bai. “Since he thought of it beforehand, my junior sect brother would not have challenged like this based on his personality. This does not just concern his victory… but the glory he promised Cave Master Xue.”

Zhang Yi’s words were just for explanation, but Dugu Bai and the others heard of a meaning higher than life and death.

“He is a believer,” Li Xixing bowed his head and said.

Gu Xichun stood motionlessly. His face was extremely pale. Sweat dripped down his face, and soaked his clothing.

Both he and Ding Ning were not seriously injured. Not far from him was the blood colored narrow sword he had used before.

“Why does he not continue to attack? Why is Ding Ning not attacking?”

Seeing this scene, a student could not help but speak.

In his view, while Ding Ning’s previous attack was indescribably profound, strictly speaking, the battle had not finished. Even if Ding Ning’s abilities appeared to surpass Gu Xichun in everything but vital energy cultivation, if Gu Xichun was shameless and did not forfeit, he could still fight.

Based on the previous events, Ding Ning was not as sentimental as Zhang Yi.

“You think he does not want to attack? He does not dare to touch that sword, or attack,”

A cultivation teacher coldly responded to the question.

This student stilled. His gaze landed back on Gu Xichun and Ding Ning.Then he and the other students understood the meaning in the teacher’s words.

Gu Xichun’s sword was stuck in the ground a few feet away. Ding Ning had put away his sword yet his hand was still by the hilt.

Gu Xichun’s Red Mercury Sword had dissipated. Ding Ning could still be very fast.Before Gu Xichun could grab that sword and attack, Ding Ning’s sword essence would reach him.

Gu Xichun had no confidence to even try.

He wanted to fight, but watched by Ding Ning like this, he did not dare to attack.

Xie Rou’s lips trembled. She could not describe the feelings she felt.

She looked at Gu Xichun. She thought of the humiliating things this person had once said to Ding Ning, and then thought of Xie Changsheng. She knew if Xie Changsheng was here, he would definitely say something.

She usually disliked Xie Changsheng causing trouble, but she could not help but speak now, and say what Xie Changsheng would say.

Her clear voice reached everyone’s ears. “You do not dare to fight yet you refuse to forfeit. If I were you, I will find a block of tofu and kill myself.”

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