Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 7 “Tomorrow”

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Chapter 7: Tomorrow

The morning light rose again.

A familiar presence appeared in Ding Ning’s perception. He was confused. It should have been Wen Houling who came. Why was it Ye Celeng?

The door was pushed open. He sensed a gaze landing on him.

He looked towards the gaze and saw Ye Celeng still in her white dress. However, her white dress today inexplicably seemed brighter.

He and Ye Celeng were not meeting for the first time, but she looked at him very differently than she usually did.

“Wen Houling is dead,” Ye Celeng said gently to him. She did not appear to be in a hurry to leave. She closed the door, sat down at the table in front of him and observed his reaction.

Ding Ning stilled slightly. This was something he had not expected. He was familiar with Wen Houling. He knew not many in Changling could kill him.

Ye Celeng looked at his furrowed brows and confused but serene state. This expression was far different than a certain person in her memories, but inexplicably, her heart beat faster. “Ye Xiao acted.”

“Ye Xiao was able to kill him?” Ding Ning’s expression grave. But when he thought of Bureau Chief Chen, he laughed self-deprecatingly. “Changling is full of hidden dragons. It appears many people are too good at concealing themselves. Some people are much stronger than I imagined.”

“When Liang Lian was killed by the Nine Death Silkworm, everyone in Changling knew you were here. So in everyone’s view, you cannot be related to the Nine Death Silkworm. Even the marquises in Changling are speculating he had a student long ago and that student would be of considerable age. Otherwise, comprehension of One Line Heaven is not possible.” Ye Celeng looked deeply at Ding Ning. “But I know who you are. So, who are you really?

I know who you are. Who are you really?

These two phrases were in conflict but Ding Ning’s expression could not remain calm.

A drop of water fell from Ye Celeng’s face. This was not a product of energy, but a teardrop.

In the world, the greatest power was still the greatest of emotions between people. Ding Ning’s heart was attacked by this greatest power. He grew silent and hung his head.

“Is there any meaning?”

He was silent for a long time and then responded without answering Ye Celeng’s question.

Ye Celeng smiled sorrowfully as she looked at him. “You know why I had to stay in Changling. You know why I stayed in Changling, why I did so many things I was not willing to do. You feel there is any meaning in asking me this?”

Ding Ning said, “You know that he’s dead.”

“I thought so too originally.” Ye Celeng also looked down. She was like a child who was cold in the winter and needed warmth. “I just want to know if he left behind an heir and what they wanted to do until I met you.”

“You are too young. I know Shen Xuan would not be wrong in quantifying your bone age. You were born three years after his death. Your actual cultivation is only realm five. Then how do you know all these things, know so many people, and have the One Line Heaven sword essence?”

Ye Celeng still did not look up but her voice became hurried. “No one knows the One Line Heaven sword essence better than I. I do not believe anyone can comprehend this sword essence without being taught by him personally.”

“His body turned to ash. He left nothing behind. How could he be brought back to life?” Ding Ning also smiled sadly. “You believe in resurrection?”

Ye Celeng looked at him in all solemnity. “I hope that something like resurrection happened.”

“There is still no meaning.” Ding Ning’s face turned cold as he slowly said, “Even if there is a resurrection, I am not the person you are familiar with.”

Ye Celeng suddenly laughed. The sadness in her eyes faded and she smiled like a true child.

“Some things will change, some people will not change.” She looked at Ding Ning and said slowly, “There is no meaning in arguing about this. I came here to tell you something important. The people for the prison break are all gathered.”

Ding Ning seemed to grow nervous like he had a premonition and asked, “Who is it?”

Ye Celeng glanced at him and said, “Fish Market, the eldest miss of the Shang family.”

Ding Ning coughed in pain. This was the last thing he wanted to hear, but it happened to be the same as his premonition.

“It appears you do not wish for her to participate in this matter.” Ye Celeng smiled brightly and even with some flirtatiousness. “But this is her choice, just like my stay in Changling is my choice in the end, and has nothing to do with you.”

Ding Ning stilled.

“From many years ago, Zheng Xiu never suffered a defeat since she entered Changling. But she has suffered too many defeats these few days. Now that Wen Houling is dead … she will do some other things.”

Ye Celeng looked at Ding Ning and said, “Ye Xiao, the person who is most reluctant to leave Changling has left. People like me are tired for Changling. If you really worry for our safety, then be quick in rescuing Lin Zhujiu, and stop hesitating.”

Ding Ning nodded slowly and said, “Tomorrow.”

Ye Celeng walked out of the medical clinic and boarded the carriage waiting for her outside. The carriage started to move. She did not put down the curtain and looked at the walls and roofs along the way.

The sun was rising. The faint yet golden sunlight shone on the grey walls and black roofs, reflecting a solemn light.

Her gaze turned to the distance, to those turrets that soared like giants. A faint mocking smile appeared on her lips. “These former arrangements have now become means to limit oneself …”

A moment later, she sighed emotionally. “Changling … is really majestic. No matter what, the person who created this magnificent city is amazing.”

When that person had achieved his fame, she had been a young girl. When she first fell in love, those people had died.

She always felt she was a beat too slow. Now, everything was different but not too late.

She patted gently on the windowsill. The carriage moved through the streets and headed towards an old bridge.

This was an old bridge that did not allow carriages to pass through, and was only preserved for the convenient access to surrounding shops. Even the bridge hole was damaged. There was a pomegranate tree growing from a pier on one side, and this tree was already very old.

There was a sesame oil shop on a side of the bridge, and then a tofu shop next to the oil shop. Inside the narrow alley between the two shops was a blind fortune teller on the bamboo chair.

The blind fortune teller was not old, just in his thirties, and looked clean and white like a scholar. He did not have any mystical airs so he appeared to not have much business.

She walked directly towards the blind fortune teller, moving by his side until she was behind him. She said, “Where is your stringless zither?”

The blind fortune teller did not respond.

She turned back until she was in front of the blind fortune teller. Then she looked directly into his eyes and smiled. “As expected, you are faking your blindness and are truly deaf.”

The blind fortune teller looked at her and suddenly started to tremble.

“Do not make any special reactions.” Ye Celeng took a deep breath and quickly repeated, “Where is your stringless zither?”

“Come with me.”

The blind fortune teller did not hesitate at all, standing up, and heading into the alley.

There was a small crude courtyard in the alley. They stepped in and entered the only bedroom.

This blind fortune teller’s body finally seemed to get released and trembled violently. His eyes shone with light. He looked at Ye Celeng’s lips so seriously it was almost perverse.

“Nine Death Silkworm.”

Ye Celeng said simply. “I need you to tell Lin Zhujiu we are rescuing him tomorrow. I need you to find a way to get someone into the Great Floating Water Prison.”

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