Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 16 “Assassin”

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Chapter 16: Assassin

From when the Min Mountain Sword Trials started, to White Goat Cave’s Ding Ning winning, to Liang Lian, the army hunting Bai Shanshui at night, and the tremors in Changling, many astounding things had happened during this period of time yet, it really was not a long time to the Qin Dynasty.

Before the Min Mountain Sword Trials started, two cultivators dressed in ordinary Qin clothing set up two tents near a small hill. The two of them arrived together, but they did not talk among themselves. Even their tents were separated by dozens of meters.

This small hill was right between Changling and Min Mountain Sword Sect.

This morning, these two cultivators who arrived at the same time but never spoke to each other saw the thread of smoke rising from the distant mountain. Then they started to prepare in unison.

The slightly thinner, short-haired man carefully rolled up his sleeves before breathing methodically. After constant inhales and exhales, his appearance grew more solemn and calmer, he appeared to shine with jade light like he had been renewed.

The other middle-aged cultivator used a wooden hoop to hold up his hair. He wore plain cloth robes and had a delicate face. He looked like a teacher from a Changling school.

However, his preparations were not that of a teacher.

He used a white satin cloth to repeatedly clean a small golden sword.

The calmly breathing short-haired man first sensed something. He raised his head and looked coldly in the direction of the path to Min Mountain Sword Sect.

Many breaths later, at the edge of his sight, a carriage slowly appeared.

As his gaze moved, his sleeves rippled slightly. Two weak sword lights flew out, not flying swords, but two odd silver winged insects the size of a thumb.

The two airborne insects flew along the ground, passing through the grasses and fallen leaves. their bodies flickered in and out of view as they silently flew towards the moving carriage.

The teacher-like middle-aged cultivator looked up calmly at the sky. His gaze was clear as he watched the rising sun, fearless of the blinding light. His eyes seemed to burn, the light that fell into his eyes absorbed deep into his eyes. Golden threads started to appear in his pupils.

The two odd silver flying insects had natural seal-like patterns on their wings. Inside, they had a thin layer of light yellow crystal, the condensate of primal energies of the universe the short-haired man poured in through daily cultivation.

Under his mental control, the two silver insects folded their wings and then dove into the mud under the fallen leaves, waiting for the arrival of the carriage.

As the carriage came closer, the two cultivators unconsciously frowned.

The cultivator in the carriage had a weak presence compared to them that could be dismissed. But the presence of the green robed Min Mountain Sword Sect cultivator sitting at the front was terrifying. Even far away, their energy seas uncontrollably rippled until they felt numb.

But this was a situation of two against one. In the many days they had stayed here, these two cultivators had a clear understanding of each other’s strength and special tactics even though they had not conversed. So these two cultivators had great confidence. Especially when they were certain this cultivator was not Tantai Guanjian.

As long as they were not Tantai Guanjian, in their view they had a high possibility of success even if it was Geng Ren.

The carriage was far from where the two silver insects were hiding. However, the two cultivators changed expression as without any forewarning, they sensed a cold deathly threat surrounding their bodies.

The teacher-like middle-aged cultivator bellowed, his small golden sword burning with golden flame. Gold flames also burned around him like it would form a unique cage covering him and the cultivator next to him.

But he was still too slow. When these golden flames lit up, a terrifying and murderous grey sword light landed on the short-haired cultivator’s neck.

The short-hair cultivator displayed his great strength. An ocean of primal energies of the universe fell down like a mountain into his body. At the same time, the vital energy and primal energies of the universe accumulated in his body was starting to move.

There was a soft sound.

The short-haired cultivator whose cultivation was clearly Mountain Moving Realm had no time to move before his head was cut off. Powerful energy flooded out, his head was thrown high into the air, and even his blood sprayed high into the sky, turning into countless droplets that dyed the mist above red.

There was no tang of blood nearby. The headless corpse lost all of its blood and turned into a withered corpse that fell forward like a hunk of wood. The scene looked terrifying and almost disgusting.

The golden fire finally formed and came to surround the teacher-like middle-aged cultivator. Yet, even under the illumination of the golden fire, the cultivator looked extremely pale.

“A cultivator from Nanyue?”

A demon-like flat voice sounded from the woods on the side. Then a man, only in his undergarments, appeared in his sight.

“You are a Yelang cultivator?”

The two uncertain murmurs hammered on this middle-aged cultivator’s heart. His golden fire started to tremble minutely.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the carriage was still moving ahead but the terrifying presence at the front had disappeared. The green figure had disappeared with only an empty green jade robe on the seat.

“Who are you?”

The teacher-like middle-aged cultivator struggled to say.

He had understood how the other had silently gotten near him but he could not understand how there could be such a terrifying cultivator from Min Mountain Sword Sect other than Baili Suxue and Tantai Guanjian. How could this person use a ball of primal energies of the universe to support that robe, and conceal himself from the senses of himself and the master from Nanyue.

“Who ordered you here?”

Instead, Shao Sharen looked at the middle-aged cultivator’s pale face and demanded.

The middle-aged cultivator pressed his lips together tightly and did not answer.

Shao Sharen’s expression did not change. He was not skilled in interrogation nor had any interest. He was only skilled in one thing in life, killing.

He attacked.

A straight thrust without any finesse. His grey crystal-like longsword collided onto the golden curtain of fire at unimaginable speed!

The middle-aged cultivator gave a howl in shock. His vital energy poured out without restraint. His golden sword was so bright it was about to melt and managed to hit the grey longsword hard as the tip pierced the golden fire. The flames seemed to flow along the grey blade like liquid fire to touch Shao Sharen’s fingers.

Shao Sharen frowned slightly. He did not change his movement and sprayed with his mouth.

A thin green sword that was like a bamboo leaf shot from his mouth, pierced through the cracked golden fire towards the middle-aged cultivator’s forehead.

The middle-aged cultivator was shocked, his fingers flicking for multiple sword energies to hit this small green sword and deflect it.

Shao Sharen’s left hand shook slightly. A transparent and extremely small sword energy shot from his index fingernail.

The middle-aged cultivator twisted his body, wanting to dodge this small sword energy. But with a hiss, his eyes went wide as he looked down at his body. He saw blood burst out of his abdomen.

Shao Sharen calmly retreated.

The golden flames burned the skin of his finger but could not enter.

His energy sea pierced, the middle-aged cultivator fell dispiritedly to the ground.

Looking at the tip of Shaoxing’s shoe, the middle-aged cultivator finally realised that the sharp blade had come from underneath Shao Sharen’s foot. He was filled with disbelief and a feeling of absurdity.

Why would a powerful cultivator like this use such lowly tactics and have so many of them!

Shao Sharen had no interest in the middle-aged man’s thoughts. To him, for a long period of time, killing just meant survival.

His left hand swung without hesitation. A sharp presence flew out along his palm and cut the middle-aged cultivator’s neck.

The middle-aged cultivator’s head fell from his neck and rolled down the slope.

Shao Sharen turned around assuredly.

The carriage was already below the hill.

Sensing this shocking but not scary battle, Ding Ning gave a small smile in the carriage.

No matter who had set up these two assassins, they would feel great irritation and pain at this moment.

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