Sword Dynasty Volume Five Chapter 28 “Peacefully Leaving The City”

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Chapter 28: Peacefully Leaving the City

A simple and overlooked question was followed by countless questions. One thought caused everything to be understood. There was no need to think about the process. Once this point was recognized, then countless questions could be explained.

Why Ding Ning’s cultivation was so fast.

Why Ding Ning was able to travel with Forefather Zhou and still survive.

Why Ding Ning could understand numerous sword manuals at a glance.

Why Ding Ning was so serious.

Why Ding Ning could fight above his realm.


In this instant, there seemed to be countless people chanting in Huang Zhenwei’s mind, changing Ding Ning’s name and the Nine Death Silkworm. Within the sunlight, he felt even more ridiculous and laughable, he was on the verge of tears.

Was life this ridiculous?

When he was not able to find in his search, when everything had already happened, it silently came to him.

A black feather gently fell down from the sky.

Trembling, Huang Zhenwei looked up. He had never found the sunlight so blinding. He saw a black pigeon fly from the direction of the imperial palace. The black messenger pigeon carried the empress’ decree.

He was rushing back to the imperial palace now but the empress’ decree had already arrived. He took the letter scroll from the black messenger pigeon and opened the secret note for all bureau chiefs. Then his hands trembled more violently.

At this time, he heard the sound of a horn from the distant turret behind him. He stiffly turned around and saw a white cloth.

He was Mo Shoucheng’s only student after Yuanwu. He knew what the horn and the hanging white cloth meant. He knew that his teacher had not fulfilled his promise in the end. Or rather, his teacher was wiser than him and saw further. He knew that even if his student went to the imperial palace, he could not change a thing.

“Teacher!” He shouted in pain. Tears poured down his face as he ignored the gazes of people around him.

Nothing would change. His teacher was dead. The empress’ decree had been issued. He wanted to let his teacher know before death that notoriety would not be added to him, and he would receive some of his deserved glory.

Yet his teacher could not see it. What he wanted to do could not succeed. After his teacher’s death, there would be more crimes and anger for his teacher to bear.

He knew his teacher had calmly chosen to accept in his last moments. All of his efforts were for a peerlessly glorious empire, an unprecedented empire. Yet he could not accept calmly.

The only sound in his mind was his teacher’s words: What he could do now was to choose.

Huang Zhenwei stood in the middle of the street.

Some of his subordinates did not want others to see his loss of composure and cleaned out the street.

But as he stood in the empty street, the scene in his mind’s eyes constantly changed. He seemed to be standing in front of that enormous pile of corpses back then. He saw the invincible swordsman who had led the Qin Dynasty to destroy three dynasties finally die. His body had been turned to ash by countless sword lights. In the end, not even ash was left.

He seemed to be standing back in front of Ba Mountain Sword Field. The enormous Ba mountain ranges were so tall he could not see the peak. Like a holy place, they pressed on him until he felt small and unable to breathe. But that Last Flower sword was broken in the end. When Ba Mountain Sword Field disappeared, he sensed the enormous Ba Mountain suddenly collapse and shadows fall onto him.

Many people had spent their entire lives for this increasingly strong dynasty until they died. Yet they did not receive what they deserved.

This moment Huang Zhenwei was facing a choice, he thought of that person’s gaze before death from within the pile of corpses.

Who was wrong?

Was the Nine Death Silkworm wrong?

Huang Zhenwei closed his eyes in even more pain, yet the burning sunlight caused his eyes to see red.

All choices originated from one’s true emotions.

He understood the meaning of his teacher’s words completely. His teacher had made a choice he thought was correct and liked. But his teacher would not obstruct his choice, because he was the teacher who really loved his disciple.

He squeezed his eyes closed, pursed his lips together and gritted his teeth. Because of too much force, blood seeped through his teeth dripping down the corners of his mouth, yet he did not feel a thing.



When Huang Zhengwei was making his choice, Ding Ning was calmly preparing his luggage. He had notified the Warden’s Office already.

Usually, when cultivators without any military merit entered the army, they were just an ordinary soldier. But because of his special status, and because this was due to Min Mountain Sword Sect’s compromise, he received the treatment of an ordinary general. The Warden’s Office sent three carriages for his travel.

Because he did not return to Ink Garden, there were no farewells. Other than the three carriage drivers the Warden’s Office sent and one servant girl, there was only him, Zhangsun Qianxue, Nangong Caishu, and Ye Zhengnan.

This departure seemed slightly somber, but for Ding Ning, leaving the city so smoothly was a great relief. Any new problems would naturally displease him.

When he was preparing to board the carriage of the Warden’s Office and saw the youth he entered his sight, his expression turned cold and frosty.

Nangong Caishu came from a military family and had seen things like leaving for war many times. She had organized what was needed to be taken along and the three Warden’s Office carriage drivers were full of admiration. She was inspecting some of the spare medicines. Sensing this unusual presence, she turned around to look.

“It’s An Baoshi?” the moment she saw the youth, she asked Ding Ning softly.

This youth was not tall, but he felt taller than any other young genius Nangong Caishu had ever met.

Even Jing Liuli did not feel this strong.

Ding Ning had never formally met An Baoshi but he knew that this youth who seemed to be floating in the sky could only be An Baoshi.

“I came to tell you some things.”

There were no opening words or greetings. An Baoshi just walked until he was several dozen feet from Ding Ning and stopped. He looked at Ding Ning with a smile and said, “I have already defeated Jing Liuli.”

Ding Ning looked at him but did not speak.

“You are my only opponent now. I hope that you will not slack off after winning against Palace Attendant Rong.” An Baoshi smiled at Ding Ning. “Also, I will also be going to the Donghu border.”

“You feel that I will slack off?” Ding Ning looked at An Baoshi and said.

An Baoshi smiled and said, “That is good.”

Nangong Caishu and Ye Zhengnan frowned at the same time, unhappy.

The duo’s dislike was not because of An Baoshi’s pride and conceit, but due to Ding Ning’s response. They all felt that his response was too weak, and had none of his previous edges.

But then Ding Ning spoke- “But what does my slacking off or not have to do with you?”

An Baoshi stilled.

“Your opponent is Jing Liuli.” Ding Ning started to board the carriage, not looking at An Baoshi. “Jing Liuli will naturally defeat you. She does not need me.”

An Baoshi frowned deeply.

He just said softly, “Since that is the case, then we will meet at the Donghu borders.”

Nangong Caishu smiled as she boarded the carriage and said seriously to An Baoshi, “Do not keep on mentioning the Donghu border. You should know this is a secret of the Warden’s Office right now.”

An Baoshi did not care about this provocation. He gave a small smile and turned to leave.

The three carriages started to move and drive away from Changling.

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