Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 37 “The Young Woman Learning To Get Revenge”

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Chapter 37: The Young Woman Learning To Get Revenge

Time slowly passed, day and night changed as Changling entered its hottest time.

The small courtyard in the deepest part of Ink Garden was quiet. It was day, yet the light from numerous stars,some from unimaginable distances, floated towards here. They were condensed down into sticky essence by an invisible power, and then flowed along certain paths at a constant rate into Ding Ning’s body.

Ding Ning’s body gave off rolling heat. Like a legendary sage, there were roiling five colored clouds behind him. His muscles seemed to have become jade stone and gave off a gentle light.

What would make people’s heart palpate were the quiet sounds from his body which sounded like countless silkworms chomping on mulberry leaves.

The primal energies of the universe that gathered in his vital energy had completely merged into one. The flowing vital energy in his body felt like a silver liquid in his perception, crystal clear as it passed through his meridians.

The stronger and more concentrated vital energy constantly changed his body, including his perception.

In reality, it was not his invisible mental power that had been strengthened, but the range of primal energies of the universe he absorbed grew. This was like someone’s torch growing brighter as they travelled through the darkness so they could see more places.

Seeing was sensing.

His vital energy which had originally been repellent of the primal energies of the universe from the outside started to merge perfectly with the primal energies absorbed into his body. This was a step towards realm four second class.

If his vital energy were to climb another level, it would not dissipate when stored in seal scripts for a long time. He could use his mental power to manipulate vital energy to flow through seal scripts, controlling the movement of swords and items. Then he would reach realm five.

From just entering realm four to crossing realm four second class to seeing realm five would take many years, or even half a lifetime for ordinary cultivators. Yet Ding Ning only used a sliver of summer to finish this process.


Among the murmur of cicadas cries filling the city, a young woman dressed plainly and carrying a longsword slowly walked out of a street opposite Ink Garden. Her body was light and she walked silently like a cat so she did not attract many people’s attention.

Yet Shao Sharen, sitting on the bamboo mat, was shocked the moment he looked up.

The young woman only nodded at Shao Sharen from the distance, and then passed through the open gates of Ink Garden to head into its depths.

Her cultivation and age naturally could not surpass Shao Sharen so she was his junior.

In all of Changling, only one young woman could have such presence in front of Shao Sharen, the heir to the sect master of Min Mountain Sword Sect, Jing Liuli. She was one of the two strongest monsters of Changling.

Because the other was someone her master valued as much as her, and she respected the other, Jing Liuli released some of her presence she would otherwise not expose before she approached the small courtyard.

A cool breeze rose in front of her. Many cool crystal lights appeared in the bright sky, and shone and refracted the sunlight like small droplets of water to form a small but pretty rainbow.

Ding Ning had sensed her arrival already, but he only pushed open the door and walked out of his bedroom after she released her presence. He walked out of the courtyard to greet this young woman who would be the next master of Min Mountain Sword Sect if there were no accidents.

Seeing Ding Ning appear in her sight with a hint of proud coldness, Jing Liuli nodded, feeling that this was normal.

Ding Ning bowed slightly in return and asked, “How come you are here?”

“When you send a letter, there will be a reply. Your friend Xie Changsheng has a reply for you and some things that I have brought along.” Jing Liuli looked at Ding Ning and said, “Also, I am here to learn from you.”

Ding Ning stilled and laughed. “How do I qualify for you to learn from me?”

Jing Liuli looked at Ding Ning and said gravely, “I do not have such great capabilities to go from early realm four to realm four second class in this small amount of time.”

Ding Ning’s expression grew serious. He frowned slightly. “What method do you cultivate that you can directly sense true cultivation advancement?”

Jing Liuli did not conceal and said directly, “I cultivate the Cold Mountain Snow.”

Ding Ning raised an eyebrow. Before he could speak, Jing Liuli added. “My sword is the Snow Mirror Sword.”

If this were anyone else, they would not understand the meaning of these two sentences, but Ding Ning knew.

“To be able to see other people’s real cultivation, especially their vital energy strength, would be a true opportunity to control the enemy first,” he looked at Jing Liuli and said calmly.

