Sword Dynasty Volume Four Chapter 72 “Tactics”

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Chapter 72: Tactics

Mo Shoucheng suddenly stopped in his steps.

He was already near Bai Shanshui and Xu Fenqin. At this moment, he could even clearly sense the specific locations of Bai Shanshui and Xu Fenqin.

Yet he had wanted to walk closer. So he had missed the best opportunity to attack.

He took a deep breath and then sighed deeply. Looking at the strands of white hair which had fallen off his forehead, and the dew that had condensed on his hair, he thought, this momentary slip may be truly the heaven’s will.

He was one of the oldest people of Changling, and knew the geography of Changling and its building well. But he did not know the underground waters as well as Bai Shanshui.

Bai Shanshui risked her life to stay in Changling in order to comprehend the Lonely Mountain Sword Hoard. While she did not manage to comprehend the true meaning of the Lonely Mountain Sword Hoard, her inexplicable gain was her great knowledge of Changling’s waters.

Today, she had thrown herself and Xu Fenqin into the underground river. She used this to hide her existence. She successfully stopped Mo Shoucheng from sensing her. She also succeeded in hide and seek with Mo Shoucheng.

The water that had fallen to the ground quickly evaporated in the heat.White mist shrouded the streets around where Ding Ning and Palace Attendant Rong were fighting.

Ye Celeng could sense the waters in the many deep wells on this street tremble minutely. Her gaze grew more complicated.

Up until now, everything Ding Ning had done was a miracle.

He had made no mistakes in the plan he created at the beginning.

Palace Attendant Rong roared miserably. Her eyes were closed. Blood seemed to lengthen in strings that flew outwards. She finally started to feel the threat of death.

For many years, she had not experienced a battle like this, and had not been wounded at all. So the wounds on the surface and inside her body were magnified in her perception.

Only the total amount of vital energy in her body was the most real and clear.

She had used a lot of vital energy. Yet she had no room to choose. She had to find Ding Ning again.

“The secret sword of the Fang Marquessate Establishment!”

“The Ink Garden remnant scroll!”

“What other tactics do you have!”

“I do not believe they are endless!”

The shrill howl caused many people to unconsciously tremble.

Palace Attendant Rong’s lifebond sword came out strangely through her mouth and shot up into the sky as she howled. Immediately, it flew out of everyone’s range of sight.

Her lifebond sword flew to a height no one could see, and was still flying upwards.

Palace Attendant Rong looked upwards. Tears of blood trickled out of the corners of her eyes. She was not worried about an ambush from Ding Ning, but whether this could stop the starfire from the endless sky. She worried about the decree from the noblest woman in the imperial palace.

Even her lifebond sword gave off a strong pleading presence. She pleaded for her mistress to give her a fair battle.

Outside her range of perception into the endless sky, starlight flashed like someone had winked.

No starfire came down.

Palace Attendant Rong gave an even shriller scream. Her voice was full of surprised joy.

A terrifying roar came from a great height.

Everyone looked up towards the sky. A black shadow was falling at unimaginable speed.

This was Palace Attendant Rong’s flying sword. It was falling faster than a real meteorite.

When a meteorite fell, it would have a long tail of smoke, but when her lifebond sword fell, there were constant explosions at the top of her sword.

The explosions layered together, and as the flying sword smashed to the ground, it fell by Palace Attendant Rong’s side.

The ground trembled in waves.

The crowd panicked.

Ye Celeng, who was at the front, did not act this time.

None of the surrounding buildings collapsed.

The power of this blow all rushed strangely to one point.


One of the shops among a group of shops suddenly disappeared like it had been punched by an enormous fist. The dust all flew into the air, and formed a pillar of smoke. There was a metallic light within the pillar.

The suppressed gasps finally exploded into a frenzy now.

That was Ding Ning’s flying sword.

This blow had not managed to hit Ding Ning directly. It only caught his flying sword. But Palace Attendant Rong, still happy, was not disappointed.

Her body flew up towards the enormous pillar of dust and she reached towards the Last Flower remnant sword.

No swordsman under realm six could withstand such a power attacking their flying sword.

When a flying sword under control was dealt a heavy blow, the controller would also receive a heavy blow. For Palace Attendant Rong, if she defeated the flying sword so Ding Ning could not use it, he would undoubtedly be defeated.

She even did not have to rush to find Ding Ning who was playing hide and seek with her. She just had to rest, care for her wounds, and recover her vital energy.

Among the tsunami of gasps, the Last Flower remnant sword that had rushed up with the pillar of smoke landed in her hands.

This remnant sword was covered in dust, its light covered. It was not able to resist.

Jing Liuli looked up. Seeing this scene, even she felt Palace Attendant Rong looked like a demonic god next to the enormous pillar of dust.

Her expression grew ugly.

For a swordsman, their sword was their life. She could not imagine how Ding Ning could win this battle with the Last Flower remnant sword in Palace Attendant Rong’s hand.

At this time, the enormous pillar suddenly separated. In the summer sky, a white flow of snow cut the pillar of dust apart.

Ding Ning reappeared.

He was at the other side of the pillar. He held a very long sword, its color unknown because the blade was covered in thick snow.

“Snow Mirror Sword!”

On the turret, Huang Zhenwei stilled, and uncontrollably blurted out the meaning of the sword.

Jing Liuli was stunned. This was her sword. This was one of the strongest swords of Min Mountain Sword Sect. Since she started learning from Ding Ning, he had kept the sword.

She could imagine Ding Ning using this sword, but could not imagine what his sword essence was at the moment. She did not recognize what kind of secret sword move Ding Ning had used.

But the power of this blow, and the tall and cold presence was greater than the “Thousand Snowy Mountains” she could create with the “Cold Mountain Snow” vital energy.

Palace Attendant Rong’s body straightened slightly. Without even thinking she swung the Last Flower remnant sword.

The tip of the Last Flower remnant sword separated slightly, and immediately howled, just like how she had screamed just before.

The snow flowing towards her immediately collapsed.

As the ice and snow flew, Ding Ning’s body seemed to be hit hard. He flew backwards, and threw up multiple mouthfuls of blood.

Among the waves of gasps, the madness in Palace Attendant Rong’s eyes started to burn completely.

She took a step forward. Her body moved more than a hundred feet through the air and chased Ding Ning’s flying body.

“This is it?”

“You have nothing else?”

Her left foot that Ding Ning had stabbed started to bleed again. Many of her wounds started to bleed again but she did not care.

In her view, everything was about to end.

On the nearby turret, Huang Zhenwei’s robes vibrated slightly. He hesitated about whether he should act.

Palace Attendant Rong’s Last Flower remnant sword swept towards Ding Ning’s neck.

At this time, she knew why she hated Ding Ning so much, and had to see his head fly to feel happy. It was Ding Ning who caused her to hate everything, even herself.

More gasps sounded.

Ding Ning was seriously injured, and would not even be able to use his vital energy well, much less stop Palace Attendant Rong’s blow. Also, she was already too close to him.

But then, Palace Attendant Rong felt a strange presence.

She instinctively looked towards her right hand.

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