Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 17 “The Start of Madness”

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Chapter 17: The Start of Madness

The army that seemed to come from hell arrived at the Great Floating Water Prison. With a boom, when the army stopped, and finally seemed to become human. The hooves hit the ground creating a boom in unison.

The general of this God Killing Army with the two swords criss-crossed on his back sensed the killing intent existing in this area. His gaze, hidden deep in the platinum mask, filled with more murderousness. No one knew his history. They only knew that the aim of the Qin Dynasty God Killing Army was only one, kill that person.

Each soldier of the God Killing Army supposedly had undergone unimaginable death training, and were one in a hundred from Jiiaodong’s killers. They were one in a hundred because the other ninety nine died in the elimination process. The one remaining was likely more terrifying now than the ninety nine back then.

The commander leading such an army was naturally a killing god among killing gods. So today, just breathing the air underneath the sunlight, this commander with the platinum mask seemed to smell the murderousness of Changling.

A black eagle flew down from the sky with new military orders.

Without any words, after seeing the new orders, this commander brimming with killing intent turned his horse around. The entire army followed behind him like ghosts.

The army moved through the countryside. The riders moved through the fields, the crops swaying but not breaking. The cavalry really seemed weightless in the wind.

A child was crying in the farmhouse. A farmer woman who was busy weaving had no attention to spare. But suddenly the child stopped crying. The farmer woman suddenly turned around and saw something she would never forget.

An unimaginably cold army was moving with the wind and passing by her window.

Fish Market was desolate during the day and prosperous during the night. The army advanced so quickly. Or rather, the people in Fish Market were like ghosts roaming the outskirts of Changling and did not care about the wind and rain outside when covered by the layers of canopies. So when the army arrived at the port next to Fish Market, no one cared about the arrival of this army.

The God Killing Army commander stopped.

The moment he stopped, he did not make any extra movements. Then a vice commander behind him rode out and said in a stern voice that echoed under the canopies of Fish Market.

“Imperial Orders! Leave this place!” He said only five words, and only spoke once.

But the echoes continued like countless dangerous voices constantly shouting.

All of Fish Market started to shake. This was like a lot of wasps suddenly flooding into an ordinary honey bee hive. Dozens of people nearest the canopy appeared in the sunlight.

A middle-aged person who looked a lot like a schoolteacher but had an extremely pale face looked up at the army and said slowly, “If we leave, what is the time limit?”

The vice commander at the front glanced at the teacher and said, “This is not about time, but attitude.”

This middle-aged scholar understood the meaning in the words. His heart suddenly found cold. But the three people behind him did not understand and shouted, “What do you mean? You force us to leave here but do not give us time to move? If we leave here, where should we settle?”

The vice commander slowly looked up at the speakers and said, “This is a place that should not exist. There is a need to settle you? You wild ghosts should go where you should.”

“What if we do not go?” A cold sneer sounded behind the hut.

The vice commander did not change his voice but everyone could sense the cold murderousness in the air. “You dare to disobey imperial orders?”

“You say we are wild ghosts, what do we not dare?” The person in the shadows sneered.


An unusually simple shout sounded.

As soon as the voice sounded, the vice commander and the horse under him jumped over the middle-aged scholar and the other people towards the rain canopy behind them. With a crack, a black cold lightning in his hand tore apart the canopy underneath the horse.

The ghostly shadow underneath the canopy was picked up without any resistance. The horse he rose gave a whinny, turning around and leaping into the air like it was flying.

The black lightning in his hand was a long spear. The ghostly shadow underneath the canopy had been penetrated by his spear and lifted up. When his horse landed back on the ground, the shadow he had picked up with the spear was thrown heavily to the river port at the side.

Blood surged furiously out of that person’s body. The vice commander wearing a black mask pointed his spear forward, blood dripping off the speartip.

This scene was enough to stun people in most places, including the guards of some small cities. Yet this was Fish Market with many lonely and wild ghosts. Many criminals and outlaws needed to rely on this place to hide.

This vice commander’s spear only tore through a rain canopy, but in the next moment, another six rain canopies were destroyed.

Five flying swords flew towards the vice commander at this moment. Killing chickens to deter monkeys was a move that everyone could use.

For the people of Fish Market, this vice commander killed the first person to deter them from defying. For them, if they responded in turn and killed this vice commander, they would also make deterrence.

Five flying swords appearing at the same moment was something unimaginable at other places. This was also the true reason that outside factions could not interfere in the ghost market.

However, they did not know what kind of army this was. They did not know that even if they could kill this vice commander, this army’s killing intent and determination would not change. Also, with such an army presence, they could not kill the vice commander here.

Seeing the five flying swords, this vice commander did not even change how he held his spear.

Two horses moved behind him. Another vice commander came to his side. This vice commander also wore two swords on his back, but compared to Bai Qi, the two swords were short. Yet when the vice commander pulled out the two swords with reverse grips, the sound of the blade brushing against the scabbard lingered.

Shocked exclamations sounded.

This vice commander’s two swords were like two long whips. They seemed to have been folded in the scabbard. So when the swords were drawn out, they swam out like poisonous snakes. Also, the swords were shaped like poisonous snakes, they were slightly round and the blade was covered in scale-like hooks.

This vice commander attacked. With the swords in hand, countless shadows of snakes appeared in the air.

Clink, clink, clink!

There were multiple sounds of metal colliding. The five flying swords were all locked by the hooks of these two strange swords.

These five flying swords struggled viciously. Their enormous power was something this vice commander could not contend with and they were on the verge of pulling the vice commander off the horse. Yet the two swords of the vice commander only needed to trap the five flying swords for a moment.

The other vice commander who had moved up also acted. The metal pieces on his black armored arm pulsed like water and formed a black longbow in his hand.

Four arrows immediately broke through the air.

His four arrows were all special arrows. The shaft and tail feathers were all cold black steel, but the arrowhead was a deep red gem. The quartet flew faster than most cultivator’s flying swords, pew pew pew pew, and there was a rain of blood underneath the rain canopy. The five struggling flying swords immediately lost their vitality and fell to the ground.

Four arrows were enough to kill five cultivators who could control flying swords!

Fish Market was immediately silent. Many rain canopies rippled and spread outwards. Everyone understood the true power of this legendary God Killing Army. They started to understand the power of this army could not be judged by an ordinary army.

The spear-holding vice commander at the front ignored the people ahead of him who already left Fish Market and he leapt forward on his horse again. The horse moved in the wind like it came from hell. His long back spear flicked casually. With each flick, a rain canopy would fly towards the river.

No one dared to stop him.

This army drove deep into Fish market.

On a turret nearest Fish Market, Huang Zhenwei saw his teacher Mo Shoucheng.

When he saw this old man again, Huang Zhenwei almost did not believe his eyes. He could sense the old man had aged extremely in an instant. What had aged was not just his appearance but also his spirit.

Seeing Fish Market in his sight, Huang Zhenwei’s lips started to tremble. “Teacher …”

“The madness has started ….”

Mo Shoucheng turned his head and forced a smile at him. He said softly, “You will be unable to stop anything at this time. You can only choose which side to stand on.”

Translator Ramblings: How great is the obsession when you decide to make an army to kill one person?

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