“In reality, other than cultivation, I want to learn some other things from you.” Jing Liuli looked at Ding Ning and said calmly, “Master thinks I am too naïve. If I am too naïve, I cannot fulfill the duties of the sect master.”

Seeing Jing Liuli’s authoritative presence and her serious expression, Ding Ning laughed when he heard her say she was naive.

“Do not laugh,” Jing Liuli frowned and said sternly. “For example, the matter of killing Palace Attendant Rong, I need to learn like you… the Min Mountain Sword Sect has a traitor. We want to clean our house, but he has an important position in court and is greatly valued. If we kill him directly, my master cannot give a good explanation to Emperor Yuanwu. That person is especially shameless and secludes himself, not accepting any challenge from a cultivator. Even if I want to publicly fight him, he will not accept the challenge. I want to kill him just like how you want to kill Palace Attendant Rong. Sect Uncle Shao gave you a suggestion, and you immediately felt it was plausible. You are confident you can do it. Then I can learn from you and see how you do it.”

Ding Ning looked at this serious and solemn young woman. He grew silent.

Being the next master of Min Mountain Sword Sect was the duty that Baili Suxue gave her. A person who was brave enough to take on the responsibility usually had a sacrificial spirit.

“This is Xie Changsheng’s letter, and the things he asked me to give you.” Jing Liuli took out the items from her sleeve and handed them to Ding Ning. She said disdainfully, “The Xie Family even sent the burnt-tail letters for you. The things he gives you are not very useful.”

The things handed to Ding Ning were simple. A sealed ordinary letter, a fiery-red glowing pearl, and a small seal carved out of gold shell.

Ding Ning calmly opened the letter.

The writing inside was rushed. Clearly, the writer was writing with force, joyfully so his brush moved quickly and was full of power.

The contents was also simple. “I’ve arranged what you said. With money, you can do things. You can take my seal and go to any business of the Xie Family to get money. If they are miserly, just pawn my night pearl. My grandmother left it to me. Let’s watch them spend a lot to buy it back.”

Ding Ning did not purposefully conceal this letter and Jing Liuli did not try to deliberately avoid it so she saw the contents. She immediately said with disdain, “A wealthy wastrel is a wealthy wastrel. He gives off the presence of money at all times and places.”

Ding Ning did not directly respond to her and looked calmly at her. “Have you heard of the story of raising the pillar in Changling?”

Jing Liuli frowned and said, “Raising the pillar in Changling?”

“Even you have never heard of it. Many matters worthy of respect have been destroyed like this.” Ding Ning shook his head and looked into the distant sky. He slowly said, “In the past, Official Shang wanted to make a reform, but almost no one believed those things he spoke of. He found a piece of wood very easy to raise, and gave a bounty. He said he would give a thousand gold to everyone who could raise that piece of wood. At the start, no one tried. They felt that there was some trap there. Later, someone did try and easily raised it. Official Shang truly gave them a thousand gold. After that, everyone knew that Official Shang would be true to his world, and the reforms were quickly carried out.”

Jing Liuli’s expression grew serious and did not speak.

Ding Ning glanced at her and continued, “The other side of this matter is that there will be brave men when there is a great reward. Us cultivators do not care about money, but most people in Changling care as they rely on money to survive.”

Jing Liuli’s frown eased. “So you mean, money is very useful… if a person is skilled in money, it is a kind of ability?”

Ding Ning nodded and smiled. “Xie Changsheng is the best example. He cares about money the most, but he also spends money like it’s worthless. But he can win many things, like other people’s help, retainers and friends.”

Jing Liuli thought of the person shamelessly staying in Min Mountain Sword Sect and found it hard to have positive feelings.

She said, her gaze darkening, “So large amounts of money is very useful for you to deal with that palace attendant?”

Ding Ning took a deep breath, slowly breathed out, and said seriously, “Everything in its place and ready.”

Jing Liuli narrowed her eyes slightly which shone with a sword-like light. “What do you prepare to do?”

Ding Ning turned to look at the part of the Ink Garden walls he had destroyed. Over there, many residences had been built to be lived in by the neighbours from around Falling Parasol.

He used some crude but real words to say, “In a person’s life, the most basic is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping as well as clothing, food, and shelter.”

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