Sword Dynasty Volume Three Chapter 152 “The True Peacock Green”

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Chapter 152: The True Peacock Green

Ye Haoran’s exposed right hand continued to flick with a murderous rhythm.

He silently watched as Ding Ning’s robes soaked in blood. He sensed that Ding Ning’s determination surpassed his expectations and felt some admiration. Then his fingers suddenly shook. Accompanying this move, the hiltless small white sword behind Ding Ning shone brighter, and a strange white mist appeared around it.

As the small white sword danced around Ding Ning, the mist around Ding Ning grew thicker and thicker.

Seeing the white mist form, almost all the cultivation teachers frowned deeply.

This was the most orthodox Mount Wu Cloud and Rain Art, one from the Chu Dynasty. This flying sword art created white mist that would drag on Ding Ning when he attacked, and cause him to use more power.

Previously, they had all kinds of ideas. Many people did not want Ding Ning to win, but right now, they all wanted Ding Ning to win.

Ding Ning was of the Qin.

Jing Liuli’s frown deepened.

Of course she did not feel that Ding Ning was certain to lose. He definitely had a purpose for carrying those wooden swords. Even now, he had not touched those wooden swords. This meant he had not used his full power.

But she could not understand what Ding Ning was waiting for. The wounds were small, but when numerous wounds bled together, one’s blood would quickly run out.

An amused smile started to appear on Ye Haoran’s lips. He too did not understand what Ding Ning was waiting for. In his view, no matter what he was waiting for, this was just futilely adding more pain before death.

He looked up into the dark sky.

The flying white sword in the mist grew harsher in its humming. As it flew by Ding Ning’s body, it did not just bring drops of blood, but also flesh.

Geng Ren narrowed his eyes.

He had experienced many cruel escapes cultivators could not imagine. Adding on his studies onto cultivator’s bodies, he knew better than anyone present what response a cultivator’s body would have when they lost a certain amount of blood. He knew that while Ding Ning appeared clear-minded now, if he was an ordinary cultivator, his consciousness should be blurry.

This was related to one’s willpower. When one was so willful, they could forget their own bodies and cause their bodies to have extraordinary power. But Geng Ren knew the consequences of going against common sense… when a body stayed too long outside its limits, it would completely go out of control, one’s consciousness would not slowly blur.

When the moment came, the concsiousness would snap.

It is about time.

Lin Suixin had seen many cultivators with more serious wounds. So his face had remained expressionless even though Ding Ning had numerous small wounds on his body. Yet, a few moments after Geng Ren narrowed his eyes, he frowned.

At this moment, Ding Ning had started to feel really dizzy. His consciousness seemed like it would fly out of his body into the air.

And yet, his mind was still calm for he had experience even Geng Ren could not imagine.

He knew he still had a few dozens breaths of time left. His left hand reached back and grabbed the crude hilt of a wooden sword.

Uncontrolled gasps sounded.

Nothing had happened. Everyone only saw Ding Ning’s hand fall back to grip a wooden sword. Yet, everyone knew that something stunning would occur in the next moment.

This premonition caused many people to feel shock in advance.

Ding Ning steadily swung his sword.

With a woosh, the wooden sword charged out, a seal line in the middle of the blade bringing out an unique green sword light.

Ding Ning’s swing was strange, in that he released his hand and let the sword fly out along his swing.

After this first sword were many more.

All of the gasps faded because everyone fell into stronger shock.

Ding Ning usually wielded his sword with his right hand, but at this moment, his left hand seemed faster than his right.

His left hand appeared to have disappeared into the air, but it was still constantly swinging at a perfect rhythm.

All of the wooden swords he carried were thrown out in a flash. Even more importantly, the Last Flower remnant sword in his right hand accurately parried the attacking flying sword.

Everyone saw any illusion.

It was not a youth who had not learned the sword for less than a year, but a grandmaster of a hundred years who had practiced this sword move his entire life in order to turn this sword move into a physical response.

Dugu Bai’s breathing completely stopped.

This sword move and the paths were in his mind so he could see more clearly than everyone else.

He saw many green rays fly out from Ding Ning’s back, forming a green screen.

This was an indescribably beautiful green screen of light. Yet, as it expanded outwards, the screen instantly disappeared. All of the wooden swords split from the seal line, torn apart by the great power into flying threads of wood.

The green light in the seal script did not disappear, connecting together into a true sword light.

This sword light moved parallel to the ground in an absolutely straight path. It seemed to separate the upper and lower parts of space as it silently swept towards Ye Haoran.

Dugu Bai knew that this was the true Peacock Green.

Ye Haoran frowned deeply. He discovered he did not have the time to recall his flying sword to block this powerful and profound move.

His eyes immediately turned crystal, his body rumbling inside as though new worlds were forming.

A new passageway appeared among his many meridians, sucking in the primal energies of the universe of his energy before the energies were vented out of the body along this passageway.

Fortunately, he had another sword.

The sword at his waist buzzed. It was about six feet in length, and just two finger widths wide. The spine was a rare sky blue, while the edges were transparent. The sword jumped out of the scabbard into his hand.

Minute energy flows spat out of the blade. Crystal clear dust sprayed out of the semi-transparent blade and formed a crystal round disk in front of him.


Dust billowed out of him. The crystal disk was shattered by the straight green sword light. Fragmented crystal dust shot everywhere, and snapped as it backlashed onto his body.

Droplets of blood came out of Ye Haoran’s body. The momentum caused him to fly backwards into the air.

Despite watching the scene, Ding Ning felt no joy. He knew this attack was not sufficient to defeat Ye Haoran and there was not much time left for him.

He took a deep breath.

A profound and cold presence appeared around his body. A hollow presence came out of his body, and then quickly disappeared. His body emanated true cold.

A visible white mist formed around him and sprayed outwards, like a lake forming ice, but not completely so the ice floated on the surface.

Threads of red energy appeared clearly among the ice.

“Blood Fiend Demon Art!”

“How does he know that!”

While most were already shocked numb, many could not control their emotions and shouted out loud.

Tantai Guanjian’s eyes were wide as his pupils contracted. He felt he saw something incomprehensible.

So this is how it is?

Jing Liuli thought inside. Since she thought Ding Ning was stronger than her, she felt anything was possible.

Ye Haoran’s expression froze. His look of disdain disappeared completely.

In this moment, he also took a deep breath and then lifted his hand. He did not recall his flying sword.

The white hiltless small sword had fallen close to the ground. But new power was poured into it, and it screamed as it shot at the center of Ding Ning’s back.

Translator Ramblings: As larkspur said, another cliffhanger…. but this volume will be done soon.

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  1. A 6 feet long sword on his waist…? Is this one of those cases where the Chinese measure is different from the US units?
    On a different note what exactly are flying swords? Are they something that forms when cultivators get realm 5ish or just some extra sword they pick up and control?
    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Flying swords should be actual swords. I don’t think it’s been made explicit whether they have to be specially crafted or if a cultivator can just make any sword fly, though.

    2. I talked about the units as well in one of the early chapters. Chinese feet are specified now as a third of a meter but generally speaking … it’s more like the length of a hand?

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